Sepsis News, Winter 2017

Friends: Before we bid the year farewell, we wanted to highlight some of our most important achievements in 2017, made possible with your generous support. We look forward to a busy and productive 2018! We wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year.

Sepsis Education for 3 Million Children (and Counting)…

2017 was a very big year for the Foundation’s mission to provide sepsis education to every schoolchild in America! Together with the New York State Department of Education and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the Foundation developed a comprehensive K-12 sepsis curriculum. On October 24, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed Rory Staunton’s Law, which brings our curriculum to New York State’s 3 million school children, free of charge.


New Video and Book for Kids of All Ages


The Foundation produced two new resources to spread sepsis awareness: A beautifully animated two-minute video, Sepsis: What You Need to Know to Save a Life,  and a read-along picture book for small children, entitled Ouch! I Got a Cut! about a day in the park that leads to a valuable lesson for three young friends about the importance of caring for cuts and scrapes.

Our video has been viewed and shared widely across the social media and in classrooms and our book has already sold out twice on Amazon!



Victory in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for Sepsis Protocols/Rory’s Regulations

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are set to become the next states to pass Rory’s Regulations (mandatory sepsis protocols) in early 2018!  The National Family Council on Sepsis has worked hard in these states and others to advocate for the passage of mandatory sepsis protocols and we are enormously proud of their persistence and accomplishments.

Rory Staunton Foundation, Winter 2017, Emergency, Sepsis


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The Medical Community and the Rory Staunton Foundation

 Rory Staunton Foundation, Winter 2017, Ciaran Staunton
The Foundation receives numerous invitations to address medical and patient safety conferences. Because educating the healthcare community about the dangers and devastating impact of sepsis is critical to improving sepsis diagnosis and care, we try to accept as many of these invitations as we can. We began 2017 in California, with an address at the Patient Safety Movement’s World Patient Safety Science and Technology Summit and followed a busy travel schedule throughout the year with speeches at University of Vermont Medical Center, Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, Jefferson Hospital in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. 2018 looks to be just as busy, kicking off with an address at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in January.
Throughout 2017 we also continued to build our partnerships and collaborations with leading healthcare organizations, including CMS, CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Home Care Association of New York, and the Atlantic Quality Innovation Network. We look forward strengthening our voice and growing our impact through meaningful partnerships in 2018!


A Video on Rory’s Story by People Magazine Received Over 1.6 Million Views

Rory Staunton Foundation, Winter 2017, People MagazineWe know that when it comes to raising public awareness of sepsis, the mainstream media offers an unparalleled platform. In 2017, our work was featured in major national outlets including the New York Times, USA Today, and People magazine, which produced a video about Rory’s Story that was viewing more than 1.6 million viewers. We are grateful for the opportunity to reach millions of people with our story and the information they need to save their loved ones’ lives.


WHO Adopts Landmark Sepsis Resolution to Reduce Mortality Rates   Rory Staunton Foundation, Winter 2017, World Health Organization, WHO

A high point of 2017 was the Foundation’s participation in the 70th World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva. Ciaran Staunton attended in support of the passage of a landmark resolution that dedicates $4.6 million to reducing sepsis mortality rates through the effective use of antimicrobials, the introduction of affordable vaccines, the provision of suitable services for survivors, and the promotion of the use of the term ‘sepsis’ to improve public awareness. Sepsis the biggest killer of infants and children worldwide and claims 6 million lives each year. You can listen to Ciaran’s full remarks HERE.


Fly to Fight Sepsis!

Rory Staunton Foundation, Winter 2017,Rory Staunton Foundation, Fly to Fight Sepsis

With our partner, Roche Diagnostics, we launched the Fly to Fight Sepsis campaign to inspire hope, honor those affected by sepsis and drive conversations about this preventable, treatable condition. You’ll be hearing a lot about this campaign in 2018. Welcome aboard!