Sepsis Protocols

Dr Nirav Shah, NY State Health Commissioner

Dr Nirav Shah, NY State Health Commissioner

Sepsis is the number one cause of death in hospitals across the United States. It has been definitively proven that sepsis protocols in hospitals drastically reduce both deaths from sepsis and healthcare costs. Several hospital systems across the country have made concerted efforts to reduce their sepsis mortality rates with remarkable and replicable results:

  • InterMountain Health in Utah reduced their 25% sepsis mortality rate to 9% sepsis mortality rate in 4 years.
  • Kaiser Permanente in California reduced mortality for patients admitted to hospitals with sepsis by more than 40 percent — and saved more than 1,400 lives.
  • North Shore-LIJ Health System in New York has saved thousands of lives by reducing the sepsis mortality rate by 35 percent within
    the health system.

In 2013, New York State became the first in the nation to establish a statewide mandate requiring all hospitals to adopt sepsis protocols designed to improve rapid identification and treatment of sepsis. The Rory Staunton Foundation was central to the development and adoption of the new standards. Known as Rory’s Regulations, they are estimated to save 5,000 to 8,000 lives per year, according to the New York State Department of Health. The Rory Staunton Foundation is now working towards the implementation of Rory’s Regulations in every state by 2020.

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With support from our network of partners and supporters in each state and the National Family Council on Sepsis, we are working to implement commonsense protocols in every hospital across the nation.