Sepsis Forum 2017

On Wednesday, September 13­­–World Sepsis Day–the Rory Staunton Foundation held its Fourth National Forum on Sepsis in Washington D.C. The event brought together a powerful and passionate coalition of leaders in government, education, healthcare policy, biotech, and patient advocacy. Each left the event with renewed commitment to defeating this public health catastrophe and an understanding that what we require is nothing short of a revolution in how we think about sepsis in this country, from the halls of Congress to the emergency department to the classroom.

The theme of this year’s event was Keeping Our Children Safe from Sepsis. ​The focus was firmly on the importance of educating of our nation’s youth about sepsis, which our Foundation has long considered essential to ending the sepsis crisis. The Forum was held at the headquarters of our collaborators, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). We thank the AFT for their hospitality and our sponsors for their generous support of this event.

This year’s distinguished speakers included Randi Weingarten, President of the AFT, Congressman Richie Neal (D-MA), Denise Cardo, Director of the Division of Healthcare and Quality Promotion at the CDC, Melinda McCartin of the National Association of School Nurses, and Chris Aiello, Secretary of the National Family Council on Sepsis.

The Foundation and its partners were proud to launch several major new initiatives at the Forum, designed to give every school-age child and their caregivers the information they need to understand sepsis, its causes, and the threat it poses and, ultimately, to drastically reduce the sepsis mortality rate.

  • A complete sepsis education curriculum for every new york child in grades k-12
    The Rory Staunton Foundation, in collaboration with the AFT and at the request of New York State’s Departments of Health and Education, the has produced the nation’s first comprehensive K-12 sepsis education curriculum. Every school in the state will receive the curriculum, with lessons designed to progressively educate students about the importance of a ‘back to basics’ approach to preventing infection, understanding the risks and signs of sepsis, and taking responsibility for educating others about infection and sepsis by devising public health awareness campaigns. The lessons are available through our website and via the AFT’s award-winning Share My Lesson platform, which is utilized by 1.2 million teachers nationwide. Learn more on our Education page.
  • A new animated video to spread essential knowledge about sepsis­–in under two minutes!
    Sepsis: What You Need to Know to Save a Life is a short, animated video about the dangers, impact and signs of Sepsis. Designed to be shared easily and widely on social media and via news outlets it is also embedded into the new education curriculum.
  • Ouch! I Got a Cut! – A new read-along picture book for young children
    This picture book for young children teaches the importance of a ‘back to basics’ approach to wound care emphasizes the three “C’s”: When you get a Cut–Clean and Cover!  This simple, easy to remember approach prevents infection and saves lives. Ouch! I Got a Cut! is available on Amazon.
  • #Fly2FightSepsis Campaign
    The #Fly2FightSepsis Campaign is a major sepsis awareness initiative inspired by Rory Staunton’s love of aviation. In partnership with Roche Diagnostics, #Fly2FightSepsis is a social media-based campaign that uses paper planes to raise awareness and drive conversations about Sepsis.Participation is simple and fun. It just takes two minutes, a piece of paper and a smartphone. Participants can dedicate their plane and record its flight. Videos can be shared on social media with #fly2fightsepsis. We look forward to releasing more details on this exciting new campaign in the coming weeks!

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