Sepsis: Know the Signs

The Rory Staunton Foundation’s sepsis public service campaign, Know the Signs of Sepsis, has gone viral! More than half a million people viewed the PSAs in their first few days of release and continued to be widely viewed and shared. We are proud to make the videos available to the public.

In the videos, three parents who have needlessly lost their children to sepsis tell their story of loss, share their children’s final words and urge viewers to “know the signs of sepsis”. These precious young people could and should have been saved. If only the signs of sepsis were more widely known, they would all be alive today.

Please help us prevent more unnecessary deaths from sepsis by spreading these simple but lifesaving messages. We encourage you to share these videos throughout your networks via email and social media and at events. In the fight against sepsis, education is what matters most and everyone has a role to play.

To share: click on the arrow in the right hand corner of each video and choose your sharing platform or copy and paste the link to the video on our YouTube channel. Thank you!

Know the Signs – Katie’s Story: A Sepsis Public Service Announcement (30 seconds)

Know the Signs – Rory’s Story: A Sepsis Public Service Announcement (30 seconds)

Know the Signs – Emily’s Story: A Sepsis Public Service Announcement (30 seconds)

Know the Signs: A Sepsis Public Service Announcement (60 seconds)

The PSAs aims to bring global attention attention to the signs of sepsis which kills over 250,000 American every year and costs the healthcare system $24 million.

The 30 and 60 second formats are also ideal for television. Contact the stations in your area and ask that they be aired during breaks in programming. Please note that both the Rory Staunton Foundation and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research are nonprofit organizations; the videos can therefore be aired as public service announcements. For support, to requests MP4 files for download, or for more information, contact Sabine Horner: