Sepsis on Prime Time TV – Irish National Broadcaster Airs Segment On Sepsis In Ireland

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Here’s a link to RTE’s Prime Time Show about sepsis. Sepsis kills more people than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and HIV/AIDS combined, but most members of the general public don’t know what sepsis is. The program, from Ireland, features a very emotional interview with a young girl who survived sepsis, a conversation with Ciaran Staunton from the Rory Staunton Foundation and interviews with leading sepsis medical professionals including Professor Steve Kerrigan and Professor Ger Curley from the Royal College of Surgeons.

A record number of people in Ireland viewed the program and heard for the first time the alarming statistic that 72% of Irish people do not have an accurate understanding of sepsis.

To watch the full Prime Time segment on sepsis, please click here and choose the WATCH: SEPSIS option.