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  1. Thank you for sharing your story – I have learned a great deal about sepsis. I am so sorry for your loss and the loss of so many others as well. I received your pamphlet at a South Dakota Healthcare conference – I am so glad I did. Thank you

  2. In March 2017 I tragically lost my brother to MRSA renal failure and septic shock. He was 36. He also had diabetes. Everyday that I took care of my brother I knew in my heart I was slowly loosing him. The cocktail of drugs the doctors was giving him had him very lethargic he started seeing spirits and slept all the time talking out of his sleep. By the age of 33 he had gotten a finger and leg amputated due to the gangrene he had accurred from the medicines. Before he died they had stalled on giving him dialysis which eventually they started him on two weeks before his death. Sad to say I have been mentally confused about what went on with him. We do know that doctors like to cover up when they f*** up. In his case I believe there was a serious mistake made on their behalf. He went from talking to going into a comma and dying. To soon for a 36 year old. Over the course of years I watched him get weaker by the day as if the diabetes medicines he was on wasn’t working for him. I have hired a lawyer to investigate his case and I sure do pray they find out what really happened to him. I just wanted to share my brothers story. I will forever miss him.

  3. although the loss of your son must be very hard , I really admire your mission to help others that come in a similar situation.
    Also in my job we are looking for faster diagnoses of Sepsis , and I really hope we can be part in a good way to fight Sepsis

  4. On the 3rd of January of 2019 my Mum crossed over due to sepsis. She was a loving Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Friend to many. Hopefully this foundation will promote to many the dangers of sepsis so that others will not have to travel this deadly path. Thank you.

  5. First of all, I am so sorry for your loss, the loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent and I cannot imagine a day goes by where your son is not in your thoughts consistently. I would like to share with everyone an article that I read many years ago published in Reader’s Digest where it stated that on a survey made to X amount of Doctors mainly referring to things you should ask your doctor on your visits as well as things you should tell your doctor, and their main request was for people to understand that they are not God and they depend a lot on the information you are telling them when making a recommendation and you are your best advocate. I understand this was done in Rory’s case and still doctor after doctor failed to diagnose him correctly. Anyone reading this post, if you are in a situation where you feel your life is in danger or the life of someone that you are their guardian or power of attorney is in danger, even if no one agrees with you, you have to move heaven and earth to make your voice heard, go for a second opinion, a different ER, but don’t leave that doctor’s office or hospital without feeling that you are absolutely sure that you agree with the outcome, first and foremost. Then, the next step is to educate, as it is being done through this foundation and the unbelievable work that all the people involved are doing.

  6. I had the distinct honor of hearing you speak about Rory at the Sepsis summit yesterday in Albany. Your loss is incomprehensible, an as you said I wouldn’t trade places with you. But I am glad that you have taken such an immense loss and made it into a gain for so many others in our communities. Looking at the numbers of Pediatric cases in NYS, I can’t help but think that those numbers ALL represent a Rory, and that your tireless actions helped to save them.

    God bless you and your family

  7. Thank you for the work you do to get the word out to the public and medical staff. My family also lost a child to sepsis. My sweet niece, Melea, was just four years old when she died this past February. Our hearts are broken but I hope to educate others like you do so as to prevent others from losing loved ones to sepsis.

    I’ll tell our story since it’s different than others who have posted on here; so people are aware of how bacterial infections can kill so quickly.

    My niece was a healthy child and didn’t have a cut but somehow acquired Staph A pneumonia that spread into her blood. My brother thought she had the flu because she had been vomiting, had no appetite, had weight loss, lack of energy, and a cough. She was sick for 3-4 days. She seemed to be doing better, eating some with a little more energy when she suddenly stopped breathing. My sister in law performed cpr and she was taken by squad to the hospital icu. She was put on a vent but it was too late. The doctors and nurses did everything they could but her body was shutting down because of the massive amounts of bacteria; she was gone within 12 hours.

  8. A couple of years ago I lost a friend to sepsis. She was in the hospital for two weeks. I’m not sure what caused her infection. She went into septic shock and passed away. About two months later I was out of state and became very ill with fever, vomiting and feeling very tired and sleeping all the time. I probably should have gone to the ER then but I didn’t. When we got back home I wasn’t getting better so after a few days I went to the ER (it was after hours for the doctor) and I was diagnosed with sepsis which was caused by a bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection which entered my blood stream. The weird thing is, I had no idea I had a bladder or kidney infection! I had none of the usual symptoms. Fortunately it was caught in time and I only spent two days in the hospital getting treated with antibiotics and was sent home with antibiotics and eventually I was declared sepsis free! I am a sepsis survivor and I now take my warning signs a little more seriously.

  9. I had a spider bite in 2016 that was bear my right thumb. It turned red and after taking Benedryl all seemed well. I kept circling it to see it spreading outward and kept a wrap on it to hide my “bullseye” markings as it continued to get larger. I showed the school nurse it and it had engulfed half of my palm, including my whole thing, and had a streak going up to my elbow. I ended up going to the doctor that day and they gave me antibiotics for the infection could have turned septic. They gave me ridicule for putting a wrap on it, not allowing it to breathe, but by day one it was red and hurting me. Wearing the wrap helped with the pain. I was yelled at a lot by my parents for making such a big deal out of it, but the school nurse saw the streak up my arm and was contemplating calling 911 or getting me into the doctor that day. I am happy it was spotted and happy I brought it up with my school nurse, for the streak was just going further and further up my arm. I never knew sepsis was a thing until I had that painful spider bite. Thanks for educating others.

  10. I am so sorry for your son. I also lost my son to sepsis in 2014. He left behind a 11year old daughter that I am so great full to have in my life. She looks just like her father and I see him in her everyday. I didn’t know anything about sepsis till my Richard pass away. It is horrible that we are not informed more about this horrible infection. I adamire your work and thank you for letting people know about your story. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder what I could have done to prevent this from killing my son. We can only trust God and know that he has our babies in his arms. Thank you and God Bless your family

  11. The difference between my boy and yours is that my son had a cut (very tiny!) on his knee, he is a little younger and the doctors did check his blood tests within hours and so he is here to tell the tale and I am so very grateful & humbled. But I shiver at what could have been and am forever grateful to the doctor who checked his bloods.
    We, like you, just didn’t know. We will start our contribution by educating the schools our children are at here in Dublin and take it from there.
    You are saving lives all the time. Rory is saving lives. Thank You.

  12. I lost my brother to sepsis 9 months ago that would be March 7, 2017 and the pain is so unreal and I read your story and made me cry and it hurts so bad and it’s the worst feeling in the world and it’s a battle to overcome it. So thank you for sharing your story and I will be praying for you and your family!!

  13. My heart goes out to the Staunton family & I admire them greatly for beginning this wonderful foundation in honor of Rory! Although I know their hearts are forever broken, I’m sure they find comfort in the treasured memories of his extraordinary life. Sepsis has touched my family twice, in 2002 with the loss of my Daddy and just this year (2017) when my Mama developed it from an UTI. We got her to the ER just in time for treatment & she left the ICU a week later doing well. Praise God! I’ve just made a donation to your foundation in honor of my Mama & memory of my Daddy as part of her Christmas present this year. I’m planning on making this an annual event. God Bless your family!

  14. I lost my grandmother to sepsis. Because she didnt have a fever the blood tests were never done. Sputum cultures were sent the last day of hospital stay and never reported to the facility she went to for rehab. It festered for a week and she was gone. Just like that. I was at work in the ER and got a call 1020pm, “you need to get to the hospital grandma isnt gonna make it through the night.” I got there at 1115 and her pupils were fixed and she was unresponsive on Bipap. We couldnt understand why we had to wear gloves and gowns. She was MRSA positive when she was released to rehab and no one ever followed up. She died because of negligence on the hospital and the facility for not doing any testing prior to giving her lasix and potassium. Her kidneys shut down and her potassium was 9.6 when she died. She died because of sepsis. Be an advocate for family. Know the signs and symptoms. She is gone but raising awareness someone elses life may be saved.

  15. I read your story and I am going to check with our school system to see if they train for it. I know the loss of a child also, I pray for your family. God bless the work you do in his name.

  16. My father passed away a month ago. He had cancer, went through esophageal surgery to remove the tumor. He was given the all clear, he was cancer free. He died one day before he was slated to go home from septic shock. We just got his cause of death. Aside from sepsis, he had an esophagus leak where it wasn’t patched back together properly and he had ileus. On top of that, even the surgeon regularly complained about how the nurses dressed his bandages and drain. We are contemplating our legal options. My goal is to stand up and say that this can’t be okay. We can’t allow this to be the norm. We can’t allow it to be swept under a rug, “It was sepsis. Oops.” We are in pain and we are angry, and I want to do something about it. In my research, I found this foundation and I want to become an advocate.

  17. Thank so much for this information. My mom had sepsis 3 yrs ago front an untreated UTI. We were lucky as the hospital was right on the ball and recognized it right away. Still it did its damage as she was in and out of coma for two months and her kidneys and liver were damaged. Her immune system is also not great and she gets sick frequently.

  18. My condolences & prayers are with the family, friends who knew as much as they love Rory Staunton. It had been five years but the loss of someone means no bounds. It’s interesting as it is bewildering to think in this day in age especially in America that something that can be treated & cured in fighting an infection as Sepsis can still be fatal for some. And to think that Rory was in the school gym. No one is ever really safe whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Just seeing the pictures of Rory define him as an active & adventuresome kid who loved life & had much more to do & offer. I am grateful that this foundation exists to raise awareness & to prevent other Rorys & Ritas from a similar fate. May God Bless The Staunton Family.

  19. I came across your story tonight. Your son is gorgeous. I can tell, just by his picture, he was so very special. I have three daughters and I have taken to heart his story. Your story. I am aware, because of you. Thank you for your bravery, in spite of what could be debilitating grief.
    Dear Kathleen. I lost a sister. A long time ago. But I still miss her. And I know you still miss your brother. Funny thing… I actually fought with my sister the last night I was with her. We made up the next morning but, for a long time, I felt kind of guilty. I don’t anymore. Truth is, she was a pain sometimes. And so was I. We were just being sisters. Our love could handle those squabbles. So, don’t feel bad for any of those times. Your love for your brother and his love for you is still alive and stronger than any of that other stuff.

    Gosh. I am so sorry. I wish you could have him back. That we could all have him back. I pray, this Easter, you feel so much comfort. Love to you all.

  20. My job is with a large healthcare system. I want you to know for 2 years we have been working on initiatives to save lives from Sepsis. Our tagline is: Sepsis waits for no one. What we do matters.

    I work every day with MDs and RNs who are dedicated to their patients, but Sepsis is an equal opportunity disease, hard to predict. We have a multi-million dollar EHR system that still can’t “get it right” in finding Sepsis all of the time, which means it comes down to the patients, families, doctors and nurses to catch that something is going very wrong and address it quickly.

    You should know we invoke Rory’s name, your website, and his story throughout our 11 hospitals to teach our clinicians how to recognize Sepsis in adults and pediatric patients, and how to treat them as fast as possible with processes we know have the best results for our patients. I hear success stories every day now. Your son is not forgotten, and his legacy is saving lives all over this country. I have a twelve year old son myself. What YOU did matters, and is bringing changes, slowly but surely. How brave you are to share your heartbreak and make it better for others.

  21. I am Sorry for your loss . To lose a child to any thing is terrible I loss my Husband to Sepsis in 2011. We need the public to know about Sepsis and the hospitals to have Rory Regulations protocol

  22. Thank you for giving me knowledge that saved my mother from sepsis infection. Bless you and thank you xoxo

  23. My deepest sympathies go out to Rory’s family and friends. I lost my father just over a year ago when he went for a routine knee replacement surgery and died a week later from sepsis that could have been prevented. Not only did the hospital where he had the surgery choose to ignore the signs of sepsis and release him but the inpatient rehab kept him for 48 hours while the sepsis was taking over his body and they also turned a blind eye to all of his complaints. Eventually he was rushed to a third hospital ER had emergency surgery spent several days of pain and suffering in the ICU where he then died from cardiac arrest. No excuse for my fathers death and plenty of people to hold responsible. Nothing will bring my father or your son back and I truly am sorry for your loss. I was very happy to see that you have started a foundation. That was one of the things my boyfriend and I have discussed was trying to force hospitals to make sure patients are thoroughly examined before they are discharged of the hospital but after they get home as well with more then just a phone call. Just wish we would have known things then that we know now but you can’t go back in time. Just have to move forward. God bless

  24. My sister passed away from Septic Shock on Sept 4, 2016. She had breast cancer (diagnosed in May and had a surgery on July 22). The surgery was a left mastectomy with reconstruction and a lymph node biopsy. On August 8, 2016 she saw her plastic surgeon, who noticed an “irritation” on the edge of her biopsy site (which was 5cm deep and 10 cm wide and not sutured closed during surgery). The doctor told her this was caused by her surgical “bra” rubbing on the wound and was told to “dab” triple antibiotic ointment on it. She later went back and had it debrided of necrotic tissue. Still no antibiotics given and the proceeded to give her first chemo treatment on August 22. The wound was still infected and she was told it be fine to go ahead with the chemo. After the chemo, the wound got worse and was pouring blood out. She ended up in Septic and Cardiogenic shock and passed away. The intensive care doctor told us that she NEVER should have been given the chemo and that is what caused her demise. In looking over her paperwork from her chemo…she was told to call if she had a temp of 100.4 or higher or vomiting/nausea. Nothing about extreme pain, which she had or the feeling she was dying…which she did. They told her all her symptoms were side effects of chemo. I live in CA and she was in Iowa. She arrived in the ER already in septic shock and only lived three days before we took her off life support.

  25. I recently loss my mom to sepsis and I am determined in some way to get education out to all regarding this deadly disease. I have been reading several articles and to my surprise I was shocked that young children can be affected by sepsis. I have read several of foundations regarding the loss of someone. I would hope that with all the science research that a blood test could be discovered to detect sepsis. I think that all the emergency rooms, doctors and hospitals should rule out sepsis first. I took my mom to the hospital via ambulance twice in a three day period and was told that nothing was wrong, she was confused, she wasn’t eating, she was in pain and we were told that they couldn’t find anything wrong, we begged them to admit her and they said that unless something was wrong they couldn’t. On the second visit which was two days later they compared her blood work (which I peeked over the nurses shoulder to view) and on the first visit there was a uti infection however the second one didn’t show it. Had I known about sepsis I would asked the doctor and my mom might be here today. About 1 1/2 week later my mom was screaming saying her prayers and asked to be taken home. Two days after Christmas I took her back to the hospital and was once again told that there isn’t anything wrong. I said that this isn’t normal and after 12 hours in the emergency room from being told that there isn’t anything wrong to be being told that she might not make it thru the night you can imagine my confusion. I understand that our emergency rooms are overwhelmed, however I believe that a lot more of lives would be saved if the doctor would look into is sepsis. My precious mothers organs started to fail, she couldn’t maintain a blood pressure and her oxygen levels were dangerously low. We asked for every possible medicine to maintain her blood pressure however it was too late. I miss my mom terribly and I want to make a difference where this doesn’t happen to any other family. My father is still with us and I have advised him that if anyone of my family members goes to the hospital for whatever reason, my first question will be “I want him tested for sepsis. I think we need to make people more aware of sepsis. We need a recognition day, regarding sepsis. I lost my mom 12-30-15 and I miss her. Thank you for letting me tell my stories, I have tears in my eyes writing this. This is a senseless illness that if detected can be reversed.

  26. I survived Sepsis after a 16 day near-death fight. I have my doctors and the emergency room at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California to thank for using a Sepsis Protocol. I owe them my life and am grateful each and every day. Please let it be known to the Sepsis community that some doctors did get it right. I am so very sorry for your loss and soooo appreciate your advocacy for this cause. Sepsis has ruined my life in many ways but I fortunately and luckily am here to help out in any way I can. Please let me know how I can. Thank you

  27. Very touched by Rory’s Story. I am a Paramedic in Greensboro, NC and will be training our Paramedics on how to better recognize sepsis in the field and to alert receiving hospitals to start the treatment as soon as possible. I just read through the stories on the site and will be using them as teaching points to personalize how deadly a disease process sepsis can be. This will greatly assist me in driving these points home. Thank you.

  28. Rory may be gone, but these comments show that he is definitely not forgotten. He sounded like an incredibly wonderful child, an old soul. May your reunion someday in whatever life we have after this be spectacular!

  29. May there foot steps be strong on Sunday November 1st, and may Rory be there Angel to get them over the finish line. Sorry for error on spelling.

    Love all the Moore in Sunnyside.

  30. Hi, I had the pleasure of seeing your presentation at the IBO Meeting last week in New York City and my heart goes out to you. As a parent of three, I cannot imagine what you are going through and the heartache you experience each and every day. The fact that you are engaged in this noble exercise with your Foundation to help others speak volumes about you both. May God bless you.

    I am based in NJ and will get the word out. This past July, we had an issue with our 22 year old son with a cut on his leg which turned out to be Cellulitus which is pretty bad. Thankfully, he is studying to become an EMT and was at a First Squad at a class. His instructor rushed him to the Hospital and he could have lost his leg.

    In closing, I am very involved with the Knights of Columbus and I recommend that you contact them about the good work that you do. Please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way. Thank you and stay well.



  31. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I came across this on Facebook. My son became very ill in 2011. After a couple of days, doctors did a blood test and discovered Sepsis. I was told it was a fluke. I had no idea so many children are devastated by Sepsis. Thank you for bringing awareness.

  32. Thank you for sharing your story. I read about Rory on today. I am very sorry for your loss. I am extremely appreciative that you are raising awareness about sepsis and have such an informative, impactful website to help others. I did not know much about sepsis until I read your story today, and I am now amazed that I, as well as the general population, have not been better educated on this condition. It is important for everyone to read your story so that we can understand how to help ourselves and others who may be at risk. Thank you again, I am a soon-to-be mother of two and I will not forget what I have learned here.

  33. I am the Quality Lead for Sepsis in British Columbia Canada – this story is so tragic and also very helpful for our learnings an teachings – thank you for sharing – we will ensure Rory’s story is shared and impacts the way we plan for and inform people about sepsis care and best practices.

    Best Wishes, C

  34. I am sorry for your terrible loss. I think that the work you are doing on sepsis education in Rory’s name is wonderful.

    Steven P. LaRosa,MD

  35. My deepest sympathies to you. My husband read the article in the Irish Times the day after our 13 year old daughter was diagnosed and had emergency surgery. The only reason that I brought her to the pediatrician was because we got the dreaded early morning call to say Granny was sick, come home fast……. We got onto the Aer Lingus flight that afternoon and for reasons unknown I decided to bring her into the pediatrician to look at some hard skin on her foot before we got on the plane- within two hours she was in the operating room. We were one of the lucky ones – I agree that the word needs to get out – let me know what I can do to help ? I am based in CA.

  36. Hello Orlaith,

    It was nice speaking with you and I appreciate the time you spent talking to me during this difficult time. I am very interested in supporting the cause so other families do not have to go through what we went through.


    Christopher Aiello

  37. I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful son, Rory. He was an extraordinary young man from my reading. I heard the interview on RTE and I was so struck by what had happened. In a coincidence we now find ourselves living in Carrownisky Louisburgh. Our beautiful daughter Emma died in 2002 when she was 17. The circumstances of her tragic death were very painful so I can really understand that you have been through hell in the last three years. Today is Rory s birthday. The day he came to you. This is the best day, the hard one too. I know that there is nothing I can say that will help your pain, but know that I am thinking of you as I look out my windows and see Croagh Patrick and the islands.

  38. I came across this story in my search for answers for my baby boy, Kieran. He died at 8 days old from bacterial meningitis caused by E.coli. The hospital knew he had a positive result when he was only 3 days old, but a nurse forgot to tell us or a doctor, and they even admitted him for jaundice, but never gave him the antibiotics that would have saved him. I took him to a doctor every day he was alive, and they all missed it until it was too late. He passed in our arms the week before Christmas 2014. He was our first baby, a beautiful little boy named Kieran. I will remember Rory as I ask you to remember my Kieran. I am so sorry, it isn’t fair. Your son was beautiful. All of our thoughts <3

  39. My deepest sorrow for the lose of your son. I am writing this while sitting in the PICU of CHOP with sedated child on a vent suffering from Strep A sepsis, another Irish American boy. On Saturday evening, 3/14/15 Conall woke up very upset with a fever and then the vomiting began. He continued vomiting till noon on Sunday. Then he asked for water and was actually starting to keep liquids down. We started to notice, that he just did not seem right, almost like he was not there. So, we headed to Bryn Mar ER thinking Conall was dehydrated. We started with the Triage nurse who could not get his vitals. Thinking that the machine was maybe broken, we went directly to an ER room, where everything began to go downhill very quickly. No blood pressure? No O2 reading?? What??? Then the questions started…… did he hit his head? swallow any medications? chemicals? Quick X-ray and cat scan -all normal. But, his body was completely shutting down. Then the doctor says , “we are putting a tube down his throat now or he will stop breathing on his own. Our hearts shattered. This can not be right! Conall’s here for the common stomach bug going around. They started working feverishly on him and you could see the true concern in all of their eyes.

    Conall is in septic shock from an overwhelming bacterial infection, he was shutting down. Conall has also been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The Leukemia would have more than likely presented itself in the upcoming weeks, however, it was leaving him immune deficient and the bacterial infection showed up first.

    Conall was transported to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The team at CHOP worked hard all night and into Monday morning to stabilize him.

    A week later, Conall is still in the ICU, but he is fighting and healing. He is on a vent and fully sedated comfortably. Due to the actions of those at BMH and CHOP, Conall was quickly intubated and given the meds he needed to sustain his blood pressure. He needs time to heal. Our little guy needs to overcome the damage caused by sepsis and then begin a battle against Leukemia

    My wife and I discovered your website while researching sepsis. You are doing a fantastic tribute to your son by spreading awareness, we will begin to do the same when we get past this immediate hurdle.

  40. I am so sorry that your beautiful son was tragically taken from you. I have just read through this website and it is so sad. God rest his gentle soul. That is one hard battering knock to get in life. I have heard of sepsis . My grand mother of 28 died of sepsis as a result of a burst appendix in 1932. It was new Years Eve and as the bells rang in 1933 my grandmother passed away. She left my grandfather and four young children behind her. My mother was the eldest at 9 and my uncle was just nine months old. I often think of her even though I never knew her. My mother, eighty three years later still talks of that time and the huge loss of Nora her beloved mother. I always thought that if only antibiotics had been around then, Nora would have survived.
    It is shocking to read that your Rory did not get the antibiotics which would have saved him. In this advanced era of medical knowledge it should not have happened. We trust our doctors and rely on their expertise. You did everything right for Rory. I am so sorry.
    Tonight on La Fheile Padraig and in Galway and a few days before his anniversary I am lighting a candle for your son and for his Mam Dad and sister. And I will whisper a prayer for Rory and for my lovely young grandmother
    . Solas na bhflaitheas ar a anam

  41. have just looked at your video and sadly we have met Mums and Dads in Ireland who have experienced the death of their child to Sepsis.
    What fantastic work you are doing. I have no doubt the Rory Staunton Foundation will carry on Rorys legacy from his short life, will preventing many families from having to go through the heartbreak and devastation of losing a loved one to sepsis .
    Take Care of yourselves in this journey

  42. I just read your story and so sorry for your loss. Your son sounded like a beautiful child. I came across your story while searching for something else and felt compelled to offer my condolences. Eileen

  43. Your son was an incredible human being who achieved so much in his short life.
    Thank you for raising awareness of sepsis
    Good luck with your campaign, may God Bless you and your Family, give you the courage to continue with your lives and look after your beautiful son in Heaven.
    Much love.

  44. Your son sounds like he was an incredible person — a very special boy who gave of himself to the world. His legacy lives on through your work with this foundation. Thank you for raising awareness of this illness.

  45. Dear Staunton’s,
    I have followed your story for the past 2 years and would like to express my sincere condolences and send heartfelt blessings for each of you. As an adult critical care nurse, our unit has a very comprehensive screening and evidence based protocol in place for adult sepsis although I can’t say the same for infants & children. It was Rory’s story that made me question what our ER was doing in regard to infant and children screenings for early detection including treatment protocols. In my search, there was disappointment in the information… or lack of information that was relayed. I feel I have a duty to pursue this as a nurse and a mother of 4. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to for sepsis awareness and policy change. If you have access to or resources for infant/children screening or protocols to direct me in my attempts please send them my way. God bless!

  46. Thank you Rory. God bless you your Mom and your family.

  47. Thank you for having the courage to fight by educating others after so personal a tragedy. As I read through your website and all of the commentaries, my heart absolutely aches for everyone who has lost a loved one or has been physically impaired by this dreadful condition. So unnecessary. So unjust. But through your words and actions, you are all leading the fight. Let us all spread the awareness.

    Peace always!

  48. Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness of Sepsis. I am based in Wales, UK, and my Mum died suddenly of Sepsis just before Christmas.

    You don’t need me to tell you the shock and loss we feel, and I am trying to put all my efforts into fundraising and raising awareness of Sepsis here too. If I can just save one family from having to go through, what we are going through, it will be worth it.

    Here is the tribute I wrote for my Mum:

    Sending you lots of love and best wishes xx

  49. Rory’s story has deeply touched me. In honor of his memory, I have focused my doctoral work on improving communication among pediatric emergency room workers regarding our institution’s pediatric sepsis management protocol. I think of his story often and my thoughts go out to you and your family. I am so terribly sorry for your unimaginable loss.

  50. Congratulations on your First National Forum on Sepsis! I will be with you in spirit and spreading the word on my social media. My heart goes out to you- both my father and I are survivors of near fatal cases of hospital-acquired Sepsis following routine procedures. We are now a family of advocates and I’m sorry your family had to become one too. Still, I thank you for all that you are doing to spread awareness and help save others. Keep up the good work! God Bless.


  51. Your Facebook post this week was heartbreaking to me. I
    remember Rory’s dad saying that there is no word in the English language to define a parent that loses a child. There is widow/widower, orphan for loss of a spouse or parent. Similarly, there are no words to convey the heartache others feel for you and your loss. The words don’t exist.

  52. We think of Rory all the time…we have a photo of him ( in our living room) with Lucian and Morgan on Halloween…early school days…I cannot imagine how you Orlath, Ciaran and Kathleen feel because we miss him every day and we moved away after 3rd grade. He was just that great and we truly loved him. Orlath your words to me when the boys were young were”you never get a second chance to raise a child” so true and profound.Got your Christmas card(which meant more than anything this year) thanking me for a small donation, but really we should be thanking you…miss you all and wish we could go back to those times. Those Birthday parties were the best…and so was Rory.We were so lucky to have known him and all of you.

    Much Love, Christos,Susan and Lucian xoxo

  53. May 13th – Rory’s 15th birthday. Rory, we celebrate your life, your love of life and your contributions to save lives, even today. You are loved. Time stands still for us today. God bless your wonderful and courageous family!


  55. I am a nurse in a hospital outside of Seattle. I work in the “LEAN” office, which focuses on hospital process improvements. The first workshop I was assigned to, was to improve SEPSIS early identification. Since I knew very little about sepsis (even though I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years), I googled it. What came up first was Rory’s Story. I was reduced to tears. I am SO sorry for your loss, but I promise that I will do everything in my power to raise awareness. My workshop is the week of April 28th, 2014 and I am going to start the 3 day event, by showing the slide “Rory’s Story…why we’re here”, with his photo and describe the circumstances of his tragic death. I believe that stories create real change. I am committed to this cause and I pray no one should die because of undiagnosed sepsis. God bless you. Dianna Davis

  56. Thinking of you all today! It is heartbreaking when you remember their death day, sometimes more than their birthday. Erins death day is April 30th. You advocacy work is working. It is what keeps me breathing even 12 years later!
    Always available if I can help in anyway.

  57. Today marks two years since Rory left this world. At school so many kids are buzzing about what prank they will play on teachers and friends. I can’t help but remember back on that awful day. But, what I want to recall vividly is Rory. He was such a great person. I was so fortunate to have taught him and see him grow from a toddler to a boy who was on the cusp on becoming a grown up! The last time I saw him- he was waiting to be picked up from school and in his ever friendly way stopped to chat me up. Rory was able to talk to anyone-he didn’t shy away from teachers and adults. He is missed greatly and thought of often…

  58. The web site looks great ! I love the pictures of Rory, he is felt so strongly always but these photos, where he is smiling, trusting, and happy, just break my heart and make me smile at the same time,
    Rory will never be forgotton and has saved so many lives, leave it to him and you, his family, to save another childs life, I do hope those saved by your work know about Rory.
    God Bless you all!

  59. Another sad Christmas without you Rory.We gathered at your cousin Danielle’s house this morning and while watching your little cousin Patrick playing with all his Santa toys it seemed like only yesterday that you were playing with your Lego and train sets.You made Christmas so special for your Mum,Dad sister Kathleen and all of us. We all miss you so very much.

  60. Hi Staunton Family,
    I read about Rory’s tragic passing last year and his story touched me so. My good friend, Eammon Shovlin, also told me about your experience.
    On June 24th of this current year, my beloved 37 year old son, James Rollo, hung himself in his room in my house. My 8 year old granddaughter and I discovered him hanging from the closet door.
    Now, I am well acquainted with the immense pain that comes from having your child die before his parents. Even though i can appreciate your sorrow better now i know its even worse for your family because Rory ‘s death was totally unnecessary and completely avoidable.

    Please know that I have spread the word about thoroughly cleaning out scrapes and cuts. I also let parents know that doctors and hospitals make MISTAKES AND CAN BE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Sincerely, Margaret Flood

  61. Hi Rory was a wonderful young man with so much promise. I survived sepsis at the age of 42 due to the quick response of my Dr. I had 104.3 fever and another Dr. had misdiagnosed me with appendicitis. Unfortunately, many times sepsis is not diagnosed properly.

  62. I am so sorry you have to walk on this earth without him. Keep the Faith.

  63. I was thinking of Rory all day today walking in the Gardens with his dad’s brown herringbone coat on.So handsome!! One of many beautiful memories.

  64. I have had sepsis I survived because Tallaght Hospital in Dublin Ireland diagnosed my condition immediately and put me on antibiotics and drip feeds I can’t walk unaided now I am 72 I need a frame I want to see the end of sepsis.

  65. What a wonderful young man, your Rory. I listened to your family’s testimony before the Senate Health Committee, and I cried, feeling your loss deeply. What courage you displayed in telling Rory’s story in order to save thousands of others from experiencing the same horrible outcome.
    I think that spreading awareness and knowledge of sepsis, its symptoms, prevention, and treatment is key, and I myself will spread the word to everyone I know. Obviously, our health care facilities and caregivers need to commit themselves to what they can do; however, your remarks about the importance of education and awareness for people in their everyday lives, is huge. Thank you, thank you for sharing your story in the midst of your pain to help others. Rory sounds like the kind of person who would be so happy that he was helping thousands of others live and thrive, because that’s the kind of person he was, and is. Thank you, Rory.

  66. I lost my 15 year old daughter to Sepsis on July 1st 2013.She was initially diagnosed with Mono and saw medical professionals twice before she was hospitalized in ICU. We were told that her symptoms concurred with Mono and that she would need to just rest to get over it. Little did we know, but she had contracted bacterial pneumonia and then she went into Septic shock. By the time we got her into emergency, it had progressed too far and she passed in less then 24 hours. We are all heartbroken over our loss and my heart just aches to know that this happens to so many children on an annual basis when it doesn’t need to.Thank you for doing what you do to help spread the word about this terrible disease in hopes that the medical community will listen, learn and come up with better tactics to aggressively treat Sepsis.

  67. I just watched you at the Senate hearing today. Great job!I’m very sorry for your loss, and I feel your pain.I had never heard of sepsis before 10-19-12, when my 40 year old husband went to a local ER with uncontrollable shaking. He had fever of 103.9. I could not find initial blood pressure readings in his medical records. They started IV fluids and pretty much ignored him for 7 hours, even almost discharging him with a diagnosis of the flu, just like Rory was. No one caught on to the sepsis until his blood pressure plummeted and he was in septic shock. He had horrible purpura. He died within 24 hours of having the first symptom of uncontrollable shaking.The local healthcare system(including 4+ hospitals) has recently brought in a sepsis expert,to attempt to educate the nurses.

    He left behind me, 35 years old, and our babies, 3 years and 9 months at the time of death. I will help in anyway I can to raise sepsis awareness.

  68. Thank you for sharing the story of your beautiful son, his life and legacy. I am a nursing studying an online course in global health. I discussed your son’s case with classmates and referred them to your website to learn about this threat to global health and all that you are devoting and doing for it. God bless you for keeping Rory’s memory alive through your tireless efforts and this worthy and important endeavor.Rory continues to make a difference in the world!Great to read about your upcoming appearance before the US Senate!Don’t stop, keep going.

  69. Bringing your voice to the Senate, Orlaith and Ciaran, is such an amazing leap forward in bringing sepsis awareness to the nation and the world!This morning I thought of Rory with his tee shirt on saying, “Spread the Word to End the Word”. That word today is sepsis because of your incredible work. May he guide you through those hearings and give you strength. This is such a Rory morning!I can see him on his bicycle flying through the Gardens.

  70. Dear Orlaith, Ciaran & Kathleen,I attended the German Sepsis Summit Berlin yesterday and heard your heartbreaking speech. I am a healthcare professional in a German private clinic chain and want to assure you, that I will do all I can to spred the important message about preventing every single preventable sepsis in the hospital setting through implementing quality assurance and appropriate bundles of care for this vulnerable population.This does not bring back Rory into your family, but I hope it can bring you a little comfort and give you strength to continue your campaign.God bless you all. Doris Holding

  71. Your story is heartbreaking. Rory sounds like an amazing young man, gone too soon but his memory will live forever. Sepsis is a huge killer and people do not know about it.

  72. We had some wonderful times in O’Neill’s.We remember Rory and Kathleen, we brought our own children there and got a great reception. Great music, great people..we will miss you.

  73. Dear Orlaith, Ciaran & Kathleen: This Sunday, I went to pick up my husband and son at Kennedy. As I went through the Jet Blue Terminal, I saw that it was shared by Aer Lingus. Immediately, Rory came right to my mind. I could see him running that long ramp from parking to the terminal to jump on board a plane that would take him back home, to his favorite spots in Ireland. Then, I thought, my God if he were still with us, I know that in a few years I would see him in his Captain’s uniform, walking to the plane he would fly. Of course, he would stop, say hello and we would laugh together. He was so charming! On angel’s wings Rory! Love you.

  74. Dear Staunton Family, Thank you for sharing the story about your precious Rory! I am so sorry for the loss of your son. We lost our mother Janie Flannigan in Dec. 2003 due to sepsis complications while being treated for emphysema and pneumonia. Like you I had never heard of sepsis until it was too late to do anything about it. While I’m sorry for your loss, I’m truly thankful for Rory’s legacy in stirring up conversation and awareness about sepsis in the ERs and medical communities across the country which are causing changes in care and more immediate diagnosis. Thank you for sharing your story through all you must be going through.

    Vanessa Nelson…Janie’s girl!

  75. As Mother’s Day and your birthday coincide-we want you to know that you are thought of and beloved for all that you were in this life. The good work to inform the world about sepsis is a lasting legacy that will give birthdays to so many others. You will always be thought of on this very date.

  76. Happy Birthday Rory!
    We miss you so much…we would love to see your giant smile and touch that beautiful hair. We think about you every day. You are our guiding light.

  77. On Mother’s Day I celebrate my child and keep close to my heart the memory of Rory, who was a special light in our lives. We will cherish him always. As this day ends, I can’t help but envision Rory on his birthday tomorrow and wonder how tall he would be now (I bet close to 6′), how he would be getting ready for high school, how many cups of tea Orlaith & I would have talking about his great accomplishments, and how he probably would be, once again, flying. The day this beautiful spirit was born must stay with all of us. Rory was taken from us way too soon and for all the wrong reasons, but his short life had so much purpose. I love you Rory. Your birthday will always be celebrated in my home. May God bless Orlaith, Ciaran and Kathleen.

  78. Great news about the field, your family did so much to make this happen. Rory would be proud.

  79. To Mom Dad and sister,
    Like many I watched Rory’s story on Dr. Oz, I cried for an hour. I can not even imagine the pain of losing a child. Thank you for being so brave and sharing something so personal to help educate others of this incredible danger. I was in awe when you described the kind of kid Rory was. I think he did more in his 12 short years than I can only dream to do in an entire lifetime. It sounds like Rory was destined to do amazing things and make a real difference. Your strength to tell his story will surely save lives. So I’ll say again, “He was destined to do amazing things and make difference,” and he is still doing just that. Thank you and God bless your family.

  80. My friend’s grown son was just admitted to the hospital two days ago with Sepsis. I had no idea what it was at that point. I saw your story on Dr. Oz this morning and now I know what a horrible condition it is. I am so sorry about everything you have been through. I also lost a child many years ago. My 13 year old son looks so much like Rory that I did a double take when Rory’s picture was on the screen. God bless your family. You are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story.

  81. I am a mother of three and just saw your story on Dr. Oz. My heart is broken for your loss of this beautiful child, full of so much potential and greatness. Here is a child whose life was shortened, but his presence here on this earth was tremendous. What a glorious existence he had here in such a short time. It sounds like your Rory lived a lifetime in just 12 years. I appreciate that you are sharing Rory’s story with all of us. His life, and untimely death, will help to save the lives of many. God bless you.

  82. I just want to thank you for sharing Rory’s story and fighting so hard to help change the future for others. I am a parent and am truly grateful. I will be sure my children someday learn about Rory, how one person can impact so many others, and how he lived.

  83. Today I tuned in to Dr. Oz and heard what happened to Rory. I am so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through.I truly sympathize with your loss since I lost my husband within 4 days in 2005 from the same illness.He too had a high fever, pain in his leg and I rushed him to the hospital.They said he had the flu and would have sent him back home but his pain was so intense that he asked for morphine repeatedly. After many of his bodily functions shut down, his skin mottling, and his experiencing a heart attack, we lost him on the operating table.I believe it was a spider bite but because his body went through so much, I chose not to have an autopsy.It was such a horrific situation to go through.The anniversary of his death is April 23 – it’s been 8 years now.It’s not easy to go through such a tragic death (especially when it’s your child)… but I know that your son, like my husband, are now in heaven and are watching over us with love.Pat

  84. This is for you Rory;

    Rory I miss u so much even more today , I am no longer allowed to go ring your door bell and see your big smile or bring you to the skate park and learn some new tricks or play a game of basketball in the park, when you came to my house it was so much fun but now the days go by boring one by one.

  85. This is still haunting so many people and I imagine that those who were closest to Rory felt deep sorrow today. A great number of the posts are referring to the future of this young man we lost. We all could envision his life, those still here can use this painful memory to make their life lived as one that is better, stronger, more thoughtful, more fun and more caring in the place of someone who can no longer do so .And this we attempt to do.

  86. Dear Orlaith, Ciaran and Kathleen,We spent the evening with your Sunnyside neighbors, eating Chinese food in honor of Rory. We so wish he was here with us, and that you were sitting around our table like so many evenings before, with the kids tumbling around in the basement. We miss him so much, and are so proud of the three of you for working so hard to make sure this doesn’t happen to another child.In one year you have put sepsis awareness on the national agenda, and that is an amazing accomplishment. Rory is definitely proud!We love you.

  87. I have been reading Rory’s story since the first article appeared in Irish Central.It broke my heart then and has haunted me ever since.To his family and friends, I send my heartfelt sympathies. God blessed you with an amazing young man for 12 years and there are no words for the pain you must have experienced since he departed this earth.I live my life believing that everything happens for a reason, but in this case, it feels like a tragic mistake, leaving his story unfinished and his life’s work undone. I am grateful to his parents for sharing his story so that their loss can prevent future tragedies.Rory’s life did not unfold the way it seemed it should, but he is making a huge impact on the world regardless, and improving the lives of many.God bless you, Rory.I like to imagine you singing with the angels and soaring through the heavens. And one day, I hope to meet you and thank you for being such an amazing spirit!

  88. Dear Rory, it still doesn’t make sense to me that you’re gone .When you got sick last year I was on a school trip, and when I came back and learned what happened, it was like the floor disappeared underneath me.You were such a good friend, so smart, so funny, so fun be around.I remember all the time we spent planning the city Kidadelphia when we were little. We drew up maps and had elections and we even made a flag out of felt (I think we still have it). It was so obvious you were going to make an impact. And you have, but not in the way we thought. We love you Rory, and we miss you more than we can say.

  89. Celebrating Easter with dessert and the boys out back having a nerf war.All I can think of is Rory and how much he is missed.We think of all of you often.

  90. Our thoughts and prayers to Rory, his parents, and his sister on a day a wonderful soul left this world-but not our minds or hearts.

  91. On St. Patrick’s Day, when all the world is Irish, we are missing one very precious Irishman who will always be in our hearts!Remembering the chocolate roses you brought to my door last year. Love you Rory.

  92. I am so glad that someone is doing something to increase awareness and treatment of sepsis. Almost one year ago, I became very ill, very quickly. I was a healthy, active, normal 30 year old woman. I went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed as simply having the flu. I was sent home to rest and was told to take Tamiflu. Three days later, I was in the ER unable to walk, speak, breathe, or see/think clearly. The doctor told me I had pneumonia, sepsis and kidney failure and that I might not survive. I was scared beyond belief. Up until that point, I had not even heard of sepsis. I spent 8 days in the hospital recovering and feel incredibly lucky to be alive. I think about my ordeal every single day. I was discharged from the hospital on April 8, 2012. Not long after, I remember hearing about Rory’s story. He was fighting sepsis at the exact same time I was. My heart broke for the little guy and his family and friends. This foundation will let Rory’s memory live on and provide an outlet for others affected by sepsis. Thank you for your great work!

  93. Ciaran & Orlaith,This is Anna and Barney Mc Closkey from Orlando, Florida. We met many years ago. We just found out tonight about Rory, and we wanted to pass on our sincere condolences to you both. The tributes for Rory are wonderful and he obviously was going to make an impact on the world, in a good way. I cannot begin to comprehend what you guys are feeling, losing a child in this tragic way. Our thoughts are with you, God Bless…

  94. We think about Rory every day, speak of him often. He will never be forgotten. God Bless you all for having the strength to do what you do for others. Rory’s power is felt through all the work you do.

  95. My heart breaks for your family. I am all to familiar with the pain, I lost my mother in October 2011 because of the same events. My mother passed two days before her 32 wedding anniversary and two weeks before her 54th birthday.
    My family offers our support in the fight for Sepsis Awareness! If New York takes the lead in the fight, other states will follow.

  96. I am heartbroken for Rory and your family. This is what I, as a parent, dread more than anything: knowing that something is horribly wrong but no one is seeing what I see. My prayers of peace and healing go out to you all, and my fervent hopes that this never, ever happens again to anyone, and especially, any child. God bless you.

  97. I read the beautiful tributes to your son. I have a 14yr old boy and can’t imagine what you are feeling. Your son sounds like an amazing boy, my heart is broken for all of you.

  98. Ciaran and Orlaith, we are so proud of all that you have done to fight for Rory’s cause so that no family experiences the terrible loss that you have. We constantly keep you and Kathleen in our thoughts and prayers.

  99. “First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences in
    regards to your loss.I am so terribly sorry that this tragedy
    occurred.It is an absolute injustice. On another note, I want to
    thank you for sharing your story. My ten year old son began
    complaining of significant leg pain last night. By midnight, he was
    vomiting, shaking from chills, his leg was hot to the touch and he was
    running a temperature. He was just sobbing from the pain. As I was
    looking online for reasons as to what could be causing this condition,
    I came across the story of Rory. I remember reading about it a few
    months ago, but found this time that his symptoms sounded eerily like
    my son’s.I wanted to take him right to the ER, but by that point, he
    was resting after being given some Bengay and Advil. The next
    morning, I made an appointment with his pediatrician and I gave her
    all of the details. Her immediate diagnosis was influenza, and she
    told me that the leg pain was as a result of body aches and soon
    diarrhea would begin to start as the virus continues. She was not
    able to do a flu screen, as he was not excreting any mucus. I
    countered her diagnosis, and reminded her of my son’s history.He has
    had two previous staph infections (one in his eye -which she had
    diagnosed as pinkeye and another in his leg).The eye infection had
    caused a week long hospital stay when he was six. She brushed me off,
    stating that he looked physically well and again, he had the flu. I
    tried one more time to point out that body aches are typically all
    over with the flu, but his pain was localized in his leg. Again, I
    was dismissed. By this point, I had already decided to contact
    another physician for a second opinion. We went to that second
    appointment and I expressed my concern for my son and my feelings
    about the initial diagnosis. This provider immediately went to a scab
    that my son had on his knee. He had hurt it in PE a few days before.
    He said that there was pus developing below the surface of that wound.
    Then as he felt his leg, the most tender area for him in terms
    of pain, felt much firmer than it should. The doctor then stated that
    it was likely he was in the beginnings of an infection (most likely
    staph), and given his past history, needed a rigorous treatment with
    strong antibiotics. So, we were given a prescription and we just
    started on it. Hopefully, he will be on the mend soon. I just want
    to thank you for sharing the story of your son.Had it not been fresh
    in my mind, I might have taken the word of our “trusted” physician,
    who has seen our son as a patient since he was a baby. I know that
    this is bittersweet, as it does not bring back your sweet boy, but
    please know that his story has an impact.It stirred me into action,
    advocating for my son’s proper medical treatment.

    Thank you!”

  100. Like all others here my heart goes out to you as I just picked it up on Miriam O’Callaghan’s talk radio and my sincere condolences to a wonderful and heartbroken family in the face of it all – May God Bless You!

  101. I just listened to your interview and was in tears at the end. What a wonderful couple you are and I am so sorry for your tragedy. God Bless.

  102. I listened to your interview with Miriam O’Callaghan and my heart goes out to you as I know what it is like to lose a child to sepsis as my son Michael died last september aged 16 due to septic shock which was totally missed by the doctors and hospital. Michael like Rory was an exceptional boy he had so much to give as he was always on the go and I used to call him my Little entrepreneur as he was always coming up with moneymaking ideas, he was gifted with his hands as he could make anything out of timber and used to keep and breed canarys. Rory and Michael are in heaven now which is, we hope, a much better place than this world we live in. I will pray for you and Rory and hope that the doctors will learn from their mistakes and not do this to anymore families.

  103. I just read about Cuomo’s mandates regarding sepsis awareness and treatment.This is a world-changing event. I still come to this website every morning to look at pictures of our Rory.Something in those photos brings him back to me for a split second. It is thoroughly unbelievable that we lost such a precious soul due to neglect.God bless the Staunton family for their steadfast commitment to ending other tragedies.I honestly can’t say that I would have the strength.

  104. I’ve been following your website for sometime and like your blog.

  105. When you think of everything that is wrong in the world and then you see what this magnificent family are doing it gives you hope. Rory seemed like an extraordinary child, I wish the world had gotten the opportunity to see him as an adult.

  106. Our dad died of sepsis in 2004.Rory’s passing has brought attention to this silent killer that goes by different names on death certificates. Although more people are aware of sepsis and its signs ;it claimed the life of this beautiful boy. The world was a better place because he was in it-the year might change, but his memory is vivid and strong.

  107. Rory, I read about you in the New York Times this week and then read previous articles. You sound like an exceptional young man who wanted to change the world and now it seems you are going to to do just that. Sepsis is a huge killer in the world and you have made people sit up and listen. You have saved many lives already.

  108. I know many of us who knew Rory and know and love his family visit this site often looking for a memory, a prayer, kind words about this amazing young man. As we enter into this holiday, Rory we love you and miss you …yet we feel your presence every single are our angel, watching over us all….

  109. Dear Rory,

    You were one of the best debaters we ever went up against. You felt passionately about what you were saying no-matter what side you were on. You had such knowledge. It was an honor to debate you.

    -Fellow Members of Metropolitan Debate

  110. You are changing the world like we all knew but we miss you too much..inspire us all.

  111. I intently listened and ached for Mr Staunton as he told his son’s story at the Diagnostic Errors in Medicine 2012 meeting at Johns Hopkins this week. Rory was exceptional and Mr & Mrs Staunton have every reason to celebrate his short and yet purposeful life. No parent should have to endure their loss or pain. As he stated, there is no word in the English language for a parent who’s lost a child. Furthermore, what happened to Rory was a series of absolute errors – human errors, needless errors, preventable errors.
    I must say that it is beyond imagination that the pediatrician has ignored this family. And yes I understand, the hospital ER committed the most egregious error, but really – nothing? Those of us dedicated to reducing these preventable diagnostic errors will always work for Rory and we can make a difference and we will. I believe that is what Rory would want for others.

  112. I must say that it is beyond imagination that the pediatrician has ignored this family. And yes I understand, the hospital ER committed the most egregious error, but really – nothing? Those of us dedicated to reducing these preventable diagnostic errors will always work for Rory and we can make a difference and we will. I believe that is what Rory would want for others.

  113. I am so very, very sorry about the tragic loss of your precious son. I first heard Rory's dad tell his story on the radio in Ireland – I stopped what I was doing to listen and got so upset as you spoke of what happened. Our own son had a similar experience this time last year. He too was sent away from the Emergency department after a few hours-they had taken bloods and said he was ok to go home just to keep an eye on him. 2 days later the locum we had seen at our own GP called us at home to ask how our son was. When I explained that he was still very sick and that I felt something was missed, she pleaded with me to take him back to hospital. My gut feeling was that he was very sick so after she called we went back to hospital.Things were very different then, they told me he was very sick, he had septic arthritis that could lead to septic shock if not treated very quickly. He was in hospital for 15 days and pumped with high doses of anti-biotics. He had a central line put in his neck and was in surgery on another 2 occasions to drain infection from his elbow . Thankfully he made a full recovery. When people ask how my son is I often think of your son and wish he had made a full recovery too. I remember him in my prayers and hope you are all doing ok and find strength from Rory’s spirit.

  114. My son started getting ill on Wednesday last week. He had a low grade fever and stated his legs and arms were sore. His dad, step-dad and step-mom, who is a nurse all decided we would monitor everything and thought maybe he was getting a cold/flu or it was from football. The next day, Thursday he stayed home from school.I kept him on Motrin and he seemed to do well and by the end of the day he was up playing around. Thursday night he was still warm and still sore. He fell asleep and I was awoken around 1:00 with the sounds of him moaning in pain. I got up and he was in so much pain from his legs. I gave him motrin and it did nothing.;I researched muscle pain and fever online and all it pulled up with “Flu symptoms”. The next morning he stayed home and was getting worse. didn’t want to get off the couch or anything.To make a long story short, I ended up taking him to the hospital where they looked him over and thought he had the flu.I refused to leave with that diagnosis. My gut was telling me something was wrong with my child. We noticed he had a big red, hot to the touch mark from his elbow going up to his bicep. A week prior he was catching a pass in football and opened his elbow. Well, it had gotten infected. That minute, I looked at his dad and told him about Rory’s story!I became the “crazy mom”!We were not leaving that hospital until that was treated.One Dr. came in and we were talking and Rory again came up and she knew of his story too and said my son had the same thing, just not as progressed. He was transported to another hospital with a pediatric unit and monitored and given very strong antibiotics. He is home now and feels great! I am SO sad and SO sorry to read Rory’s story. I just read another article about him written my Jim Dwyer and at the end of that article it stated:
    “Above all,” Ms. Staunton said, “we know that Rory would want no other child to go through what he went through.” Rory’s story saved my child’s life!!;I prayed to God as well as Rory on Saturday and thanked him, for without him, I wouldn’t have been aware that a child could die from a cut on the arm! I am so sorry for your loss!! Thank you for putting Rory’s story out there, he saved my little boy and will probably save a lot more. Thank you again!!

  115. My Grandson Keith was 14. On August 3, 2007 he died. The exact circumstance was evident. He was on the football field in preparation for summer training with a “blister” from poorly fitting new cleats. He never really had a chance. After obtaining all of the notes and records in barely 6 hours following his death, what was apparent- complete chaos. Not only was his entire body imploding; he was also in agonizing pain with what was described in the notes as delusions, hysteria and confusion. He left a brother and a family that will never be the same. His Aunt an ICU nurse upon arrival called family to say; Mom he’s going to die. Get here now. The doctor is clueless.

  116. As Halloween approaches I fondly remember Rory and his sister Kathleen decorating their house, which was on of the best best houses in the neighborhood.Rory and Kathleen were so kind and friendly to all the little ones that came by. We miss you Rory.

  117. I am thinking about Rory and his family a lot. Every day there is at least a moment when I think of him and how this loss has impacted his wonderful parents and sister. Rory’s passing has made those who knew him more conscious of how precious life is, never to be taken for granted. We must all do the best we can every day, just as Rory did.

  118. I knew Rory from Garden School where my son attends. We are Jewish and we recently had our day of atonement, Yom Kippur. I recited a pray for Rory, here it is: “May God remember the souls of my friends who have gone to their eternal rest. In tribute to their memory I pledge to perform acts of charity and goodness. May the deeds I perform and the prayers I offer help to keep their souls bound up in the bond of life as an enduring source of blessing. Amen.”

  119. I am so sorry for the tragic loss of Rory.I came across Rory’s story and your campaign as I was searching for medical cases with poor outcomes. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist who teaches a course called TeamSTEPPS to medical residents at our new RN residents at the academic medical center where I work. A key objective of TeamSTEPPS is that communication is a critical component among all members of the team, this includes the patient and the family.I regretfully believe that Rory’s death was due not only to a lack of early recognition of sepsis, but also to a communication breakdown among the healthcare providers. Most importantly, it seemed no one was listening to Rory or you as his parents.<I want you to know that your unselfish generosity to speak up about Rory's story, along with that of Josie King's and Lewis Blackman's will be used to teach "lessons learned" to those who provide the care the importance of hearing and listening to the voice of those who need the care.
    Love and Peace;- Sharon

  120. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Staunton, My sincerest condolences for your loss. I hope you get the answers you deserve and I hope our system learns from your experience. Thank you for trying to make sure this never happens again. EMM

  121. I’ve only just read Rory’s story (in the Times) and my heart aches.I am so sorry for your loss and wish you great luck with your campaign.

  122. As another school year starts I want you to know I will never forget Rory. He was a really strong spirit in our world, I loved being with him everyday. I miss you Rory and will never forget you.

  123. I hope you are finding strength as time goes on. I imagine your grief is perhaps far worse now. I am so sorry for such a rotten tragedy to strike you lovely people. Please know people are STILL thinking of you and remembering your son.

  124. Today is the first day of school for many…I had the privilege of having taught Rory in 5th grade.The class worked hard, laughed heartily, and Rory especially dreamed of changing the world. An avid reader-he lent me his mom’s copy of Three Cups of Tea.I enjoyed the book and the following year we used the book for a divsion wide project.Today as I was setting up my desk to welcome a new class to a new school year- I came across the book. I was ready to toss it in a giveaway pile. I really had no reason-but I opened it. I came across an inscription. It was from Rory to me. He had generously bought me the book from the annual book fair.Seeing his 5th grade handwriting jolted me.Time and circumstances were suspended and Rory made himself known in this back to school day.I put that book on my library shelf to remind me of who Rory was and what he stood for and always will stand for…goodness.

  125. Rory we love you and miss you. You will never be forgotten . You are in so many hearts and on our minds every single day and I know you will be waiting for us all when our time comes , smiling with that spectacular smile of yours!!

  126. Thank you for sharing Rory’s story.How unfortunate.Thank you for allowing me to learn more about this medical condition and sharing a brief glimpse into your son’s life. I hope you may be continually comforted.

  127. To Rory’s parents and sister Kathleen..I felt compelled to read every tribute to Rory in this guestbook given what an extraordinary young man he undoubtedly was.It is a tribute to you to have raised a boy who touched so many in his brief life and continues to. Thank you for sharing him with us and for all the information this site offers.
    My heart goes out to you. There are no words.

  128. I just want you to know I was deeply touched by Rory’s life and story and it has given me the courage to live more fully and help others while I can.I lost a son, aged 16, and I know how hard it is, but I think Rory would be proud, from what I read, to be the one who brought sepsis to public attention, as well as making it known that hospitals and doctors need to pay more attention when someone comes in, as I took a friend to the hospital and they released her and she died within a week.I thank you for your positive role model in all this. The world needs more people like Rory and your family. God Bless You!Peggy Carpenter

  129. Rory, you are missed every single day. Something happened to this world the day we lost you. We were all made to question our faith as this can never be explained..but one day we will meet again and you will tell us the reason and you will be smiling, tall and handsome as you were the day you left us. You took a part of everyone who knew you, of everyone who knew your mom and dad and sister, with you and we will never be the same. We will miss you sweet boy.

  130. After reading your story in the news today I was captivated by Rory’s smiling face. I read every page of the site, enjoyed looking at his smiling face–so full of kindness and radiance–my condolences and deepfelt sorrow go out to your family.

  131. First let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful son. I am so glad you are helping to educate people about this deadly disease. In October, 2011, one of our twin daughters, Kayla, had outpatiend surgery to remove a cyst. Four days later, she could barely walk, was vomiting and had a high temp. I called the “on call Dr” and he said just to give her pain meds. Over the next couple of hours, she continued to get worse. Once again I called the Dr. He told us to give her nausea medicine and put her in a cool shower. I explained to him that she was worse and could barely stand. He still insisted to give her meds and she would be ok. We did not take his advice and took her straight to the ER. Her blood pressure was 78/38, heart rate 169 and temp over 103.The same Dr. came in, took some stitches out, drained some infection and told us we could now take her home. My husband and I refused to do so based on her vitals. He was very aloof to the situation but agreed to admit her. By the next morning, she was in emergency exploratory surgery and immediately admitted to ICU where her condition was now said to be critical. Kayla was diagnosed with ;severe sepsis and toxic shock. Her condition continued to decline to the point that her body was too labored to continue breathing on its own. She was given 2 hrs maximum to live without the intervention of a ventilator to breathe for her while her body tried to fight the infection. Kayla made a miraculous turnaround and was taken off the ventilator after two days. She spent 9 days in ICU and another 3 in the hospital. We are so blessed she is still here with us This medical nightmare has stayed with me and I cry every time I think about or talk about it. Had we followed the Dr’s orders,our daughter would have died. I can only imagine the pain your family has endured and pray God gives you some sense of peace.Everyone needs to be educated about this deadly condition and the medical profession should certainly be educated and be held responsible for recognizing the signs. Your web site is a beautiful tribute to your son and I admire you for telling your story and making the public aware of the symptoms of this condition. Knowledge of this disease could keep many families from suffering the loss of a loved one. God bless your family and know that Rory will always be an angel sitting on your shoulder.

  132. I have read your story over and over with tears in my eyes and more. First of all, what a lovely, smart son Rory was. My heart goes out to you on this unnecessary loss for you & and the world without him in it. A friend forwarded the NY Times link to me because my fiance was released from the hospital 2 weeks ago suffering from the same thing. Fortunately the ER dr. noticed too many signs, including high white blood cell count and signs that showed possible renal failure. If not for the dr ordering a second round of tests whilst in the ER, our story would most certainly have ended differently. It was shocking (and still is, because he is still battling the fatigue of continuing the end of the fight against this bacteria at home) that such a thing as a minor scrape caused my fiance to almost die.Sepsis needs to come out of the shadows. We never knew that this was so common. I have shared your story with many of my friends and family in the hope that more people like us are aware of the signs early on, and more doctors are as vigilant as my fiances doctors.
    We chose to go to Jersey City Medical Center which is closer to home, rather than take the subway into Manhattan to go to a “better” hospital. Since this happened, I read; Consumer Reports piece on hospitals across the country, and learned that many inner city hospitals (JCMC being one of them, but thank God they found the infection), are so busy that things slip through the cracks: NYC hospitals are surprisingly high on those lists. How awful and heartbreaking that your son fell victim to that. There have to be absolute checks and balances that do not go unheeded, no matter how busy the hospital staff is. No excuse.
    Rory sounds like he was a product of a strong, caring and passionate family and because of this his life will not be lost in vain. I haven’t read your website yet, but if there is anything I can do to help in your effort to highlight this awful killer amongst us, then feel free to contact me. I will do anything I can to help you.

  133. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Staunton and Kathleen,

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of Rory. Based on what I have read, on this website, the Times’ articles, and the R-Word – Spread the Word to End the Word website, Rory was quite an extraordinary young man, particularly for what he was able to accomplish during his short time with you. The three of you should be very proud of him, and I’m certain that you are.

    I mentioned Rory and his story on my Facebook page so others would know about him. I have a nephew, my dear Nicholas, who is 13 and has Down Syndrome, so the R-Word website has special meaning for mr I thank Rory for his contributions to that website in my prayers.

    I have had several family members die and want you to remember that, while it might not feel good right now, you will be happy again It will take some time, but your load will lighten and your smiles will return, particularly when you think of Rory! And I want to send a special message to Kathleen:Sweetie, I know how sad you have been, but you should know that you and your Mom Dad now have a special Angel looking out for you. Rory will guide you and protect you – al you have to do is listen and trust your instincts – your Mom & Dad can explain what that means :-).

    I wish there was more I could do to help you.Please know you are all in my prayers, as is your Rory. God Bless You All.

    Dee Luther

  134. Sitting in my kitchen this morning, I accidentally came across a video that told the story of Rory. As I write this, my eyes are filled with tears at the pain that your brave family has had to endure with the loss of this beautiful boy. I will surely hug my children a little tighter today.Thank you for sharing your story.& May God Bless and keep you.Marianne, Windsor, Ontario Canada

  135. My heart hurts for you and your family in the loss of your wonderful son.I felt a chill as I read his story, because I had a similar experience with my son when he was 16. He had severe flu-like symptoms for days, and his doctor kept assuring me it was “just a virus” and it would pass. My son had always bounded back from viruses within 24 hrs, but with this episode he was vomiting and alternately sweating profusely or shivering uncontrollably from the fever. It was so frightening to find out that my strapping son was so weak that he had to crawl to the bathroom, and I had doubts that the doctor’s diagnosis was correct. Both the school nurse that I worked with and the doctor’s own nurse told me that as a parent, I knew my child best and that I should push on this, and I thank God that I listened!When his doctor finally & reluctantly told me to take him to the ER, my son was diagnosed with septicemia The bacteria had apparently entered through a cut inside his mouth that happened when he was playing basketball and was elbowed by an opposing player. After a week in the hospital and a bout of pneumonia on top of blood poisoning, he was released 35 lbs lighter but alive.

  136. my heart goes out to your family and friends, so sad that this precious life had to be taken, something has to be done to stop this, and as a mother i have dealt wtih some medical issues with my own children that should have been investigated more thoroughly, when it comes to our beloved children we can not accept one mistake as serious as this, just want you to know you all are in my prayers and thoughts, i truly believe that God has gotten little rory in his hands, and he is whole now, with love and prayers, keep the faith

  137. Terribly sorry to read about your son, I fully understand your feelings and frustration. I lost m y only sister 5 yrs ago to tthis similar situation when she fell down and broke her arm and developed an infection. The doctors could not diagonise her symptoms and when they realised she was already very serious. It was a tragic loss and we re still looking for answers.I pray god gives you all the srength to bear this loss.

  138. So sorry for the loss of your son.I am a mother who constantly lives in fear of something happening to one of my girls. Thank you for the information you have given so parents know what to look for and do not have to live through a tragedy like yours. I will include your family in my prayers and hope for peace for you.You have created a wonderful legacy for you son.

  139. First of all I deeply am sharing your pain after your young son’s passing. It was like an April’s Fool’s day joke when I read it, this unfortunate event happened on April 1st. I am sure he is in heavens with god ad his protecting arm. I think Rory has taught us all something important especially for people out there who are with young children in their family. None of us should ever think that, this will not happen us because it can happen to anybody anytime and anywhere. I wish that to his family will be given patient with this pain by our god, and I personally invite everybody to be more aware of any event that might take us all to the harms way, and sometimes like in Rory’s case, it can be very late. Rory Rest in Peace son, and you taught me and I sure am to others a big lesson. My condelences to his family.

  140. I work in healthcare the system needs reform concerning teaching healthcare workers basic listening skills and compassion which should have been enough to prevent your tragedy. I didn’t know you son until I saw your memorial. Thanks for letting us know about his great life.

  141. Thanks for sharing your son and story with the world.&n I’m so sorry for your loss. As parents we must stick together and keep each other informed and questions the doctors even if they get upset. God Bless, TJ

  142. I am so sorry for your loss, and I thank you for helping us mothers aware of sepsis,your beautiful caring rory is watching over all of you now. God bless you as you mourn your wonderful son,I will pray for all of you

  143. Rory,I didn’t have the honor of knowing you, but I can see you touched so many lives.I want to promise you that all of us that work in the healthcare field will learn from this most tragic thing. We MUST learn from this…You are truly a shining star son… I am so sorry…

  144. I just seen your story about your son. I had tears rolling down my face for someone I don’t even know. He looked like a great kid. I am sorry for your loss. He will always be young and he will always be 12. God Bless your family.

  145. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. I too have a son named Rory, and because of your work here, I now have the information I may someday need to save my own Rory’s life.

    With immense gratitude.

    Rory’s Mom

  146. Dear Mr and Mrs Staunton and Kathleen,
    Rory was truly a wonderful child and no words can ever take away or lessen the pain that you must feel with his departure. May you take solace in knowing that us, complete strangers as far away as we are in Tanzania,Africa, are praying for your strength everyday. And may Rory’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  147. I am so deeply sorry for your terrible loss of your son, brother and friend.Thank you for sharing Rory’s story to educate health care professionals and prevent this tragedy from happening again.Spreading Rory’s story and the word here in Ontario, Canada.Sincerely,Karen Riggs

  148. Ciaran, I work in the building next to O’Neill’s and just commented to a colleague about how I haven’t seen your smiling face outside greeting those of us that pass by, reaching out with a warm handshake or a funny story. To learn why has left me so deeply heartbroken for you and your family. I admire your courage to discuss what happened to Rory, he was an amazing child, an old soul beyond his years.;I shared this story with my children who you met at lunch one day and they remembered your smiling eyes and how you spoke of your son with such pride as my daughter is also a red head. We have all cried over your loss.  I hope to see you soon, in the meantime, I will stop in at O’Neill’s to offer my condolences; until then will pray for you always. God bless…

  149. To the grieving parents of Rory; My heart bleeds for you! In 2007 We had lost a 21 year old son–Matthew.This is the story in short….Matthew was a healthy, athletic big kid. One evening in November he knocked on my door and said that he could not breathe. I then attempted to take him to the E.R.–I drove approximately 1 block and the last words he uttered was Stop the car!–he stood up and he paced back and forth and collapsed–he died there on the street….the ambulances came and they could not revive him–they took him to the E.R.–his heart was beating 170 beats per minute—they tried everything to control his heart rate–at 6:30a.m. they tried to bypass his heart—and then pronounced him dead–not even lasting 12 hours in the hospital….The causes of death: accute cardio-respiratory episode–inflamation of heart and lungs–accute respiratory infection!!! It could have been this…scary and sad..God Bless You all……

  150. My heart goes out to your family. I so admire all you are doing to help prevent other tragedies. Just last month my mother was one of the lucky ones who survived a similar Strep A infection. A matter of minutes probably saved her life. What you are doing to educate the world will not erase your own tragedy, but will surely allow other families to experience the relief my family feels now. I am so very very very sorry for your loss.

  151. Congratulations on your accomplishment of creating awareness of Group A Strep. Rory’s death will leave a legacy of change to all who visit a hospital.The fact that NYU Langone Medical Center has changed its policy of discharge is a first step in saving lives.< I have a similar story; the Drs. in the emergency room didn’t even do a blood culture when my daughter, Pamela, died of invasive Group A Strep and Necrotizing Fasciitis(flesh eating bacteria)She was released with a diagnosis of Hepatitis because she was jaundiced; Group A was destroying the internal organs. So I hope Rory’s Story will spread and people will become educated and know they must take some responsibility for their health and the children. To Rory’s family a phrase written by a by afriend, Darcie Sims; “May Love Be What You Remember Most”

  152. OK Here we go, Saturday March 4th, 2006 at about 4:30 PM Eric had been playing outside playing like he would usually be doing on a weekend, basketball, walking in the forest where his fort was nothing really out of the ordinary. It was at this time that he came home to check in, his head was tilted and he had a look of pain in his eyes. Now to fully grasp the situation there is something that should be told about my Son. Nothing could keep this boy down, even as a baby he had an extremely high tolerance for pain and an incredible immune system in his entire lifetime he had ONE ear infection, I think he got the flu twice but even that he would shake off within a day or two, colds… ha nothing to him. This look;that I was seeing in his eyes was a look I had never seen in him before, I could feel something was different. I told him we were going to the hospital of course he did not want to go but I gave him no choice. We must have waited in that waiting room for;2 -3 hours and I could feel his pain growing FINALLY got us into a room within 10 minutes. Ok whats the diffrence from having a room and waiting in the waiting room? NOT MUCH . I gave them about 15 minutes at this point I was angry, worried, and in FULL ON MOTHER BEAR MODE! I found a nurse or a doctor and demanded that they at least bring him something to ease his pain, 2 minutes later he was given lortab elixer and some ibuprofin. It worked pretty fast he became quite loopy! When he was seen by the doctor she asked us a few questions and came up with some kind of diagnosis that I cant pronounce let alone spell but what she said it was is quite common in kids this age something to do with the tendons in the neck are not quite mature. And they usually get this from sleeping wrong. She gave him a soft collor to wear, Lortab for pain, Valium as a muscle relaxer and prescription strength ibuprofin and said he should be feeling better in the next few days. I took the whole week off to be with him so by Tuesday I had not seen any improvement. I was keeping up on the medication to the minute but I knew something still was not right. I told him we were going to a different hospital for a second opinion, of course I got the AWWW MOM I dont want to go Again “They take too long” We went anyway. The nurse triaged him and at that time his temp. was normal but as I look back of course it was I had just given him his meds. Again we waited. When we were seen (in the hallway….GRRR!) They gave him a shot of morphine and took him in for a ct scan to look for any fractures, there were none but after they brought him back to me the nurse took his temp again and it had risen slightly, now I am no DR. But I do know a fever means infection. I asked for bloodwork to be done because of that. The doctor told me that morphine can cause a slight fever I listened to him. (I have asked myself over and over again why did I listen to him? I am an Intuitive I should know better) I have released that guilt . I had to for my own sanity and for my other children I cannot beat myself up for something that was completely out of my control. The doctor gave him yet more meds and realeased him. That same day I took him to an Orthopedic Specialist same diagnosis… sprained neck . I was told to keep him down and follow up with him the next week. During his last days I saw no other symptoms other than the pain in his neck, he played his video games, watched movies, Friday his X box controller broke so he walked to two of our neighbors houses to look for electrical tape and some tools to fix it, of course  he was able to fix it. That night he was pretty tired he was sitting on the couch with some friends and he fell asleep. I took him to bed and he slept until that Saturday morning. He must have waken before me because I heard him calling me for help when I got to the bathroom he had let the water out of the tub so he was shivering and cold i think I must have called my mom at some point during this because she was there and helped me get him out of the tub (I am a lttle fuzzy on when I called my mom) he was shivering, cold and his lips were very purple. We got him out of the bath and bundled him up and his color started to go back to normal so I THOUGHT he was ok. He asked me if I would go to Sonic and get him a banana split Good sign right? Not so sure. My mom had later told me that she talked to him she told him he was going to be ok and he looked her straight in the eyes and said “No Grandma I am not” When I returned with the banana split he took one bite and told me he didnt want anymore so I put it in the freezer. My mom had left to go check on my dad who was just realeased from the hospital after an extensive back surgery. I stepped outside for a brief moment until I heard my daughter screaming” MOM ERIC IS TURNING PURPLE” I tried to get him up to take him to the hospital but his little body was stiffening and his blood vessels were beginning to pop everywhere throughout his body. Of course I was on the phone with a 911 operator and she would not let me get off the phone I didnt want to be on the phone answering questions I was Completely a terrified MESS!! Ashley was running all around watching for the ambulance I was Well really its still kind of hazy but I know I WAS TERRIFIED!!! One of the last few words MY son told me before he passed was NO MORE HOSPITALS!! He looked at me in a way I had never seen before and said it With the Voice of a Lion. He was addament about it. When the paramedics got there I was finally able to get off the phone and they started asking me all kinds of questions cant remember any but one they asked me about his private area they asked me if it was its normal size. Come on now he was 11 how am I supposed to know that? So I had no answer for them. The first sign of confusion I saw from him was when one of the paramedics started to hold up fingers and asked Eric how many he was holding up, he got every one wrong. OK MOMS BEYOND PANICKED NOW!!! I was asked to step out of the room while they put him on the gurney they wheeled him out to the living room I was on one side of the gurney Ashley on the other. It was there he took his last breath. I watched my baby die, I felt his soul brush my shoulder and watched his green eyes change to the color of gold. The paramedics took him from me and put him inside the ambulance they worked on him for about 45 minutes I was a wreck I was so hoping he would come back to me.After waiting almost 6 months for an answer as to what killed him I got the final diagnosis……Bacterial Sepsis. The Medical Examinor was totally baffled by this case he had not seen one like it before, his words ” I dont understand how this child could have endured the pain he should have been in, He should not have been able to walk, talk, He should have been vomiting blood, and he should have had bloody stools, He should have been coughing up blood. HE displayed nothing but a stiff neck.I tried to donate his organs but every one of them was infested with this HORRIFIC disease especially his brain. What an amazingly strong child I had. Actually it was a miracle in a way that he did not suffer I am so grateful for that and he got to die where he wanted to at home.I love you my Eric!My love and thoughts are with you. I am so very sorry you are now in this HORRIBLE group of Angel Parents!Love, Becky

  153. As a mother of 3, I am deeply saddened for your loss. So young of a life that has been lost. I ask God to give your family the strength and courage to fight for what is right. Thank you for informing us. Through your loss you have still found strength to help other know the signs and symptoms. Thank you. RIP Rory Staunton

  154. I am deeply saddened for your loss. To lose a child is something no parent should ever have to endure I lost my Dad to Septic Shock in 2004 he was just 50. I have missed him every day of my life since. I hope that a medicine or cure or something can be done to prevent this from happening to others it is heart wrenching and painful…Lisa Soule, New Hampshire

  155. I understand exactly what you are living right now. I have and living the pain and daily torment myself. there is little I can offer. Time will help but not much. I still worry about my son even though I cant do anything to change the situation. every time i hear about a child losing their life it affects me deeply. It is my opinion and belief that if God is real it is the only hope we have of seeing our children again. I have no idea what your beliefs are but I can tell you that mine have been shaken and tested to the root and yet i still wonder. I am sorry for your loss. the compassionate friend helped me.

  156. I am so genuinely sorry for your family’s loss. My condolences are with you. Rory was a beautiful child and although he left the physical world, his death will not be in vain. Thank you for spreading his story and making others aware about sepsis. Rory has helped saved countless lives. Rest in paradise Rory.

  157. God bless your beautiful son! What accomplishments he achieved in such a short time on earth! You provided him with a loving home, it’s so obvious by the wonderful pictures. Please accept my condolences to you both and also to your daughter, you all must miss him so very much everyday. I did not know of this quick infection. I thank you for being so public with Rory’s story I will pass it along to my children and grandchildren. I hope you feel the love and prayers from so many people you have touch, you are very brave. God Bless You and Peace to your Rory’s Soul. His story will save lives and he is an angel in Heaven watching over you. Take Care.

  158. I can only echo what others have written about Rory and your loss. I am keeping you in my daily prayers. You can take some solace knowing that Rory did more in 12 years than many do in a lifetime.

  159. So sorry for your loss. He is an amazing boy…thank you for sharing his story.

  160. I am so sorry to learn of the tragic loss of your son Rory. I am praying for your family and wishing for success with Rorys Law. May you find some peace and comfort in your memories of such a wonderful child. Thoughts and prayers from Michigan.

  161. I can only cry looking at the pictures. What a tragedy. I pray to god that your family will have the strength to go on with life but of course never forget Rory. This really tears up my heart, I wish I could bring him back. Its so sad. Seemed like an amazing great kid.

  162. Very sorry.May your soul rest in peace and watch over your parents, little angel.

  163. My daughter passed away 30 days ago from what we were told was septic shock.As I read your story I cried, as it was like reliving the hell she went through for about two weeks before she finally gave in to the disease. I really want to prevent this from happening to other parents. I did have my daughter for 48 years, but the loss of a child, be they young or older still causes the same grief. I don’t know if I will ever recover. I hope you will let me know if there is any movement in process to make people more aware, so as to avoid these needless deaths.

  164. When i returned home this evening after a long day in my pediatric office, my husband asked if i had heard about the boy who passed away after a scrape in school.I immediately went on line thinking i bet he was septic. I am very very sorry and saddened and angry for your loss!!! As i sit here this evening with tears for your family. I am so very sorry for the preventable loss of your most precious blessing! I have no words that will make this better for you, but I will pray for your family that you have strenth,rest and many more prayers of strength and quidance. Thank you for your unselfishness as you share your beautiful son/family with all of us. Sincerely,

  165. I stumbled on this story today and nothing more broke my heart then the situation you all had to go through. Recently I unknowingly contracted the ecoli virus which had infected my bladder immensely. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor that treats me for a different condition listen and discover the bacteria. Had he not it potentially could have led to sepsis. I truly have you and yours in my heart and prayers. I had no idea sepsis existed and was extremely easy to contract prior to recently. Thank you for helping spread the word.

  166. As a nurse and a parent of a 9 and 12 year old your story touches the depths of my heart. I am so sorry for your loss and so grateful for your strength to share this much needed story;It is very hard as a parent to advocate for your child to a doctor. Even as a nurse it is hard for me to do as well. You have an important message and I am so glad for your website.  I will be sure to share it with others as well. Thank you for what you do, God Bless you, Jana

  167. I am so sorry for your loss!!!! I can only imagine what you must be going through. Thank you for sharing your story! Your son looks like he was a wonderful young man. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  168. ~I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can tell your son was a beautiful boy loved by many. I will be thinking of him and your entire family sending prayers of love. Thank you for sharing this experience in the hope of saving lives. Lots of love~

  169. Truly sorry for your loss, but thank you so much for sharing your story.Rory definately did leave this earth too soon but he’s still making a difference and impacting people’s lives.God Bless you all and thank you once again. This website and story has helped me and i’ll be sure to pass it on to others. Praying for you and your family.

  170. So sorry for your lost. My heart is with your family. Thank you for sharing your story and keeping us informed.

  171. Thank you for sharing this important information. I am sorry for your loss.

  172. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Thank you so much for sharing your story and making parents aware so such a sad thing may be prevented from happening to someone else. You are doing a wonderful thing in your sons name.

  173. It is with so much sadness that I am writing in this guestbook. I am so incredibly sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. From the very little that I know about him, he seemed so very happy and so very sweet. What is also apparent is the amount of love his family had and still has for him. You are unbelievable parents to have given him the life you did and to have the courage to tell his story to help parents around the globe. As a mother myself and someone who puts her complete and total trust in all doctors, I will always think of rory if I ever doubt my instinct or gut feeling. Thank you for reminding me, all of us, that we truly know our child best, I am certain Rory is smiling down at you right now and thanking you for his wonderful life. May his memory shine on and I hope your family finds some peace in his untimely death very soon. God bless and thank you!

  174. Thank you for sharing your courage and strength in any parents most difficult time. You have raised a wonderful son. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  175. Thank you for sharing a bit of Rory and his story to hopefully prevent this tragedy from happening to others. You can tell Rory was a remarkable young man, gone from this world too soon.God Bless You!

  176. I’m so sorry to hear about your son.That has got to be the hardest thing in life. My cousin died from the same thing back in 2000.You have done a wonderful job on keeping his memory alive, and raising awareness on this very serious illness.God Bless you and your family. I will continue to lift you and your family up to God everyday in prayer.

  177. God takes the best ones first. He was indeed the best. He is in the safest hands now where there is no more pain or sorrow. He is with the angels in heaven …. Everyone has to leave this earth one day. It is just the matter of who is next;I know that the above words are not enough to lighten your heavy heart at the moment. Losing one’s child is the most severe heartache anybody has to bear. I will keep your family in my prayers and thank you very much for this alert because I had no idea about this kind of infection. Thank you once again and God be with your family.

  178. First, this story of your beautiful son has really touched my heart. I was never lucky enough to have children, but for a time this bright, blazing beautiful star, your son Rory, shined more in his 12 years, than many people do in a lifetime. It sounds like he touched many lives. Treasure the beautiful times you had together, for the Lord promises us we will all be together again. I truly believe that, and hope that you will find comfort. I am very sorry for your loss. Please take care.

  179. I am profoundly sorry for the loss of your son and hope that you will find comfort in the many lives both Rory and your family have touched. Thank you for the information on Strep and how it may be prevented. My prayers are with you and your family.May Rory live in your hearts forever.Carey McCarthy (mother of 12 year old twins)

  180. I offer my deepest sympathy to you as your world has been turned upside down. I have children and I can’t imagine the pain you are enduring, I wish I had the ability to say or do something to take it away.I pray that you will have all you need to get through this, and know that with God, all things are possible.

  181. My dad had beat cancer and was on “the mend”. He had cancer near his ear/throat that they wanted him to continue radiation on to keep the cancer at bay. The radiation damaged his throat. He couldn’t eat and had to ahve a feeding tube put in. Then he got an infection thru his feeding tube. No one knew what was wrong with him when he arrived at the hospital. They thought it was maybe a stroke. They waited 3 days to do an MRI and by then, it was too late. He went into septic shock and never worke up. He experienced too much brain damage and never would ahve woken up. If they had tested for sepsis and treated him early I beleive he’d still be alive today. He beat cancer and sepsis killed him.

  182. I stumbled on this story on my homepage news section. I want to express my condolences to Rory’s family and friends. I know it is unbelievably hard to loose a loved one especially someone who is so young but please know that during his physical life he touched many;and after his physical life he still is doing that. Look at all these people here that have learned from Rory. I knew of spesis but never knew how it could be misdiagnosed and spread so quickly. I wish you all peace.

  183. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your son. My mother died too of the same illness that struck very quickly. It is so important to realize the signs and get help as soon as possible. This illness is real and people need to be aware of the devastating consequences. If we all don’t pay more attention to this we will lose more wonderful people like Rory and my mother. I wish I could say something to ease your grief but there are no words. Know that I am thinking about you.

  184. I was saddened to read the story about Rory.When my daughter was 9 yrs. old,she had an experience that is hauntingly similar to Rory’s. She was misdiagnosed in one ER and then, sent home, even though they knew that her white blood cell count was very high. Twenty-four hours later, we took her to an ER in a neighboring city . By that time, she was in Septic Shock and gravely ill.Thankfully for us, she survived. I am not sure what needs to change but I would love to help, if I can. She is 17 now. When I read Rory’s story, I was filled with those horrible feelings that I felt during that two days. She was in intensive care for 4 days and then, moved to the pediatric floor for another 4 days.I don’t know why something like this has to happen but, just know that I will continue to pray for your family’s comfort today and through the coming months. I am so, so sorry. Rory looks like a great young man. I know his friends will miss him so much. Much love and God bless all of you,DeAnn NicholsonHenderson, Texas.

  185. truly very sorry for ur loss.thank you for having this awareness to help save other lives ..wish i could have this post on my facebook to send to my family and friends who would pass this on.

  186. I am so deeply saddened for the loss of your precious child!There are no words! I am not one to visit sites like this, but I am a survivor of septic shock. I was 27 at the time back in 2002. Septic Shock is a elusive, often misdiagnosed until it is to late. My case was not from a cut, but from a bladder infection left untreated. A UTI!I spent 2 weeks in ICU! I was admitted to the hospital for evaluation to received antibotics. That night…I went into septic shock…108 fever plus…the doctors had no clue what was going on. I personally think there is a breakdown of communication between the labwork and the doctors.It should not have been missed. My labs showed white counts off the charts. That is a tell tale sign as with your son. Hospitals do not want to take responsibility. and yes they do not cause septic shock, yet that is why we go and trust doctors to do what needs to be done. Communciation is key. Someone needs to quit dropping the ball. It is happenning everywhere. Maybe some new reforum needs to happen.

  187. My heart goes out to your family for the loss of your son and brother, Rory. His photos and video brought me to tears, showing that he truly was a special young man and a wonderful big brother. Your sadness must be profound—I admire your strength in this devastating time to bring to light the dangers of misdiagnosis of sepsis. Our 18 year old son was hospitalized with an injury and developed sepsis at an IV site while in the hospital. They allowed our son to become very ill before diagnosing sepsis and starting treatment—his kidneys and lungs failed and he was on life support for 5 days. Thankfully, our son survived his ordeal and we will be forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved him. However, if they had paid attention to his symptoms and our pleas for help sooner, it may not have become so serious. Doctors and healthcare workers everywhere need to address patients symptoms more carefully and follow through with appropriate care thoroughly. Thank you for sharing Rory’s story with the world… you may never know how many peoples lives you have touched and saved.

  188. I am so sorry for your loss! I have a son the same age, so this story grabbed my attention immediately. I thank you for making this horrible neglect of medical treatment aware. I wish that I could take some of your pain away. I couldn’t imagine such a loss, but I applaud your courage to reach out to other parents to warn against another tradegy. You will be in my prayers. I am so sorry, I wish I could help out in some way

  189. I am very saddened by this story. Rory looks to be a wonderful kid.Please accept my sincere and deepest condolences for your family’s loss.

  190. I`m very sorry to hear about your son passing away.I survived sepsis after a lung surgery.My lung surgery went fine then go home to get sick and almost die.6 days in icu and then I wake up 25 lbs lighter.All my organs shutting down couldn`t breath without a resperator but I lived thank god.The young and the old usually don`t make it.I was 54 and in great physical shape.A 47 and 72 yr. old men died the same month in my local hospital.My doctor used the correct antibiotics to cure me.Thank you my lord and savior.

  191. One of the first thing’s I do when I wake up or come home from work is get onto news. Well as usual, I was going through all the headlines and I see this one about your son. I read the entire thing and started to cry. Im so sorry for your loss. I cant even imagine the pain that your family is going through. I have no children as I am still young, but just to imagine losing my little brother or anyone else, it would break my heart. I think that your doctor at the time should have took more time with him instead of it seeming to me as rushing him out since he had a common symptom that everyone else was experiencing.I wish you all the luck, love and peace as you and your own continue your journey without your son physically beside you. May he rest.

  192. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My heart goes out to you, I also know that God can give you peace . Drs. sometime are to quick to make a diagnose and not trying to find out the cause of an illness.That shows they are human and sometime careless.

  193. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I had the words that would help to bring you comfort.Thank you for sharing your story with us.May God give you peace. Praying for you and your family.

  194. I am deeply sad and I’m sorry for the loss of your son. As a mother of twin boys age 6…they are my world. My youngest brother recently had surgery on June 11 and ended up with septic shock. All the signs pointed to this and the nurses and doctors did not address it for 4 days allowing him to go into shock which almost killed him. He needed to have corrective surgery and to clean out the bacteria. He is back in the hospital for the last 8 days still trying to fight infection. He is a strong and in his 30’s so I pray everyday he gets better. I am really trying to educate more and more people I come into contact about my story and to watch for the signs I was not aware of. I was my brothers last visitor the night before he went into shock and very upset that I missed wat was happening to him. Again,I am truly sorry for your loss.

  195. May Our Lord bring comfort to your heartbroken family.  I am deeply sorry for your families loss and am praying for you all.Thank you for sharing your tragic story and bringing attention to this horrific illness.

  196. May God give patience to his parents for the loss of their beautiful son. Thanks so much Staunton family for sharing important information with all the parents. God bless you!

  197. I am so sorry to hear about your family’s loss. Rory is a beatiful boy! I understand it is very heartbreaking for you and you are truly courageous to share the knowledge to others.Hope Rory rest in peace. Tao.

  198. Thank you for creating awareness about the symptoms of sepsis. Your son is beautiful and he will remain so, forever.

  199. I am so sorry for your devastating loss!! What a wonderful young man Rory was!! He accomplished so much at such a young age. You should be so proud!! Thank you for spreading the word about his illness to save others from such heartache. May GOD bless your family!! Rory is still teaching the world.

  200. I am deeply sorry for the temporary loss of your child. And I say temporary because I believe that one day you will be united with your loved one again according to my beliefs. Your son has just managed to attain his angel wings ahead of those of us still here and he will forever be watching over your family with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

  201. You may never know the impact your story will ultimately have on saving so many people’s lives. As a mother I am profoundly moved and sad for your loss; as a nurse I am enlightened and determined to help you spread the knowledge that these symptoms must never again be ignored. All of us are indebted to your family and your dear son for bringing this to light and using your tremendous loss to save innumerable lives. Thank you and bless you.

  202. God bless you and thank you for educating this grandma, by sharing Rory with us! Tragic to say the least. You are saving lives. With deep appreciation.

  203. I’m sitting here in tears…Your son is so beautiful, smart, caring. It saddens me so much that his life was taken so soon. He had so much to offer to the future. So special, I’m so sorry this happened. I have one son who is 10 years of age and reminded me so much of Rory. I couldn’t imagine losing my son. Thank you, for sharing such an informative website.More people will have awareness of this issue. I hope that people in the medical field will wake up and be more informed of this. Compassion, Peace, and blessings always…

  204. We are truly sorry about your son’s death. We had a friend who died from cancer. Her doctor didn’t run enough tests to find the cause of a big pain she had for several months. So, she decided to go to another doctor, who found the cause of the pain, it was cancer but was already spread to another organ. She died in less than a year. She never said a thing about it to the head of the hospital. We admire your courage to talk about this situation out loud. We can not keepquiet about this big mistakes.

  205. I am so sorry for your loss. As a mother who lost her only child (a son) 7 yrs ago to a drunk driver (who eluded the police &; search dogs &still hasn’t been caught to this day) I know the pain you are going thru. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We learned to deal each day as it comes. It’ll never be easy. Your son will be in God’s keeping & you will see him one day. Listen to your heart & do what you need to do for you. There’s no right nor no wrong. Each person handles their grief differently. He may be gone but you have your memories & in them you’ll smile.One day you’ll learn to laugh again. Our prayers are with you & your family.

  206. God bless you all, and may the Lord comfort you and provide for you, the peace and joy that only the Lord Jesus christ can give. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. It breaks my heart to read stories like this. I pray that you find the answers that you are looking for.

  207. I am so sorry for your loss. I never knew about this until a friend emailed me your story. My heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Take care and God bless

  208. My deepest sympathy in the loss of your son. I know your grief as I too have lost a son. Seven years ago he died at 38 as the result of a horrific car accident, at which he was struck. I just want to tell you that God will provide all that you need to get through this. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless you, Barbara Weddleton

  209. My heart is aching for what should have been…a long, happy life for Rory, as well as for those he left behind who are grieving the loss of this wonderful boy. Rest in peace, Rory…I will think of you and your family often.

  210. My heart goes out to you, dear parents, and your daughter, who must now live without her big brother. I lost my sister tragically and I miss her every day. Rory was a smart and accomplished boy at his age and my husband and I are reading his story and arming ourselves with this knowledge of septic shock as we raise our three young children. Your beautiful boy will not be forgotten.

  211. to Rory’s parents and sister, family and community. My name is Orly Gilbert i now live in Colorado but grew up in Queens NY and gave birth to my daughters in NYC. I was devastated, heartbroken and deeply touched by the account of what happened. I was so taken by who Rory was at 12 years old – an amazing human with the desire to make a difference and experience life to its fullest – a rare human being brought forth to make a difference. In my heart I can only pray, hope, and believe that Rory has a greater calling, as I have no other way to make sense of this account. My pain and grief runs deep and I have been touched incredibly by what you , your son and your family have been through. I am praying for you, I am thinking of you, sending you healing and love and knowing that Rory is watching from his higher perspective and wanting you to be ok and move on. I feel a powerful connection to you all now and I will continue sending you love prayers and healing. I have no words to express my deepest sympathies . No words, only feelings that run deep through my heart. We are all a family we are all connected. I am sorry from the deepest part of my soul and I send you healing light and love. Rory, you are loved by so many, you have made a huge difference in your short time, you have changed the world, our perspectives, and what will happen from here forward.You have left your mark even though you were 12.God Bless you Rory, I love you. God Bless the Stanton family and all others who have endured such trauma and pain.We are all praying for you we are all with you.
    Sincerely and lovingly,
    Orly Gilbert

  212. I grieve along with you my friends I am so very sorry for you incredible loss, the loss of such a vibrant handsome young man who had so very much to live for and someone who would have made such a difference in this world..but perhaps his story will make a difference for others. As a mother who lost a young child I feel your pain and can only pray you will find peace and joy again someday, thank you for sharing your story and your loving son with the world. God Bless you all!Dear Lord let me laugh again but don’t let me forget that I cried!!” Rest in peace dear Rory, fly with the angels young man.

  213. I did not know Rory but because you have shared his story I feel as if I do now.Thank you for having the strength to get your message out there. You were blessed with a wonderful son as was he with loving and courageous parents.

  214. To the entire family, immediate and extended family of Rory, I am SO sorry for the loss of such a beautiful young man who was touching so many lives. As I read his story it was hard to understand how such a tragedy could strike so suddenly and with missed opportunities from the medical professionals who could have stepped in and helped slow the disease progression. As an RN and a mother of four boys I was infuriated that Rory’s physician didn’t listen better to his parents who clearly knew him best and that something was terribly wrong. And the unacceptable tragedy that his labs weren’t read until after he was discharged from the ER. Multiple errors are evident in this case that could have slowed and possibly prevented the tragic outcome. I commend your going public and campaign for awareness on sepsis. It is a quick killer and can be difficult to identify. I think there is definitely a trend among health care professionals these days to avoid sending patients to the ER given what is considered “crowding.” My heart breaks for you and it is situations like yours and other patients and families who are either misinformed or not educated in their care that keep me in case management and pursuing an independent venture to reach more people. Blessings on your public awareness. I wish you well in reaching many people.

  215. So saddened by the needless death of your beautiful son. What are doctors thinking? I too got Strep A after jumping into our swimming pool last August 2011. I had the same exact symptoms–and was in the ICU for 3 weeks – intubated – septic – given a 5 percent chance of living. I pulled through after 10 surgeries and 2 months in the hospital/Atlanta. The problem? Doctors do not have to report flesh eating bacteria (NF) to CDC. Doctors are in another world–not realizing the vague yet deadly symptoms of NF. Your son’s tragic death is a major wakeup call for all doctors/nurses/staff to be on alert for NF– know the symptoms – keep people at the hospital if they “suspect” NF–do not send them home. I have you in my prayers.

  216. I am terribly sorry to hear that this happened to your wonderful son. As a mother, I cannot even imagine the sadness & profound agony of the loss of a child.& I can relate to losing a loved one to Septic Shock, as our family did on January 5, 2003.My dad was a vibrant 64 year old husband, father &grandfather. His death was also preventable, which is why your story hits very close to home for me! I was very vocal when it happened, warning people of the danger and warning signs of Sepsis. Everywhere I went, I spoke of it, fighting back tears. I wrote emails to the media, such as Oprah Winfrey regarding our nightmare story in hopes that no other person would go through this tragedy, but no one wrote back.

    In December of 2002, my dad had colon surgery. Dad never seemed to get better & spent all of December in the hospital.He was released on December 31, 2002, but couldn’t eat or drink had diarrhea. Multiple calls to our doctor resulted in prescriptions of appetite enhancers that didn’t work!; Our surgeon and my dad’s General Practice doctor assured my mother that he’d be fine–no cause for worry. On January 5, 2003, just 5 days after his release from the hospital, dad collapsed at his home & was rushed by ambulance back to hospital. Our surgeon met us in the ER, told us NOT to worry & that dad had the “gut bug or stomach virus” possibly even something called C Diff, but that there was absolutely nothing to worry about! To our horror, dad got sicker over the next few days in the hospital, but no one seemed to be helping or talking to us. His blood pressure began dropping, he had a terrible pain in his back, as his kidney’s also began failing. He died of septic shock 4 days after we brought him back to Hospital.  In a last ditch effort, when dad’s pressure was 40/20, our doctor took him in for laproscopic surgery assured us that he’d just take a peek inside his stomach to see what might be going on.  My dad looked at us & said, “I will never make it out of there, I can’t even hold my arm up”. We encouraged dad that he’d be okay & frankly the guilt we feel about sending him off to what a nurse later told us was a “dogs death” because dad was essentially (put to sleep like an animal…because he never woke up again! After surgery, the doctor told us that dad had gangrenous bowel he had to remove most of his small & large intestines, as they were leopard spotted with gangrene. Well, on the way back to the ICU, dad coded, but we suspect he died right on the operating table!; We’ve been told that no one ever dies on the table. To our HORROR, dad died of Septic Shock!;We were overcome with extreme grief for many, many years filled with total outrage! Our father was a man who stood at 6’4″ tall & was a successful, intelligent, kind, funny & generous human being.

    I am glad you are telling Rory’s story & raising awareness to an important cause–not only for families, but for doctors to pay attention to symptoms & not brush patients off. I will pray for you all. God Bless your family!

  217. So very, very sorry for your terrible loss.May your hearts be lifted by the thoughts of those who have posted on to your website.God Bless you all.

  218. I am so sorry about your loss of Rory. I feel he is now in heaven with my dear mom and dad who are talking nicely with him, and making him laugh, as well as my dear grandparents and great aunt, all jolly people who are making jokes and making him feel good. I also feel he loves you and wants you not to cry too much, as somehow those up there in heaven are at peace.

  219. My prayers are with you folks at this time of sadness, as a parent there is no greater fear then to loose a child. My son was in a very bad boat accident in 2005. We learned very quickly that the doctors were guessing what was wrong.I kept telling them that he had alot of allergy’s.I told them he could not have benadryl they gave it to him anyway and he had a horrible reaction,they did not know what to do.We found that there was alot they were not telling us as his mom I felt I knew him better then anyone. I know they are affraid of being sued, but something has to change. I will never trust another doctor again. I never left my son’s side and took him out of the hospital as soon as I could. I can not imagine your pain, I am so very sorry for your loss.

  220. I am so sorry for your loss. I was immediately touched by your story because I know what your family went through firsthand.I am a survivor of sepsis and toxic shock syndrome.Within hours of having my third child I was intubated and fighting for my life in the ICU. Thankfully I was already in the hospital and being monitored regularly so we knew my lab results,vital signs and symptoms were not normal and it became apparent that a serious infection was brewing. Doctors and ICU nurses treated me quickly and aggressively and saved my life. Thank you for bringing your story to national attention. Your courage to talk about this subject as you grieve and deal with your own loss brings awareness to this horrible and life-threatening infection. Doctors, healthcare providers,families and individuals need to be aware that sepsis and toxic shock syndrome are a realistic possibility as they diagnose illnesses and determine the appropriate course of treatment. We as a people need to know that sepsis and toxic shock syndrome exists today and can happen to anyone. Knowledge is key.Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  221. I’m really sorry for your family at the loss of your son. One never really knows how to cope with a loss such as this. I hope you will all find peace in knowing that there are others who love him too. All children are precious and when I saw this news I was in tears and disbelief. I hope nothing like this ever happens again to anyone and am glad you have posted to this to make everyone aware. Thank you.

  222. My heart is breaking for you on the sudden loss of your beautiful son.We try so hard as parents to protect our children from everything, but the apparent reality is that we cannot. The loss of Rory will be felt by many people across this world, even those, like me, that never knew him – because of your efforts to bring this situation to the forefront.Thank you for being crusaders on your son’s behalf!By you sharing this story other parents like myself can wrap another layer of protection around our precious children. You will see Rory again some day, you are all in my prayers.Monica T. from Ohio

  223. I read about your story on msnbc. I’m sorry for your loss, I pray you find peace and comfort. I honor your strength as parents, I honestly cannot imagine. Your family will continue to be in my prayers.

  224. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. What a special soul he was. I cried reading about his kindness and love of life. Thank you for trying to make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else’s child. I lost my own son on April 1st, 2011 in a tragic accident and no one should have to go through the pain of losing a child, at any age. My prayers are with you.

  225. I just read about Rory this evening, and my heart breaks for your family. What a handsome young man he was. May your memories of such a special boy bring you some measure of comfort. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re feeling.My twin daughters are 11 years old and the thought of losing one of them nearly paralyzes me. Please know that my prayers are with your family as you adjust to life without Rory.

  226. I am saddend by your story and so very sorry for your loss. Your experience is a parent’s worst nightmare and your family is couragous to share Rory’s life and death with the world. The website is a beautiful memorial for your precious son. I have children of my own. I have learned now learned from Rory the symptoms of this horrible disease. I had never heard of it prior to reading the article and visiting Rory’s website. Should my children or any of our friends or family be faced with this in the future, I will know what questions to ask. It shouldn’t come to this, however.; We all put our trust in the medical professionals we employ.I know that doctors are human and are under extraordinary pressures, but there should be strict safeguards followed in ERs that minimize the impacts of human errors…such as taking vitals prior to making decisions about discharge instead of afterward. Unfortunatly, it doesn’t seem like health care is going to improve in the future, so it will be up to us consumers to stay on top of the care our kids are receiving. Your family and our nation’s health care system will be in my family’s prayers.

  227. Im sorry for ur loss as I turn on my computer I seen ur story I was shock to see that yall son had pass away at a very young age..Well it was a shock to me cause my brother had died from Septic Shock also August 7,2010 he was 52 years old so I know the pain that yall went through or dealing with now. My heart and prayers are with u and family. Once again sorry for yall loss.

  228. Having lost my own brother at a young age, my heart is weeping for your family. I see my parents in your story and I know that there is no pain like losing a child.& My heart and prayers are with you and your son Rory. His name lives on in the work you are doing.

  229. I am truly sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Rory’s story. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  230. I was so touched reading about your son. I am so sorry for your loss. You are incredibly brave for coming forward to bring this problem to light. I used to work as a pediatric nurse, and we always encouraged our patients’ parents to be advocates for their children. No one knows your child like you do. I am sorry you were not given that chance. I hope that you and your daughter can find peace in your happy memories of Rory.

  231. I am deeply saddened by your loss. Rory sounded like an amazing young man.I am the father of an active child and appreciate you sharing Rory’s story with the world in hopes this will not happen to another child. Peace be with you in your time of sorrow.

  232. I am the mother of two boys 10 & 11, as well as a nurse. I tragically lost my brother when I was young. You are living out my greatest fear…the loss of a child.It is situations like this that remind us how fragile life is and that it is truly a gift. I know your son is in God’s hands and I pray that your heart is soon filled with peace to accompany your fond memories. A heavy heart, Tamara

  233. Your family will be in my prayers to God for many days ahead. I feel proud to know of you and your family’s love and service to not only your sons memory but to those who will benefit by your committment .
    Never Never Never give up!

  234. I truly would like to leave my respects & condolences for your family. My heart can only imagine what yours are going through right now with such a shocking loss. God be with you at this time,bless you for sharing your story.

  235. How sorry I am to read of your Loss. What an amazing young man. My son had a small cut that progressed so quickly in one day while I was at work and turns out he had strep and I have rarely been so scared. I know that by building a website to honor Rory and have it also be a place where people can find out about toxic shock;it will be a great tribute to him.I will pray for your angel and for your family.

  236. My deepest sympathy in the lose of your son. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. Also thank you so very much for the information as I too am going to let my daughter know about this, as she herself does not get the attention that she requires from a hospital that she goes to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and now I know what she has, because doctorshave been saying that they do not know. Once again thank-you, and may you find comfort in the Lord knowing that your son is being comforted in Abraham’s bosom. R.I.P.

  237. I saw your story on the internet today and read it. As I teach pharmacology at a college for those going into the medical professions, I thought it was important information to include in my day’s topic. Know this information will continue on – for you, for our future healthcare workers, and for Rory.With sincere sorrow at your loss,KL Coleman, Instructor

  238. You were a Gift from God. As I peruse your website, I noted the love emanating, you were an exceptional child you had all the qualities to take to new heights in life.Even though your life was short and came to an abrupt end what you have accomplished in your 12 years is remarkable. The void that is left in your family cannot be filled but I know that the creator will give your Dad, Mom, Kathleen and your extended family the strength to continue educating the rest of the world. May those who were negligent in your care do what is correct and right in the care of other kids. Rest in peace Rory Staunton and may God’s perpetual light shine on you.

  239. My heart goes out to your family. Reading the stories about Rory show how truly unique and inspirational he was. I admire your strength and determination to keep his story alive and use this opportunity to educate others. As a health teacher, I will surely be using this site you created to pass along his story and keep others safe. God Bless you all.

  240. Rory will long live in our hearts. I read everything on the site, the NYT, the medical reports: his life was not lived in vain, and his tragedy will help so many because awareness of the disease will increase, especially among hospital and ER staff. I would love to help publish a book about Rory. There is great joy when someone writes and says the Crohn’s book helped them. Perhaps a book like this?! I want to extend my condolences to the Staunton family and send love and light to Rory.

  241. I am sooo very sorry for your lost. The whole family is in my families prayers. God Bless all of you .

  242. I have children, and can’t imagine what this has been like for your family. I am sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you guys and want to thank you for your courage to educate and prepare the rest of us for potential warning signs to this tragic illness….. Please hug and encourage your daughter for me as I’m sure you do daily!! They looked so happy and it tears my heart up to think about…. Jesus will hold him til you guys can once again, –this I’m sure of !!! I’m praying for your family…..

  243. Rory seems like an amazing kid! Nice, smart, and fun. How we’d all like a kid to be.I’m sure a lot of that came from his parents. It is quite honorable that at a time of personal loss you can think of others and try to make sure that other families are made aware of toxic shock so that they may be able to save one of their loved ones. May God bless this family! RIP up in heaven, Rory!

  244. I am very sorry for your loss, what a beautiful child. Thank you for your service in increasing awareness about this illness. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

  245. Rory – and that has make all the difference.Heartfelt sympathy. David

  246. I am so profoundly saddened by your sudden loss of a child. No parent should every outlive their children. My prayers are and will be with you. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and be aware and share what lessons we may learn from this tragedy.

  247. I want to thank you for sharing Rory with us and telling his story. I felt an immediate connection you him and your family. My Son traveled the same path with Dr’s telling us there was nothing wrong but a whiny child. Until he was near dead, couldnt walk, couldnt even bear to have a sheet on him becuase it hurt so much, his leg was purple. He too had the pain in his leg. He was hallucinating in the final hours and thank God a nurse was able to look at him in the ER and finally say….there is something terribly wrong!It was staph….and he needed emergency surgery right then on his leg. he survived, btu had a long road ahead of him. he is a strong and healthy 17 year old now. He was 9 when all this happened. The point of me writing this is to say that as Mother’s we know when something is terribly wrong with our child. I knew, and you knew too. We trust our Dr’s though, and believe that the medical field must be right. well they’re not! please God if you know something is wrong with your child, don’t let the Dr’s turn you away!We saw family pediatricians, specialists and the ER Dr’s. everyone said it was just something minor and he would be fine. HE NEARLY DIED! your poor Rory DID die. It should never have happened. what a beautiful life they took from you! He reminds me sooooo of my Son, Ryan. It’s eeerie.My heart aches for you, but i will give Ryan one extra hug tonight and let it be in Rory’s memory. Bless you and be strong-Debbie B. Massachusetts

  248. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with others.

  249. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know words may not be may but the story of your son has touched my heart. I pray for all the angles to come and comfort you and all your family, may God ease your pain and suffering. Thank you for making us all aware of this since I am a mother of two girls. God Bless..

  250. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a little boy, who happens to be twelve years old.He had a stomach virus, and had to spend the night in the hospital. The symptoms sound so similar, and I never want to feel that hopeless again. That was very traumatizing to go through, so I can only imaginge the sadness that you must feel. You are doing a great thing raising awareness, and I believe you are angels here on earth. I hope you can continue to draw strength from all the good you are doing.

  251. As I scroll thru all of your photos I can see what a happy and joyful child Rory was! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to have the courage and strength to tell people your story. May you cherish all of your happy family times together remember that your son has now touched many, many lives.

  252. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The good Lord has another Angel! Our 30 year old son also had Septsis infection that came about after a Gall Bladder removal surgery (8/12/11), Gall Bladder tested way below normal so they removed it. Dismissed the next day, 23 hours later in ER with basically the same symtoms. and 26 hours after that in a coma for 11 days, 42 days total in the hospital plus weeks of physical therapy. Doctors had given him a 30% chance of survival. Finally was able to go back to work 1/1/12. I firmly beleive the power of prayer works.For those who don’t understand or know, if you or anyone in your family doesn’t feel well, please go see the doctor. This can be the worst nightmare of your life.These poor folks lost a child that should have had a full and exciting life, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.God Bless and prayers are with you.

  253. Thank you for taking your personal pain and sharing it with the world so that we as parents may be educated on such an alarming illness.

  254. So sorry to hear about Rory and your loss. Know that we will be praying for your family. Sepsis was such a concern of my daughter, who was a nurse at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital here in Arizona that she petitioned the Level 1 trauma center to begin an early recognition program for Sepsis. Thank you for getting the word out and again, please know the prayers of many are with you.God Bless

  255. Sorry about your loss. I have a 11 yearold boy and can´t imagine what you are going through

  256. No parent should have to bury their child, You have your own special guardian angel looking over all of you…My prayers are with you asking God to help ease your pain. Gone but never forgotten….

  257. I am deeply saddened at the story that I saw this morning. Thank you for being so strong to give other parents the information about what happened to your son so it will not happen to another. I know I will research and keep notes for the future. I am here in Hawaii and just so happened to go onto my computer and saw your story… Even thousands of miles away your story is heard. I send my heartwarming thoughts and prayers to you and your family. God bless!

  258. I was deeply saddenedto read about this and know that another family has gone thru the same thing our family did. My brother in law 1 year ago, he was 36 yrs old. He asked us to take him to the ER on a Monday night, he was having a stomach ache. They kept him for about 3 hrs and then sent him home with pain killers and said he had the stomach flu. On Tuesday eveing he was in so much pain that I took him back to the ER….This time I made them run more test and keep him for the pain control. He also had blood work that kept coming back that he had an infection, finally they put him on a antibiotic. They kept telling us weds, that they could not figure out what was wrong…..we ask to them to run every test they could, he got worse and by the time anyone could really do anything he passed away early thursday morning. They did tell us he was Septic, but they didn’t know why. My brother in law was one of the millions of people without insurance and we think he was brushed off the first night he went to the ER So Please everyone even if it is the smallest symptom, like a tummy ache….go to the doctor or ER, make them do blood work to check for an infection.And now I will forever think about Rory and his family.

  259. I am so sorry about your loss, our loss, your child was set to make great things happen here on earth, I am sure he is doing that in heaven.Thank you for helping others.

  260. I am so sorry for your loss, I would like to thank you for sharing your story. Your son was an extrodinary person and I am sure he will be missed. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you. Thank you again for sharing your story, I am sure you may have and will save some other persons life someday by this. God bless you and your family.

  261. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. This story touches my heart in a very special way. 15 years ago my husband developed septic shock from a staph infection. He was 34 years old. He called into work on Monday, I took him to the hospital on Tuesday and he died on Wednesday.There is no rhyme or reason why these infection go crazy in some people and not in others.I too miss my husband and friend and my children also miss him.Life is hard but we picked up the pieces we had left and built something positive around it.It takes time and I can say 15 years later while I still miss him dearly, I have found a place for peace and happiness. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandpartents and grandchildren, tell your family every day how much you love them. Don’t leave it to chance. You just never know when someone you love will be taken from you. Life each day to the fullest and don’t let the little things get you down and get in your way. In the big picture family and the time you get to spend with them is what is most important.

  262. My deepest sympathy on this tragic loss. No words can console you and it is noble of you to try to help other parents in the midst of your profound grief. As a parent my heart breaks for you and your family. As a healthcare professional I can tell you that this is our worst nightmare. We seek to help and there are times when it is hard to always make the right call. I know that the professionals involved are grieving for your loss and suffering because it may have been preventable. Your son was beautiful and he sounds like an incredibly special person. My heart goes out to you.

  263. My deepest condolences to the family. Thank you for making people aware of a real sad issue. Rory was a beautiful young man who will be missed by not only family but everyone that has come to know him.

  264. I have faced a lot of issues with doctors and almost died myself because of neglect. It is so frustrating to hear stories like this, and my heart goes out to you and your family! I feel that whatever the hospital is doing to fix this is not enough and they need to understand that! Your family will be in my prayers!

  265. Just watched the Today interview… I am at work, with tears streaming down my face… I am so sorry for your loss… Sending Love & Peace for your dear family.

  266. I dont know know your family but Rory’s story has deeply touched me, i myself have a 13yo son and their lives are so precious..i cant began to understand how you were ever robbed of Rory’s life,being a nurse a healthcare worker thats around this type of illness…this is such a travesty that completely and absolutely could have been prevented. i am so sorry for your loss my thoughts and my heart goes out to you.Portchia

  267. I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss.May these words from people around the world aid you in your healing. From one parent to another it hurts to hear about losing a child that I cannot begin to feel your hurt…but surrounding yourself with love and family will help you heal. Thank you for your time.

  268. I am so sorry for your loss. Rory sounded like a wonderful child clearly should have had his entire life to look forward to.May God bless you all and your families and guide you during this difficult time.

  269. I am soooo very sorry for your loss!! It’s so tragic and full of questions that were I in your place I probably would not know what to do. I hope that God grants you peace eventually and that you find comfort in the awesome memories of your son!! And thank you so much for sharing the information with parents, like me, because I know that I will be more watchful of my son when something like this happens!!! God Bless your family!

  270. I just cried. Wherever Rory is, that must be a better place then this. I am sure he in good hands and being taken care of. Just take care of yourselves (Mr. and Mrs. Staunton), that’s what Rory would have wanted.

  271. My Heart goes out to your family.Such a sad charity.I will keep you and your family in prayers.I thik your doin a great job spreading the word so this wont happen again.He was a beautifil young man and Im so sorry for the loss of a handsome young man.He will always be in your hearts.May god wrap you in is loving arms and things will get better in time.

  272. As a mother, reading this makes my heart hurt. Please continue to be strong for your son, I have to believe he is watching over you now.

  273. I am so so sorry you have lost such your handsome lil man!!! I have a 12 yr old who is very active in sports as well and will share your story with him and as many parents as I can…. Thank you for Sharing your story, and again So sorry you lost such a neat son.

  274. We all cry with you. God cries with you too. May you feel His arms wrapped around you, upholding you.

  275. So sorry for the loss of your son. Prayers and thoughts are with you. God Bless.

  276. Thank you for your courage to tell Rory’s story. God bless your family as you go forward. You will be in my prayers.

  277. I can scarcely imagine how much pain losing your son has caused you.I am just really, really sorry for your loss, and wish you the best in coming to terms with such tragedy.

  278. I am so sorry for your loss, this is a very sad story. I just wanted to write to you both to let u know this happened to my niece Josie(5 yrs. old) 3 weeks ago . The same thing happened to her. She scraped her elbow & by that evening she was deadly ill, vomiting high tep. T he er didnt take her blood just told her she had an ear infection. By the next day she followed up to her doctor who sent her to emergency, then life flighted her to akro general. They took blood work and told my sister her organs were begining to shut down. The next day they found out she had toxic shock symdrom. Luckily for her she pulled out but was very sick. She is still not out of the woods. I am so very happy that i seen the story on tv today. I think it is very important for parents anbody with children to know about this. Thank you again.

  279. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Staunton. My prayers are with you that you may find peace.  What helps me over the loss of loved ones is that I think of them leaving oholiday before me and that I will eventually catch up with them. Rory did not die in vain. His death is surely a wake up call to all of the physicians that hear of it thus saving many lives.  I am a survivor of sepsis from a perforated colon.  I was lost twice but was brought back.  I am handicapped but thank God I am able to be with my family, especially my grand daughter. God promises us victory over death. I look forward to meeting such a gifted young man. I believe God uses those He trusts and can rely on to do;good.God trusts you and your son to make this a better world. I’m so sorry for your pain and weep over your loss.

  280. I am terribly sorry for the loss of your son. I am a mother of a soon to be 12 yr old boy and I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain your family feels. This is awesome that you are sharing this information for parents like us. God Bless your family for everything you have gone through and are doing to prevent this from happening to others. Sonya H.

  281. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.I am so sorry for your loss. Getting the word out is so important. My daughter got sick last fall and I thought she had the flu. When her symptoms got more severe, I took her to the ER. She was in renal failure and her organs were shutting down (and I had no idea).She was diagnosed with TSS and spent almost a week in the picu. It is so important for parents to know the symptoms. My heart breaks for you and the loss of your beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing your story and spreading the word.

  282. My daughter was born with a sepsis infection. It was never explained to me what it really was. Until now, I never knew it could have been fatal. My heart goes out to your family. We will pray for you and your family. God bless you all.

  283. I am just very sad to read about your beautiful son. I just cannot imagine what you as parents must be going through. May God be with you always and give you strength to pass through this difficult time.

  284. Offering my strangers sympathy may not bring much solace to you and those who miss so much the wonderful boy you were blessed to know. But I hope that knowing that your efforts to not only highlight your son’s inspiring life- as short as it was, but also his painfully quick death because of so many missed cues and clues and test results will absolutely make all of us who have read this be vigilant with our own loved ones. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, freckled, brillant child with all of us. It is something I will not soon forget. I am praying for peace for you all.

  285. I am sitting here sobbing at my desk reading your story. My heart goes out to you and your family.I have two young boys at home, and now thanks to your story and advice,I know what to look for when my children have open sores. I just wanted to say thank-you for telling your story, it seems like he was a very sweet boy. I can’t imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry for your loss.

  286. I am so sorry for your loss. Bless you for putting the information out there regarding sepsis. We lost our young son, Jonathan, at the age of 6 from cancer (brain tumor). As a parent we can relate to your pain. May God give you strength each and everyday. It will not be an easy road, this we can say. Take one day at a time and take care of yourselves. I am so sorry.

  287. I live in Australia and just saw your story on the Today Show. Thank you for your bravery in coming forward. The more we know about this, the more prepared we will be as parents to advocate for our children should the need arise. You are truly honoring Rory in your efforts to communicate his story.

  288. I’m so sorry! for this little angel! may god bring you strength. My heart is with him and the family. god bless you all. Thank you so much for sharing this story. 🙁

  289. So Profoundly sorry for your loss! I wish I had known more about TSS when my daughter became critically ill with it two years ago at 20 yrs. old. She finally got a proper diagnosis and was treatment. I applaud your website featuring your handsome son and thank you for putting your story out their for others to be aware of this terrible infection. God Bless to your family.

  290. I am so, so sorry for your loss. The world is truly a sadder place with the loss of your son.

  291. My nephew developed Strep A on Easter 2011. The fever arrived with vengence on Sunday night and by Wednesday night he was in ICU at Childrens Hospital Boston and they were discussing amputating his leg. This is a horrific, fast moving infection that struck an otherwise very healthy 7 year old boy. We were lucky, and he is still with us today and doing well. My heart breaks for you, especially knowing how close our family was to experience that same devasting loss. If just one person is saved from hearing Rory’s story and knowing the signs, then Rory lives on. God bless you.

  292. My heart goes out to you for the senseless loss of your son, Rory.No words can convey;the sorrow you, as parents, and your daughter feel. I personally believe that each of us must follow our own journey in life that God has set.Times such as these, however, we tend to question our paths.I believe your path deals educating others by bringing this unbelieveable disease to everyones attention.It is my sincere hope that your desire to share this information with other families is one of the most wonderful gifts anyone can get.Thank you for your selfless contribution to all of us.Bless you all and, of course, Rory.

  293. I just read about this horrible bacteria that attacked your son Roy and my heart goes out to you. Life was just 12 years for him, but he gave you a lifetime of love and happiness and lessons that only a child can give. Your heart is heavy and torn and the grief feels unbearable, but just know you are never alone. Roy now is made whole and is with his heavenly Father where no sorrow ever is. No one can know the pain you are in, except the One, Jesus.

  294. I want to say more than Rest in Peace, I never got to meet Rory but he reminds me so much of my friend. I cannot explain how saddened I am by what happened to your son. I will pray for you guys, I will keep you in my heart. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a friend, brother, son, even an acquaintance. I wish I could have met him, he seemed so fun and friendly, also cute . Anyway, I know this may be hard to believe but time heals wounds, maybe not totally but he is a good place. We always have to remember he is still in our hearts and looks down on us everyday, he will look after us. I am crying as I write this, I’m going to have to end soon I can barely see through the tears. God Bless

  295. To the family of Rory and all who knew and loved him, so very sorry for your loss of this beautiful and big hearted young man. My heart goes out to you and I pray that God gives you much strength during this most difficult time in your lives.

  296. I am very sorry and sad to hear about Rory. Thank you for sharing the information about what happened and what to watch for. This type of thing terrifies me with my own daughter and loved ones. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  297. I am praying for your family. I am sorry about your sons death. My 14 yr old son died from head trauma from a fall in 1998 and I miss him more everyday. God help and be with you for the struggles your are about to endure. He is with you always and will help you with your pain. God Bless

  298. I am so profoundly sorry for your terrible loss and thank you for couragiously sharing your story and speaking out to help spare other families such pain. Though there are no words to help alleviate your grief, I hope that the thoughts shared through your website in Rory’s memory, can somehow give you some comfort. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.

  299. I am very saddened for your loss. I lost my father two years ago to septic shock. He had gone through surgerys to remove cancer from his tongue and had a trachea tube in his throat. He was in a nursing home recovering before he could come home. He had a feeding tube in his stomach and because the nursing home that he was in did not keep it clean he contractacted an infection in his stomach. He also contracted mercia from the trachea tube. He was almost ready to come home and the day before he was to come home, he had to be rushed to the hospital where his organs shut down due to the sepsis. I feel your pain and know what you are going through.Please remember all of the good times that you had your son and keep them close to your heart. They will help you to heal. God Bless!

  300. VERY sorry for your loss. Nothing anyone can say or do can make things “right” . You fell between the cracks of a doctor that thought too much of their own opinion.Your son died needlessly, and I have seen this before, people don’t take the needed time to do their jobs right. Everything is rush rush, get them in get them out, I had something slmilar happen, wife was sick, took to doc, “lose weight and exercize” I said to my wife, It don’t sound right, the next day we went to see her lung doctor, they put an oxygen meter on her, he said “this one most be broken” and went to get another, the same reading, oxygen level was 76, should be above 90,Long story short, if we listened to the first clown my wife would have been dead going to exerzice. Hind sight being 20/20 I know you now wished you had taken your son to a different ER room the second time. Your doctor planted in the er doctors mind what was wrong, they never took it on their own to do their own dignosis.The people running the system let you down, not the system.

  301. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Staunton,I am so sorry for the passing of your heroic son Rory. I say heroic because it sounds like he was a hero at school who protected the most weak and the people he looked up to, like Mr. Sullenburger, were heros that he admired. I think you both are heros for helping him to continue to be a hero who will, I believe, save many others from this very much unknown risk to our children. I have three children and have never heard of this. I will always remember it and will pass it on to other parents. I know your son is proud of you and happy with what you are dong through him to help other families.It appears, since I saw you mention a priest that you may be Catholic.I am as well and will add Rory’s soul to my prayer list and will keep you in my prayers. I have a 14 year old son,, 12 year old daughter, and 6 year old daughter;so this hits home to me as well.May God bless you and keep you through your sorrow. Thank you to Rory and to your family for being my heros.My continued prayers,Millie

  302. I am so very sorry for your loss. I have shared your beautiful website with my daughter’s pediatric practice in California, hoping that it raises awareness with my daughter and her pediatric partners. You have suffered such a great loss and I admire the grace and dignity with which you are handling this unthinkable tragedy. God bless you.

  303. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a dear dear child and a tremendous unfortunate loss. I applaude you for speaking and looking for answers. My father, who thankfully was able to have a long life, died suddenly at 74 as the result of undiagnosed septic shock while under “observation” because it was probably a stomach virus or reaction to something he ate….I hope you are able to continue to cope with this loss and also continue to get the answers you need and bring awareness to this cause. My prayers, thoughts and love are with your family.

  304. Condolences. I love the underdog. He did not have to die, and probably would not have died, had the new electronic medical record instruments not disrupted the previously well honed workflow of emergency medical care. I pray his death was not in vain and that no other patients die because of the defects of the electronic care record system that controlled the workflow of his care. My prayers to you all. S. Brady, RN

  305. My heart broke when reading about Rory and had to finish reading with tears flooding. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have an 8 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son,seeing your pictures and the love your daughter has for her older brother, I can’t imagine how much grief she is suffering. Please know that Rory has touched many lives and hearts.

  306. Saw your story today on NBC and I wanted to see the web site dedicated to him, he was a beautiful young boy. I want to extent my sincere condolences for your lost and pray that the Lord will be with your family today and always.

  307. There are no words that can ease the pain, but my heart goes out to your precious family.I have 4 children including a 12 year old. I can imagine the pain, frustration and anger your family must feel. But I have found that the words that can bring hope and consolation are those from the Bible.

  308. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so sorry you have to deal with the death of your precious Rory.I really admire your courage and;effort to raise awareness. When I heard your story I was overwhelmed by so many feelings. I have never met any one whose ;son died from sepsis like my son did. Your story just took me back. Three years ago my son Sam died from an ear infection that turned into sepsis. He was still just a baby. Healthy and happy one day and then gone the next. Like you, I had never heard of sepsis before it took our precious boy. I know this is the worst kind of pain and I am deeply saddened by your loss. There is nothing natural about burying your child. I hope it helps to know you are not alone.

  309. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I have 4 kid’s of my own and would be devastated if this was happening to me.. You are doing the right thing by speaking up and filing a lawsuit against the Doctors who did not take their time to evaluate your Son correctly! Everyone needs to be aware that just because someone goes to school for 10 years or so does not mean their going to do their job right all the time.. It’s not because their not educated it’s called LAZINESS!! I hope you get justice for your little boy and i pray that your heart heals!

  310. Dear Orlaith & Ciaran: Thank you so much for giving the warning signs of sepsis global attention. It took more courage than anyone could muster.Rory, I always knew you would change the world, but never imagined this.You are so missed and held so close to our hearts. My only wish is that you would have been on the Today Show today, saying, thank you Dr. Scribner from NYU’s ER and Dr. Levitsky, my pediatrician for saving my life.That is the ending I prayed for

  311. Staunton Family…I saw you on The Today Show this morning and listened to your heart-wrenching story. Such a tragic death of such an amazing young man. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your son would be so proud of your efforts to make sure that this does not happen to another child. You honor Rory by trying to make some good out of a devastingly bad situation. I pray for your peace and that your courageous efforts bring about real, positive change in the medical field. God bless you both, Kathleen, and your angel, Rory.Ann Draxler

  312. I’m a volunteer EMT. Thanks for letting the world know about your tragic loss; I’ve certainly learned something which I hope never to use in practice.

  313. I just saw your story on The Today Show and read about it online and here. My heart goes out to you, I am so very sorry for your loss.The photo of your boy is adorable, and he looks very happy – you must be wonderful parents and I am sure he had a very happy life with you. You are in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this very important information – you are saving the lives of other children and I greatly admire you. May you find peace soon. Love, Amy Adams

  314. What a beautiful boy. I am so sorry for your loss. I commend you for your strength in trying to bring awareness to this horrible infection that is so hard to understand. I almost lost my daughter when she was two months old to sepsis. Doctors kept sending me home with the diagnosis of a viral infection. It was only by my persitant action and the will of God for finally an emergency room to get the correct diagnosis of a urinary tract infection that had moved to the blood stream. At that point they couldn’t tell me if you was going to live or die. I was in shock for the next week sitting in the hospital with I.V. drips in her tiny little head, praying for her to be healed. She is now 24 and I thank God for seeing her through this. Thank you for being so diligent in bringing this to all parents attention and how this can be so easily overlooked and time is crucial. Your family will be in my prayers.

  315. What a tragedy to lose such a handsome and wonderful young man. My heart goes out to your family.

  316. Mr. and Mrs. Staunton, your son’s life is an inspiration to everyone who reads about him. Know that God will be with you in this time of grief. Oh, how we long for the day when Jesus will return and there will be no more death, no more pain, and no more tears and we will be reunited with our loved ones.

  317. My heart goes out to you this day and for your remaining years of love for your son, Rory.I am the mother of a boy who will be 12 years old next week. He is bright, athletic, rough and tumble, compassionate, smart, witty and knows the Lord. We will keep you in our prayers, and also that this type of senseless passing of a child can be eliminated through education. God’s blessings.

  318. I am very sorry to read about your son and what he went thru. I understand your frustrations. I am a 3 time survivor of septic septic shock. I would like to invite you to join the Sepsis Alliance and put Rory’s story on the website for all to see. This group was started by a Dr who lost his 23 year old daughter to sepsis following hemorrhoid surgery and like you the signs were all there but no one recognized them. So he is on a mission to educate ER staffs and others in the early signs of sepsis in hopes of not losing others. I was lucky in that the hospital I use has a sepsis protocol. Sept 13 is World Sepsis Day and they are having a big public media blitz and conference in New York. The Sepsis Alliance might give you some support and understanding from others who have lost loved ones. Rory should have his story among them. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  319. My heart goes out to you and your family. I lost a son in 1980 to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I am so proud of you both for turning your tragedy into education for others. I will honor you and Rory but forwarding your story to others. God Bless you and your family.

  320. My prayers for everything good for your family. Rory was an angel on Earth.

  321. I am so sorry for your loss, sincerely, Bob Quinn

  322. I saw you on the Today show this morning.I’m so very sorry for your loss.Thank you for sharing this information so that your loss won’t be in vain. What a special young man he was and how lucky he was to have you as parents.

  323. I am driven to write to you from seeing your son’s story on the Today Show this morning. As a parent I am very saddened that this tragedy can occur in our society and proud of your courage to take this forward so that other parents can learn what to demand from health care. Also I believe this will change policy/processes in emergency departments.I doubt that this is rare, sadly, as often ‘busy’ emergency rooms and doctors shunt people through without adequate care. You are creating a legacy for your son and you must take that as solace for this awful loss. My daughter is everything to me and just the thought of a senseless loss makes me cry for you and your family. God Bless and know Rory sees your heartfelt effortsJudy.

  324. I saw your story on the Today show this morning and I just had to let you know that I think you are the bravest most selfless people I have ever seen, to be in such pain but care enough to let other parents know about this infection you have probably saved so many lives and you will never know it. All the things I read about your son are so wonderful and I can understand why He was as lucky to have you as parents as you were to have him as a son. My prayers will be with you and your daughter always, God bless you.

  325. When I saw the picture of Rory on my computer, his smile lit up my office. I can only imagine how much joy he brought to your life. Your loss is so tragic but your little angle is still bringing warmth to others simply by seeing the joy in is eyes and his smile.

  326. I am soo sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you. God is going to give you strength to see you through.

  327. Words can never express how truly sorry I am for the loss of your child, Rory. You are living a parent’s worse nightmare.I will say prayers for you both, and for Rory.I truly am sorry.

  328. What a remarkable and special young man!!It’s our greatest fear, to lose a child. To lose your son so senselessly and avoidably is not acceptable.Thank you so much for trying to educate, and I hope that doing this will make your loss just a tiny bit easier to bear. Hugs to all of you.

  329. After reading the article on MSNBC this morning, I had to reach out to post onto your web site. I too suffered from SEPSIS in January 2004 and nearly lost my life.Eight years later, we still do not know how it was contracted, but thanks to our Lord Savior, I had the right medical professionals in the right place at the right time. Three months of self-administered IV anti-biotics 3 times a day after discharge from a long stay at the hospital eventually led me to a healthly life. Being a father of 3 boys, I cannot even begin to imagine if it would have been one of them instead of me, and what I would have had to endure during the ordeal. My heart goes out this family, and the efforts being expended to educate both Medical & Non-Medical people on this often fatal blood disorder. Given the sharp rise in incidents in recent years, a blood test should be the very first thing ordered for any person upon arrival to the ER in order to determine if SEPSIS is the reason for their need to be at the hospital. God Bless to one all.

  330. Dear Staunton Family,

    I read with great sadness about the loss of your dear son Rory.Having recently become a first time mother, I can’t begin to fathom the magnitude of your loss; My heart goes out to you.I want to thank you for sharing your story so that myself and others can learn from your experience.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Pamela B

  331. Dear Stauton family,I am so sorry foryour loss. I too was diagnosed with Sepsis 6 weeks after giving birth to mydaughter. I went to the doctors and they sent me to the ER. They gave me fluids as well as antibiotics, and said that I had a kidney infection. I was sent homefrom the ER that day. When I left the ER, I still had a high fever and was vomiting.I felt horrible and extremely week. I went home to my kids, and 4 hours later went back to the ER. I had to wait an hour to be seen and then they decided to admit me to the hospital. Being an adult I was able to fight the Sepsis. I have 2 young children and believe that hospitals across America should test children for Sepsis. It is a simple blood test that can save a child/adult life. yes;I live in San Diego CA, and if there isanything that I can do to help I would love to. May God Bless your family.

  332. I am so sorry for your family’s loss! I heard of your sons story on Today.
    I have two son’ of my own and this story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for bringing awareness to Strep a Toxic Syndrome.

  333. I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your son Rory and am horrified and angered that he could have and should have been saved. This could happen to anyone, thank you for your courage and for alerting me to this treatable condition.I have a 3 1/2 year old son and am pregnant with my second. I looked at the beautiful photos chronicling Rory’s young, but full life. I lost my brother on 9/11 at the WTC…my heart goes out to your daughter and to all of you. Rory would want you to go on and to be strong. That is our only choice. You are honoring his life and his memory. My sincerest sympathies to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  334. Mr. & Mrs. Staunton,I do not know you or your family however I cannot tell you the deepest sympathy that I have for you for the loss of your dear son Rory. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through and the anguish of knowing that something should of and could of been done about it. I know that nothing will bring Rory back however please know that you speaking out about it will touch many many lives and hopefully save just as many. It disgusts me the actions that Rory’s doctor and the hospitals took regarding his care.I only hope that you receive the justice that you deserve and that although Rory’s death was senseless it will not be in vain. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.Danielle Cornell

  335. Just scrolling through the pages and reading about this young man has touched me deeply. I don’t know why God takes the young, especially ones with such promise as Rory, but something good is coming from this tragedy.My heart breaks for Rory’s family and friends and community.May your souls be stroked gently as you live your lives forward with this great loss.I pray lives will be saved because his wasn’t.

  336. I read the news article this morning about Rory and I am saddened by his loss. Rory and his family and friends are in my prayers.

  337. I just watched Rory’s story on the Today Show and I’m absolutely heartbroken for your family. Telling Rory’s story and starting this website will spread awareness so that no child goes through what Rory went through. My prayers are with your family as you continue in life without Rory.

  338. I’m soo sorry to learn what happened to your precious son. It is beyond disgusting to know these Medical professionals were so flip in regards to your son’s life. I’m not a person of revenge But I certainly hope you take them to court so they are forced to take responsibility for their tragic actions!!! Peace & Love to all of your families.

  339. My heartfelt condolences to both of you on your loss of Rory. Such a tragedy on a life cut short that was filled with so much love and promise. Healing and prayers to you both.

  340. I read about your wonderful son Rory this morning and was deeply impacted by your loss. I also have a young son and can’t imagine the loss you must be feeling. I know there are no words that can help but know Rory and you and your family are in my prayers. G

  341. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. My son is 13 and is the love of my life and just can’t imagine the pain of such a loss. My heart is breaking for you and praying that your family will find answers as to why this happened…no parent should have to go through this heartache. God Bless!

  342. Mr And Mrs. Staunton,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. You are right to say that no parent should ever have to go through the agony of losing a child. I lost my son almost 7 years ago in a head on collision with a drunk driver, he was 19 years old. I know the pain. I’ve heard people say it gets easier as time goes by, well, it doesn’t get any easier but if we are to stay in this world then somehow we find a way to live with our loss. I found that doing things to keep my son’s memory alive was my best medicine. I had special T-shirts made for family and all of his friends, I have a marker on the side of the road, I listen to his music he had recorded on his computer, anything I can do helps. Even now, there are times when I can’t even speak about it without breaking into tears, I never would have made it through the TV interview you guys did. I’m glad you made it through that to get your message across.
    Again, I am very sorry for your loss of Rory, it sounds like he and my son will be friends in Heaven.

  343. My heart is torn to hear what happened to Rory. I live in NJ and have three children and in numerous occasions my sons had been sent home from the ER while seriously ill. Both came back to receive more intensive care and one was misdiagnosed to the point he lost a testicle. I am not sure what is wrong with our Healthcare system however, if you ever need our support for a cause to straighten out procedures especially ER procedures, count on us. We love you and may God keep your boy right next to him.

  344. I am sitting at my house doing work when I read about your son’s story. I burst into tears reading about his story and tragic death. I am a dad to a 3 year old son who is my being…my life…my best friend…my everything. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling at this moment with the loss of your beautiful, amazing son. My heart is broken for you.

  345. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful young man Rory was.My family will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  346. Sincere prayers are being sent to Rory’s family and friends. You have my deepest sympathies. Rory’s death will not be in vain. Your fight to see that this doesn’t have to happen to another family will be Rory’s biggest victory.

  347. I just saw your story on the Today show this morning and words can not express how sorry I am for your loss and what you and your family have and are going through. What a senseless thing to have had happened. My deepest sympathy to you and your family …

  348. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The loss of a child is heart-wrenching and so unbelievably sad.But Rory’s life sounds like something we should celebrate, for the differences he made in other people’s lives and that he strove to enjoy what he had. He’s God’s Angel in Heaven now and will forever be with you in your mind, heart and memories.I pray God’s Peace that passes all understanding for you. God Bless, Lisa

  349. I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry for your loss. My son is 12 and I can only imagine your pain and grief. My prayers are w/ you and thank you for page, I know it WILL save lives. Bless you and your family.

  350. Rory will be with you in every breath you take. His life was beautiful, because of your love.
    We are connected,
    My child and I, by
    An invisible cord
    Not seen by the eye.

    It’s not like the cord
    That connects us ’til birth
    This cord can’t been seen
    By any on Earth.

    This cord does it’s work
    Right from the start.
    It binds us together
    Attached to my heart.

    I know that it’s there
    Though no one can see
    The invisible cord
    From my child to me.

    The strength of this cord
    Is hard to describe.
    It can’t be destroyed
    It can’t be denied.

    It’s stronger than any cord
    Man could create
    It withstands the test
    Can hold any weight.

    And though you are gone,
    Though you’re not here with me,
    The cord is still there
    But no one can see.

    It pulls at my heart
    I am bruised…I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline
    As never before.

    I am thankful that God
    Connects us this way
    A mother and child
    Death can’t take it away!

    Author Unknown

  351. Dear Staunton Family,I am a stranger touched and deeply saddened by your story.I will pray for your family& and for Rory.I will pray that your faith will not waiver through this horrific time and you will always know that your son is well and at peace watching over you until you meet him again.All my thoughts and prayers

  352. To the Staunton Family, we are so sorry for your loss. In June 2008, my 10 year old son was diagnosed with a “viral infection” on a Monday and sent back home to rest and drink fluids. I took him back to the doctor due to high fever and headache on Wednesday and got the same diagnosis and went home. On Thursday morning, my son began to vomit, had a temperature of 106, and screamed in agony that his head hurt. I called the doctor and said call us in as an admission, we’re going. Reluctantly, they did so. Twenty minutes later, my child was unconscious, I had to carry him in to the hospital, where they packed him in ice, called in an infectious disease specialist and discovered he was septic and had a brain abscess from an undiagnosed sinus infection. He was ultimately transferred to a Children’s where they saved his life. I wept when I read your story, how the doctor just didn’t listen to you. It fills me with so much anger on your behalf. Your family is in my prayers.

  353. My condolences go out to your family…my heart aches foryou. I pray that the LORD comforts and strengthens you, and that your thoughtsand memories of your beloved son keep you during this difficult time.

  354. What a tragic loss. Words are not enough to express how hollow the words are. What a beautiful, full of life child you had. May time flow with peace and that thoughts of happiness bloom in the place of dispair and loss. I wish the whole Stauton family the best.

  355. I read your story and my heart is overwhelmed with sorrow for your precious son. May God continue to bless and keep you.

  356. I just read and saw Rory’s story on the Today Show website and I am so saddened by your enormous loss. I have a 6 year old little boy who is my world and I cannot imagine the grief you are experiencing. I actually work in the legal field and work on medical malpractice cases and I am sad to say that I have seen many medical errors lead to untimely deaths. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your family and I hope your story helps save someone else’s life.

  357. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that your website brings about awareness so that no family ever has to go through this.

  358. our family is truly sorry the terrible loss of your son. your strength and tribute to your son by way of this website will indeed save someone else’s child.

  359. I am so sorry for your loss unfortunatey I do know what you are going thru. We lost our youngest daughter Haley June 10,2011. Your story touched me our Haley was misdiagnosed she had the flu and after trip to the doctor then ER then rushing to another hospital she was in sepsis and placed on life support and after 76 days of fighting for her life she passed away. My brain still to this day cannot fully wrap around the idea she is gone. That within 5 days she wakes up with sore throat then to have her major organs shutting down. She would have been 15 this July 23rd. I am so sorry for your loss there are no words to take the pain away. Just that one day we will see them again.Sympathy from TexasTisha Mobley

  360. Dear Stautons,I aso sorry to hear about Rory. There isjust no understanding this tragedy.Iknow from first hand experience.  Mylittle boy, Cade, was 7 years old when he started to experience the flu-likesymptoms which began on February 2, with Cade just not feeling well, but wellenough to sit in a comfortable chair and watch a movie. We were at my older daughter’s house, awayfrom home as she had delivered my granddaughter on January 31 and had justbrought her home from the hospital that day.;During the course of the day Cade started feeling worse and wanted to lie down. He still did not have a fever. About 5:00 pm he started complaining of body pain.&Being away from home, I called the localemergency room and asked them what I could do to help my son.& They told me the same thing you were told, “Givehim Tylenol”. At that point histemperature had begun to rise.; When itreached 103º even aftergiving him Tylenol, my oldest daughter and I wrapped him in a blanket and tookhim to the ER. He was in so much painthat he cried while being picked up and held.TheER ran tests and the doctor came back in and told me his platelets were low andthey didn’t have them there so they were going to transfer him to thechildren’s hospital 90 miles away. They assured me he was going to be fine.&The ambulance crew said they didn’t usually allow relatives to ride with them butsince it was so early in the morning and they had been assured he would beokay, they let me ride in the front seat by the driver.  After driving about 25 miles Cade told thecrew in the back with him that he was thirsty, so they stopped for a short timeto get him a drink of water.Afterwe had driven another 55 miles, I heard some clatter in the back and turnedaround to see Cade up on his knees waving to me. He had an oxygen mask and I think they weregiving him morphine. Seconds later Iturned back around and they were bagging him.All I could do was pray to God because somehow I knew what was happening.After what seemed to be aneternity with lights flashing and the siren blaring, we arrived at thechildren’s hospital and they had trouble getting in the doors, it seemed thatthey were locked or something and they knew there was a child coming in, inrespiratory arrest!Another eternity later they came to tell me what I had known. In 17 hours after displaying flu-likesymptoms, my beautiful boy was gone. The autopsy results were the same as Rory’s, Strep A in the blood/Sepsis. Cade, however, did not have any visible cuts or scrapes No one can tell me how or whythis happened;Readingabout Rory was so hard for me.; It brought it all right back to me and Cade’s death was 15 years ago. I know your pain……I am so sad for you andyour daughter. Cade had an 8 year-oldbrother when this happened and they were best friends also. The pain and heartbreak has never gone away,you just learn to cope.

  361. This boy was just bursting with life. No words can bring him back to his family, and for this I am extremely sorry. He was the definition of joy of life. May the work and mission of his parents be fruitful and help to prevent this tragedy from falling upon one other family-Ever!
    My sincere condolences to all who will miss Rory in your daily lives.

  362. I saw your story today on the Today show, and was deeply saddened. Our daughter was recently in the hospital for TSS. We had no idea when we took her in what we were up against, when she was diagnosed, we began to get as much information as we could.I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss, but would also like to thank you for setting up this website. People need to be informed and know how serious this is. What a wonderful way for people to remember Rory.

  363. So sorry that you lost your precious son Rory. You did everything right and it was still missed. There are just no words.

  364. I came across Rory’s story on the internet today and was so touched by your courage. Rory was a remarkable young man with so many dreams. I am terribly sorry for your loss.I work in the medical field as a nurse and I have been on the other side as a daughter of a very sick father and I have seen mistakes happen.  What is the most frustrating is the lack of communication. You did everything as a parent right, the system failed your son! Please accept my condolences as a mother to a boy the same as as Rory. And note that I will as a RN push everyday at my job as an advocate for my patients and knowing that everything is followed up on and communication is not broken down.God Bless to your family.

  365. I am really shocked at sad incident of an over confident pediatrician causing the end of a 12 year old. Are they so busy in pocketing the fees as quickly as possible that they would not listen to what the patient is complaining about. Rory was more intelligent than the doctor. He knew that the vomiting was due to some thing in the leg. I have seen pediatrician recommending both tamiflu and antiviral for seasonal flue because the equipment to test swine flu was absent and test for regular flu (Influenza-A) was negative and there was a swine flu outbreak in the local area. My son was 5 years old at that time and WHO had banned tamiflu to children below age five because of potential side effects. I did not give either. The doctors charge so much and they don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes with patients to understand the problem. Even a car mechanic spends more time with a car to diagnose problem than a medical doctor spends with a human patient. These doctors should be suspended from practicing medicine ever again.

  366. Iknow from first hand experience. My little boy, Cade, was 7 years old when he started to experience the flu-likesymptoms which began on February 2, with Cade just not feeling well, but wellenough to sit in a comfortable chair and watch a movie. We were at my older daughter’s house, awayfrom home as she had delivered my granddaughter on January 31 and had justbrought her home from the hospital that day.During the course of the day Cade started feeling worse and wanted tolye down. He still did not have a fever. About 5:00 pm he started complaining of body pain. Being away from home, I called the localemergency room and asked them what I could do to help my son.They told me the same thing you were told, “Givehim Tylenol”. At that point histemperature had begun to rise When it reached 103º even after giving him Tylenol, my oldest daughter and I wrapped him in a blanket and tookhim to the ER. He was in so much painthat he cried while being picked up and held.TheER ran tests and the doctor came back in and told me his platelets were low and they didn’t have them there so they were going to transfer him to thechildren’s hospital 90 miles away. They assured me he was going to be fine. The ambulance crew said they didn’t usually allow relatives to ride with them but since it was so early in the morning and they had been assured he would beokay, they let me ride in the front seat by the driver. After driving about 25 miles Cade told the crew in the back with him that he was thirsty, so they stopped for a short timeto get him a drink of water.After we had driven another 55 miles, I heard some clatter in the back and turned around to see Cade up on his knees waving to me. He had an oxygen mask and I think they weregiving him morphine.  Seconds later I turned back around and they were bagging him. All I could do was pray to God because somehow I knew what was happening.After what seemed to be aneternity with lights flashing and the siren blaring, we arrived at the children’s hospital and they had trouble getting in the doors, it seemed thatthey were locked or something and they knew there was a child coming in, inrespiratory arrest! Another eternity later they came to tell me what I had known. In 17 hours after displaying flu-likesymptoms, my beautiful boy was gone. Theautopsy results were the same as Rory’s, Strep A in the blood/Sepsis.  Cade, however, did not have any visible cuts or scrapes. No one can tell me how or whythis happened.Reading about Rory was so hard for me. Itbrought it all right back to me and Cade’s death was 15 years ago.  I know your pain……I am so sad for you andyour daughter. Cade had an 8 year-oldbrother when this happened and they were best friends also. The pain and heartbreak has never gone away,you just learn to cope. MayGod be with you on your healing journey.You are not alone.

  367. As the mother of a 12 year old boy, my heart breaks for you. I am so appreciative of the information you shared here. My son is very active which results in many cuts and scrapes.I am now aware of how a minor injury can take away a precious life.

  368. What a wonderful tribute to your son!I know your pain, my 16 yr old daughter was killed in an auto accident 10-1/2 years ago. The pain is deep and it is very traumatic. It takes many years to put life back together, your new life, one where your son is still apart of it through memories.Look for signs, your son will not just leave you hanging, hes still with you in many ways! I promise! The love between a parent and child cant be broken even through death.

  369. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Rory was an exceptional person who touched so many lives. My son is 12 years old, and I hope that he will be inspired by how Rory lead his life. He achieved so much more in his young life than many of us will achieve. My heart goes out to your family. God bless you.

  370. Was so sorry to read about the tragic death of your son. No wordsthat I can say will take this sorrow away from you. I hope that you will make the right decision in seeing that this will never happen again to any other family..I also hope, that you will file a law suit against the pediatrician,the hospital and anyone else caring for your son. This should not have happened.

  371. I am very saddened by your story and the loss of your precious beautiful son.  I thank you for sharing your story with others in the hopes to prevent such a loss by knowing the signs and symptoms to be aware of. I have no doubt that your raising of awareness will help save someone else’s life. This site is a beautiful tribute to your boy – my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  372. My heart and prayers goes out to your family and your loss. Thank you for being courageous by sharing this with all of us. Find peace in knowing you will see Rory again some day..

  373. I was absolutely saddened by your story.I can’t even imagine how you feel as loving parents. Please accept our condolences and prayers. I will most certainly be passing on your website so that other parents are aware of the potential danger to their children. Thank you for sharing your will save lives! God Bless.

  374. Thank you for sharing your story. What a beautiful soul. You can tell he touched many and loved all. I am so sorry for your loss. Heaven received a special angel. Continue to honor his memory and educate others so that hopefully no other family will  have to suffer as you have. May you find comfort in his memory. I will keep your family in my prayers.Julie

  375. It is with deep regret that finds us here commenting on your son’s website.I am so sorry for your loss. As a parent not only do I feel your pain but am encouraged by your strength to share your story and especially to go the extra mile to help us understand the signs of this horrible infection. May your strength carry Rory’s memory in peace and love forever.

  376. I’m so sorry for your loss. I read what had happened to your beautiful son and am touched by your courage to inform others in order to possibly avoid this happening to other children. I am a new mother and I cannot imagine the loss you feel on a daily basis. My heart goes out to you and his friends as this must be hard on all who knew Rory. Thank you for your compassion and strength.

  377. may you find peace with the time you had with your so glad to know that good people like yourself are speaking out to make a differce i wish you peace at a very tough time in your life! Todd

  378. I am so sorry to hear about your son, it’s hard to lose anyone you love, but to lose a child? I can’t even imagine what that must feel like, no parent should have to lose a child and bury them for any reason. It just goes to show you have to make every day count because tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed, you never know when you could leave this world. I know you’ll see him again one day, and you’ll hug him and never let go. God bless you and the rest of your family and Rory’s friends.

  379. I am so profoundly sorry for your family’s loss. This is very heartbreaking. I ask that God grant you all peace and comfort. No one should ever lose their child. I looked at all of his pictures and he did in fact look like a BEAUTIFUL boy – he was sure to have been a wonderful young man. May God rest his soul. I am glad that you are making people aware of this as many do not know the symptoms and that it can be fatal.I was very lucky when I was in the hospital…that I was treated before it became fatal…but they too had misdiagnosed at first. Again, I am so very sorry for your loss. God bless you all.

  380. I just read the story on MSN’s homepage and wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

  381. Rory seemed like a bright and beautiful young man taken far too soon. May you find peace in keeping his memory alive and helping others the way that he most surely would have.

  382. I am beyond sorry for your loss of Rory/ I did not know him, but one can easily see he was loved and respected by so many. I have a fourteen year old son, so reading your story really hit home. It could happen to anyone. So thank you for sharing and educating parents on toxic shock. You son did not die in vain, for his life will no doubt save thousands.

  383. Hi,I am very sorry for you son, I am a mom of two beautiful girls and the oldest one has a very sensitive stomach and I’m worried I will not be able to identify any of these serious infections the only thing I can do for her is to demand no ask demand to do a serious test to find out if is susceptible to this toxic bacteria. Your son is a hero and an angel he probably will save a lot of kids. I want to thank you for been so kindness and share your story & around the world. So, Thank you and God Bless you. Sincerely.

  384. I was so saddened to hear what happened to your son.Thank you for sharing your story and for helping others. May God Bless you and give you strength.

  385. I can’t imagine the shock, anger, and grief you and your family have gone through because of Rory’s sudden, preventable, and all-too-soon passing. Thank you so much for sharing your story.I very much enjoyed reading about Rory and looking through the photo gallery.May peace find you in knowing that one day you will be reunited with sweet Rory.

  386. i am very sry for your lost.My god be with you and your family.

  387. I am so sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine the pain and anger your family is going through. I will pray for healing and peace for you. Rory sounds like a truly amazing boy that has touched the lives of everyone he knew…and now has touched the lives of many he didn’t know–like me. Thank you for sharing your story and information on this deadly infection and healthcare system mistakes. Thanks too for giving us a chance to learn about your son / brother. He will continue to shine light into the world.

  388. Your message to others in Rory’s behalf is the most honorable gift anyone can give to another. Creating hope and goodness out of tragedy benefits everyone and makes people realize that our lives have meaning and purpose. What an awesome way to remember a fine young man.

  389. Im sure there are no words that can bring comfort in your time of mourning. I would like to share my deepest sympathy in your time. I would also like to share that I will forever remember your son and this article as a Mother of 2 very active little boys. I wish you only the best.

  390. I am so sorry for your loss. The same type of thing happened to my 3 year-old grandaughter. Just a simple scrape to her knee led to severe pain in her leg to the point where she could not walk, and a fever. The doctors could not find anything wrong until they finally did an MRI and found a pocket of infection above her knee which resulted in emergency surgery.Thank god my daughter kept insisting something wrong seriously wrong because it seemed as if the ER doctors did not want to believe it was nothing more than the flu or some other bug going around. Parents, you know your kids better than anyone. Trust your gut instincts and keep insisting that tests be run.


  392. Words alone are insufficient& to convey one’s feelings when it comes to the loss of a child. To Rory’s parents I offer my heartfelt sympathy, an abundance of tears, and my prayers. To Rory I say, after visiting the website your parents have put in place,I feel as though I know you and I look forward to the day I’m able to meet you in heaven.

  393. I am so sorry for your loss, you really have opened my eyes to this problem and I will do my best at spreading the word and keeping your son in my thoughts.

  394. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I have a 12 year old boy and had no ideia that this could happen. Thank you for let parents know about it. My heart and prayers are with your family. God bless all.

  395. I am so saddened to hear about the loss of your beautiful son. My husband died of strep A infection in his blood stream as well. He went to the hospital on Tuesday, June 5, 2001 and died on Saturday, June 9, 2001.Because he was relatively healthy, this was a total shock to me and my family.

  396. Please know that there are many people who are deeply saddened for your loss…. Thank you for this website. We have five grandchildren and the info you provide will be very helpful. Again you are in our prayers and always in our thoughts. Bless you!

  397. Thank you for your efforts. My little girl died 3 1/2 years ago. She was 5 years old.Although it was never confirmed, I believed that sepsis was the cause. Lots of research about her symptoms and sudden death have confirmed that for me.  She went through all that your son did, but she passed away within 24 hours of her getting sick. I miss her every day! You are doing the Lord’s work through this web site. Thanks for being strong. You are making a difference and we are all out here praying for you.

  398. Thank you for sharing your story and may God bless your family and help to heal your loss and heartache. Rory made the world a better place while he was on this earth, and will continue to as his story spreads. I wish I could do something to help. Again, thank you.

  399. I am so sorry for your loss. No parent should EVER have to go through the pain you are suffering from the loss of your dear child.God Bless your entire family, and God Bless Rory!

  400. Our deepest condolences. May God grant you acceptance and serenity. I cannot even imagine the pain you must be going through. It pains my heart reading this sad story. May your angel rest in peace.

  401. I was very sad to read about this story.  My thoughts extend to you and your family during this difficult time. I wanted to thank you for bringing awareness to the public because I have a little boy and you just don’t think something like this could happen. This has opened my eyes to be more cautious and I’m learning with other experiences in my life not to trust what the doctors tell you. Listen to what is in your heart & mind.Blessings!

  402. As a mother myself let me say first and foremost, My most heartfelt sympathy is with you. What you are doing to alert people about this tragic circumstance that took your loving son from you is the only thing you can do to hopefully prevent another family from going through the hell of losing a child. I applaud you. Thank you for using your sorrow in a helpful way. Cling to each other and may God Bless everyone that knew this handsome and loving young man!.

  403. To Rory’s family – please accept my sincere condolences on Rory’s passing. I just saw your story on the Today show and it tore at my heart. I have not been fortunate enough to have children, but I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. My step-mom died of sepsis…it was horribly fast and unexpected. Thank you for opening your hearts and spreading the word about this condition. God and Goddess bless you all.

  404. i just saw your story on the today show…my heart breaks for you, i am so sorry you had to lose your beautiful son. while doctors and emergency rooms can save lives, they don’t always take things seriously. people need to follow their gut reaction…don’t alway accept what the doctor says..

  405. God bless you and thank you for your strength in sharing your story

  406. Just watched your interview on the Today show. I was saddened by the loss of your treasure of a son and by your courage in taking this fight public. I applaud you for sharing Rory’s story and bringing awareness of the inadequacies and negligence of our healthcare system to the forefront in a very personal and touching way.

  407. I am so sorry for your loss. I have 2 boys and would be beyond heart-broken if anything happened to them. ;As a young adult, I almost died in an ER because my excruciating pain was ignored. ;For whatever reason, I lived.  But I will never forget the fear & pain I experienced at the hands of the disinterested ER staff. I wish for you three and your extended family to find some happiness & peace of mind in the future. Love & light, Amy, Ian & Finn.

  408. Dear Staunton Family May God Bless you on this awful journey you have been chosen to tread. I too have endured the pain of this journey when I lost my daughter, my only child, in a car accident many years ago. God only knows how we survive tragedy of this magnitude, but we do. Your son Rory, sounded like a wonderful young man who apparently has spread heartfelt love and kindness even from above. May God be with you and help you through this sad journey.

  409. i’ve lost a son; the REST of my life will never be the same; i will pray for you all, as Rory meets my son in heaven ! God Bless You

  410. To the Stauntons my heartfelt prayers wishes and love goes out to you and Rory’s sister. You are all very brave to make your story public in an effort to save other families your anguish. God bless you all and God bless Rory. I wish for all of you comfort in this terrible time.

  411. Dear Mr & Mrs Staunton-I just watched your interview with Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show. How my heart breaks for you! No parent should have to bury a child. Thank you for your courage in sharing his story. There is no doubt that by your appearance today, you and Rory will save lives. Parents will be more vigilant – and hopefully doctors and hospitals will change their practices. My sympathy love and prayers to your entire family. Thank you for sharing Rory with the world, and may God bless you.

  412. Watching you and hearing about Rory’s story Today Show this morning brought me to tears. When you were describing how Rory was so enthuiastic about life my thought was that the world lost a boy who didn’t have the chance to life the life of the accomplished man I am certain he would have become.

    Thank you for telling Rory’s story to the world.  His life was not in vain as I believe the knowledge you shared will save others. 

    God bless you both and your daughter.

  413. There are no words to express my sincere heartfelt sympathies to you, Rory’s parents and his sister. I truly know the world of suffering that you now exist in. My son, Jason, was killed in a skydiving accident on March 30th of this year. We, his sister and I, have established a fund in his name to help in education and safety in skydiving. This road ahead of you, your daughter, my daughter and I is not going to be pleasant and will be one we shall travel for the rest of our lives.

  414. It is inspiring and deeply touching that you are using the tragic loss of your beautiful son to educate others and hold the medical community accountable for their decisio nmaking. Infections unaddressed and induced by medical intervention is one of the most important areas for increasing awareness and accountability. This is something we have the knowledge and tools to address but fall far short. With sincere condolences and gratitude.

  415. I just heard about Rory on the Today show. I am so sorry for your loss. Our son Ryan had a life threatening  MRSA infection a few years ago,which was misdiagnosed when symptoms first appeared. He lost his hip due to the infection. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  416. I saw your story this morning on the Today Show. My deepest sympathy to you both as well as his sister. Rory had a whole life ahead of him and it should not have ended this way.I commend you for what you are doing to make sure that this never happens again to any child.Dawn (Montreal, Canada)

  417. Rory, I just saw your parents on T.V. educating the public about what happened to you, and I read about your story last week. I came to the website they made about you because your story, and the way your parents spoke about you touched my heart.I’m so sad as I sit here and write in your guestbook. I read about you on the website, watched the video and got to know you a little bit through the photographs.I especially like the photos of you with your sister because you looked like such loving siblings.  I’m so terribly sorry that your not here anymore; you do indeed seem like a really great person! It was courageous of your parents to speak to the public; they educated me, so I am now aware of TSS. ;Your parents effort to share your story will save lives. I didn’t know you Rory, but your life story is inspiring, and you are sincerely missed in this world.My prayers go out to your family and friends. Peace Dear Rory.

  418. Dear Staunton Family, I saw your tragic story on the Today Show this morning, and it brought back memories of our Son Tom’s Struggle for his life 3 yrs. ago from Bacterial Meningitis. Although our Son’s had two different diagnosis it was Sepsis they both had. Like you, we were told by our son’s Pediatrician that Tom had the Influenza and if he wasn’t feeling better to call the next morning. The next morning Tom was rushed to hospital with a 10% chance of living. He had contracted the most deadly type of Bacterial Meningitis, and after 6 days on a ventilator & in a medically induced coma he miraculously came back to us, with no brain damage, no loss of limbs and only dark purple scars on his hands and arms from the lesions. We as parents must be aware if any of you or your children get a High fever, are vomiting for hours, in pain and are told it’s just the flu, be aware the night I had taken Tom to his Dr. he broke out with a red pinprick rash over his trunk of his body, and after calling his Dr. and informing him of this, I was told it’s probably nothing just a rash from the fever., if I had taken him to the Hospital that night we would have been a step ahead of his treatment. We Thank God & the Doctors & the drugs that saved our son’s life & wish with all our hearts that Rory could have been saved from his Illness. My message is that our Medical Professionals will sometimes make fatal mistakes, and we need to be aware of Sepsis and how quickly it can kill us.

  419. Hello Mr & Mrs Staunton,I was so inredibly sad when I read the story in the NY times for a number of reasons ~ primarily the fact that a beautiful soul like Rory’s had gone to Heaven for this never should have happened. I am also a victim (in 2001) of a very bad hospital that ignored my sepsis and peritonitis and am injured to this day. I can empathize with you while I mourn the loss of a handsome young lad. I thank you for your candor and most importantly, I thank you for carrying the torch to educate so many. Rory had a marvelous smile which I will remember ~ may each for you be better than the one before.With affection, respect and total sympathy ~ Sheila

  420. Dear Mr and Mrs Stauntan,I just saw your story on the news.This is so heartwrenching! My heart goes out to you and your family.I know this is very hard for you both and I am so grateful that you have the courage to come forward and tell your story. God Bless You All! Thank you.

  421. What an amazing and beautiful young boy. I am the parent of a young boy as well and would like to say THANK YOU for educating me and working hard to spread the message.


  423. Mr. and Mrs. Staunton, 
    I was so saddened to hear your story this morning on the Today Show. I too know what it is like when doctors become set on a diagnosis, and the tragic consequences that can have. Eight years ago my mother was going through chemotherapy when she began having seizures, doctors in the emergency room insisted that it was a stroke and treated her accordingly for almost two weeks even though there was no improvement. Once she was transferred she was properly diagnosed with a viral infection in her brain.A condition that is very treatable when started early, however in my mother’s case, too much time had gone by without the proper medical testing and I lost her on June 10, 2004. It’s very upsetting to know that doctors sometimes do not recognize their own human quality to make mistakes and try everything.My heart truly goes out to you and your cause.

  424. Mr. & Mrs. Staunton,

    I just heard your family’s story on the today show. I have never felt compelled to send a message as I did today. I am a mother with a daughter who is Rory’s age and I can only imagine the emptiness that you must be feeling. I recently graduated from physician assistant school & your son’s story has inspired me to study and learn as much as I can to take the best care of future patients that I will see. My prayers are with your family.

  425. My heart goes out to you.We are so sorry, I wish my words could heal your pain. We know your pain having lost a son 6 years ago to a car crash. Rory’s legacy will live on in all the people he touched. Bless you and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  426. Dear Stauton family, I just watched you on the “Today Show” and wish to extend my sincere condolences on the death of your precious son.From my own personal experience I’ve observed that noncommunication between hospital emergency rooms, doctors, and family is a systemic problem here too.It is absolutely tragic that the warning signs were missed and resulted in your son’s death. Your family will remain in my prayers.May peace be with you.

  427. So sorry for your loss. This sad situation could happen to anyone at any time. May God comfort your family.

  428. I have no words to lighten your agony and sometimes words are just not enough. I cannot imagine what your family is feeling. My deepest condolences on your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  429. Tears…..


  430. To Rory’s Parents, Family and Friends –
    My heart goes out to all of you – I don’t have the words to express how saddened I am to learn of your loss. Rory was a remarkable boy; I wept as I read the entries in this guestbook. The world lost a bright light indeed…

    As a parent, I do thank you sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Staunton, for bringing the information of how you lost Rory to the rest of us. I had no idea how easily this form of infection can become so dangerous (and so quickly!), and am very grateful for your courage and generosity in sharing your painful loss of Rory with the rest of us in order to help prevent another family’s tragedy.

    Many blessings on you; may the Lord ease your grief and smooth the road ahead so you may find sunshine again.

    Again, my sincere thanks.

    La Crosse, WI

  431. You are an amazing family, Rory is missed greatly. Our thoughts are always with you.

  432. What a wonderful tribute to your son!He seems to have been a fantastic young man and set to accomplish much in his life. Thank you for helping all of us other parents.

  433. The first doctor needs to trial for the death of your dear son. She caused his death and should be held accountable. This is inexcusibe.
    What an avoidable tragedy. Please fight for justice, your son deserves that. He is a beautiful young man.
    Our love and Prayers go out to you, Darlene Ward

  434. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss of Rory. He sounds like an extraordinary boy. I have an 11 year old boy, and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I only hope that some good can come of this. Rory was a beautiful child.

  435. Our thoughts & prayers our with you & your family/friends. Jennifer Mares & Jasmine Mares(3 yrs old) &

  436. I am so sorry to hear of the lost of your son my heart goes out to you and your family. I have lost children and you are right it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Your family is in my prayers.

  437. I am so sorry for your loss!! I pray that God will give you comfort and piece! A parent should never have to lose a child and especially this way!!!! I too just went through a similar ordeal will Sepsis. My Dad, who was 74 and basically healthy died a little over 2 months ago because of it. He has a slight heart attack and they discovered that he had some blockage. They kept him in the hospital for 5 days before his surgery. They did the surgery on Monday and they dismissed him the following Sunday. His wife took him back the following day because he was short of breath, his incision was seeping, and he was seeing things.The hospital admitted him and told him that he was just dehydrated. They dismissed him on Tuesday afternoon and within 24 hours he was back because he was in a lot of pain along with the same symtoms as before. They put him on a vent and he never recovered. They did surgery on him again on Friday morning to clean his chest out because they were pretty sure that was where the infection was coming from…they still did not know at that time what they were fighting or really where it was. He barely woke up. He would open his eyes for short times and might blink if you asked him but the infection caused him to have a stroke.The hardest thing was having to tell them to take the vent off. They pretty much forced us into that decision. I know it is not the same loosing a Father but it still hurts and to me was uncalled for. Something has to be done so these hospitals are held more accountable!!!

  438. All I can say is I am sooo sorry for the loss of your son.Stay strong and know that people are behind you and are grateful for what you are trying to accomplish!

  439. This story brings me to tears with anger and thankfulness. Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness of this subject. Rory seemed like an incredible boy with a lot of compassion and persistence. What amazing parents…Rory must have had an incredible 13 years with you!! Thoughts and Prayers.

  440. Thank you for sharing your story. My heart is so heavy by your loss. My son is 13 and the pictures of Rory remind me so much of my own. I never even knew that sepsis could spread so quickly and I certainly would not have known the signs until reading your story. Again, thank you. Rory’s life will continue to be celebrated by your shared memories.Janna

  441. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Prayers are with your family.

  442. Very sorry for your loss. Its a shame that something like that goes misdiagnosed.. I have a 10 year old son and I worry everyday about these goofy diseases and infections that are around. Stay strong!

  443. I read this story about a beautiful young man that I am sure would have continue to make a impact in other’s live as he continue to grow. I am deeply sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family.

  444. My mother survived sepsis about 5 years ago now. We all thought she had the flu and as she had asthma the doctor recommended her going to the ER for a treatment to help her breathe better. She was about to come home when her blood pressure dropped suddenly and they realized it was something much worse. After about 2 months in the ICU, lots of medication and different tests they were able to cure her. They never figured out how she got sepsis, luckily all her organs began to work again and she can walk and live a fairly normal life. It was highly unlikely she would survive and I am grateful every day that she is still with us. I feel very saddened that Rory was not able to survive as well and hope that we can find a way to diagnose and treat sepsis more quickly.

  445. I am heartfully sorry for the loss to your family. Rory is an angel protecting others from this horrible tragedy and I thank you for providing me with this information.I hope the best for you

  446. there are no words to ease the pain. i can only say thank-you for the children Rory is helping.GOD please grant comfort and strength to thee

  447. This is just devastating and although you don’t know me, I am truly sorry for your loss. Rory seemed like a wonderful and very special kid and the world is clearly worse off with the loss of him. I don’t even know what words can be said to help with such a sad loss but Rory has already touched my life and education about this awful illness (and I am all the way in Michigan) so he does continue to make a difference!

  448. I am so sorry for your loss. The loss of a child especially since he might have ahd a chance if the hospital would have informed you of his WBC makes this death so much harder. My heart and everyone here is broken for you but know that Rory is in all our prayers and that God has an important purpose for calling Rory home. God Bless

  449. I am so sorry to hear about your lovely son, Rory. I am in tears as I type this message to you.  As a mom of two boys, 4 and 6, it scares me to think how easily symptoms can be missed by medical staff or confused for something else. I pray for you and your family and your son.You did everything I would have done as a mother – who would of knew it was so much more serious?I mean we trust and pay doctors to discover problems.As a mom, I am grateful and thankful to you for educating me to recognize toxic shock symptoms and to learn more about it.Thank you for sharing your story.I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The Lona Family

  450. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful, precious son. It is unconscionable that he should have died in this way. May you feel God’s love and Rory’s loving presence at every empty moment, and may no one ever again have to endure a loss such as yours.

  451. I’m so sorry for your loss. I read this article and it made me think of my own children and how very precious life is. You are very strong people and must continue to do so for your family and others. Stay blessed and positive. Thanks for sharing his life with us.

  452. my heartfelt sympathy to your family…as a parent myself your story has really struck a chord with me. i wish and pray that these doctors and medical staff take a moment, listen and stop dismissing their patients, its happened to me in te E.R. where i had to make several visits and my daughter ultimately has to be admitted…its like they have a diagnosis of the week and lump everyone into that diagnosis to get you out of there hair. i am saddened and oh soooo sorrry for your loss. Where is the humanity?

  453. I am deeply soory for your loss… this story touched me so much that I would like to extend my prayers out to you and your family…I canonly imagine your pain.. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the nation… I sincerly hope the best for you and your family at this very diffitcult time… My sincere thoughts… Jeannette Maldonado

  454. I am so sorry for your loss.My brother died from septic poisoning when he was in his 30’s.It was one of the most difficult ordeals in my life. Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Thank you for providing a site that will help others.

  455. I am so sorry for your loss of such an amazing young man. It’s never easy losing someone you love but it’s even worse when it could have been prevented. My little brother died the same way as Rory it sounds like. He had it infection which started out as something like cold symptoms and other symptoms listed on this site and quickly got into his bloodstream and killed him. I was to young to understand the condition under which he died but today I think I have finally got my answer. I am so thankful to you guys for sharing Rory’s story and giving me a little bit of closure. I now have a young daughter and I feel I can protect her godforbid anything like this ever occurs. Know your sweet little angel is looking down on you smiling, my heartfelt prayers go out to you.

  456. My heart breaks for you as parents & for Rory’s siblings. You are so very strong to move forward to help save others. So many would never have known of this killer if not for you! My heart & prayers go out to you & all of your family!

  457. I am so sad to read about this story and I will keep you in prayers. As a mother of 5, I cannot imagine your pain. Your son has the most beautiful smile, which brings me tears. May God give you the strength to survive one day at a time and may you find answers on your quest. It will not bring your son back but his memory lives on and your awareness campain will help many parents like myself to be more diligent about doctors.

  458. I am so sorry to hear about your loss.I don’t know what goes on much around the world because I am fighting a battle myself in Afghanistan.;Once I heard about it, I couldn’t believe it. Just remember to always put your trust in God. God Bless you all.

  459. The loss of your son is shocking to say the least. Rory will teach many by what has occurred. My condolences to the family and friends of this special child(A teacher).

  460. I am so sorry, no parent should lose a child, Thank You for sharing this much needed information, I will pass it along also. God Bless you, again I am so sorry.


  462. Once a student from Cooper Union asked the great artist Raushenberg, “What must one do to become a great artist?”His answer: “To master the devil, whatever that is.” Your work via your son’s website is mastering the devil of his unfortunate infection.You mastered courage to help others in spite of your grief. For this I commend you.

  463. This is just an incredibly sad story. I am so sorry for your loss. He seemed like an incredible young man who touched many lives. Thank you for creating this website and awareness surrounding your son’s death. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  464. Dear God, since you have this beautiful, wonderful, enchanting child, use him in Heaven to your glory! He will delight hisself in you Lord.He will reign with you Lord till his other family menbers join him. Then forever they will be a family in your kingdom, My prayers for the family waiting to see their son again.God grant you peace beyond all understanding.

  465. I am so sorry for your loss, however I understand what you are going through. I lost my baby sister at age 30 to septic shock and 10 months later my father to the same thing all from hospital misdiagnosis.You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  466. Thank You for sharing your son’s life and unfortunately his passing, because of the awareness you have brought me, your son lives on in my memory,a stranger. I often “blew off” a little scrape or an “owie” and proclaimed to my 7 year old “oh it’s fine” Because of this story I now take the time to cleanse his “owies” and look at them closer. I am so so sorry for your loss and could not imagine what you went through. I know your son is proud of you in sharing this information. Once again, Thank You.

  467. I am so sorry for your loss and suffering. I lost my mother to septic shock syndrome last year. It is heartbreaking to know that possibly your son could have been helped if signs were not overlooked. The same thing happened to my mother. It is so brave of you to go forth and inform people of the symptoms to look for so maybe this won’t happen to another family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  468. My heart is saddened by reading about the sudden and tragic loss of your son. I am a caregiver to my 82 yr. old father and he has fought and won sepsis 3 times in the last two years.I know all too well the feeling of hopelessness that one goes through with this horrific infection. I have surrendered many times to God, as I knew it could go either way…My father’ssymptoms included the folowing: a change in his mental status (almost appearing drunk/disoriented/combative), chills/shaking of the hands and overall fatigue and dehydration. The first time it was a kidney stone, yet he had no symptoms of pain.The second time it was urinary again.The third time it was from swelling in his legs/cellulitis.All three times, I rushed him to hospital each time and they saved him;I am so blessed…yet I grieve for your new “angel.” I will pray for you and continue to educate all of my friends, family and students regarding this sad, sudden infection. I will start my school year honoring your son by including his story in all of my college classes.Once again, I am so sorry for your loss. Know that he is immortalized through this website and all who share his story of an amazing life.Sometimes the road of life is weary and as we struggle through the years and tears and falter on our way, God reaches out to us, embraces us with love and whispers, “Carry on my child, there will be better days.” Have Faith!God Bless YOU…Sincerely, Cynthia  

  469. I am just heading off to nursing school and will carry this story in my head and heart as I learn to best care for others. I hope that I can help prevent this type of pain sometimes in my new profession. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story so we can learn from it.

  470. I am so sorry for your loss.; May God bless your entire family as you continue to heal.

  471. I am very saddened at the loss of your little boy and my prayers are definately with you all during this most difficult time. As a parent, I thank you so much for your courage to share your story through your grief and educate others across the nation. As a nurse, I thank you for inspiring me.

  472. I have read about your wonderful son, Rory, and am in tears as I write this note to you.& Your family will be in my prayers, and your beautiful son will be your angel until you are able to hold him again. Words cannot express the feelings you must have right now, but know that all who are hearing your story are deeply touched by a young man who they have never met. May God keep you close at this very painful time in your lives.

  473. Our deepest condolences are with you. He is in a safe place and you will see him again.

  474. I Love the website under the circumstances. Please keep getting the word out there, Rory is looking down very proud of his parents. I am saddend by him having to leave this earth so soon, I pray you guys find some type of peace & comfort in knowing Rory’s death has a meaning…I will keep you Mr.& Mrs.Staunton lifting in prayer…

  475. Dear Staunton Family, Thank you for sharing your story about Rory. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am a survivor of toxic shock and know how lucky I am to be alive. I will share Rory’s story with my friends and family and help spread the awareness of this terrible illness. Most Sincerely,Kameo Simpson

  476. I am so sorry for your lost. No one know’s why some of us leave here younger than others, that is something we will never know. Just know that there are people out here that you have never met,are praying for you!!!!

  477. To the parents of Rory
    I cannot imagine what you are going through right now with the loss of your son. I have no children but ever since I saw this story I could not help but think what yo must be going through at this time. I don’t know your family but thanks to your wonderful website, I feel like I have become a special part of your lives and again am so sorry this happened to you. Rory looked like he enjoyed his life very much and you have much to be thankful for. I wish all of you the best and hope that the memories of your son provide comfort during this time.God bless you

  478. I am deeply sadden by your loss. My heart goes out to your family.Thank you for putting together such a wonderful website in honor of your son, but also in bringing awareness to others about this disease. I pray that God has your son wrapped in his arms and he is at peace and that you too can feel some peace knowing he is in a wonderful place until you see each other again. God Bless

  479. I am very saddened to read about your beautiful young son. I have 3 children of my own and deeply feel for you both, Rory’s parents. My husband went through a similar thing in January of 2009. He woke up with a massive headache, turns out it was a brain hemorrhage.We did not know until days later due to having a high fever in the ER, that all of this resulted from pieces of the infection on his heart valve breaking off and producing blood clots, which went to his brain. He also had a cut on his leg the week before, and was misdiagnosed, as having the flu and was sent home. If he never had the brain hemorrhage, we would have never known about his heart valve being attacked and severely damaged by the bacteria that entered from a cut on his leg the week prior. The ER Dr. said if we had not brought him back to the ER, he would have turned septic within 2 days and would never have made it. In December of 2009, he received a new tissue heart valve and has been great ever since. I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart that your story did not turn out the same. I admire and applaud your quest to inspire and educate others to insure this does not happen to another Rory! My situation could have easily turned out like yours, and both of our loved ones were misdiagnosed.I continue to pray for God’s peace and love over your family.

  480. I am so sorry for your loss and feel your pain. I lost my daughter, Sierra, one day after her second birthday with the same thing. Peditrician said it was a bug going around. Baby Tylenol and she be fine. She wasn’t and took her back, 4 days later and she was gone. I never imagined something like this would happen. Nobody could tell me why she was so sick or help her.That was my worst day ever in my life but her birth was the best day ever. My heart goes out to you

  481. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your son was a shining star and will live in memories and hearts forever.My elderly mother was finally diagnosed with sepsis befor she passed away – her symptoms included mental confusion at first and then progressed to more dramatic things like hemorrhaging and coma. The doctors said at first that she was just experiencing dementia as seniors sometimes do.  I knew they were wrong but they wouldn’t listen. May you find comfort in knowing that your story, and your son, touched many lives. Thank you for your website.

  482. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I too recently loss my Mom to sepsis 2 years ago July 4th. She too was mis-diagnosed and we had to watch a strong healthy woman go so quickly. She was only 54 years old and I miss her very much. I thank you for your stength and creating an awarness to the world. I feel Doctors and many other practices are too protected from properly doing their jobs. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that your story saves many lives to come. Your son and your family are both in my prayers.

  483. My heart aches for your loss.I appreciate everything you are doing to make parents more aware and physicians more diligent. Just last month our 15 year old son was sent home from the ER with a fever of 103, high respratory rate and severe pain in his leg. The doctor told us he “probably has tick fever” (no tick bites seen and no ticks) and joint pain from that. Thankfully they at least ran appropriate tests and contacted us 12 hours later to immediately return because he had Staph Infection in his blood. Although the infection had also gotten into his femur and it has taken nearly two months he is recovering. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am that their mistake sending him home caused you to lose such a precious soul My thoughts and prayer are with you and your family

  484. I know Ciaran from the neighborhood and my favorite local Molly Blooms. I am so profoundly affected by your loss and the pain your family must endure. I saw you the other day at Molly’s and you seemed upbeat and joked a little with me, but inside i was outraged and screaming that something so horrible could happen to one of our friends, a pillar in our community, to a child in general. I join the many others who have been heartbroken at the face of the magnitude of your loss, and can only feebly add my condolences and prayers for your beautiful family. I am sure Rory smiles in heaven and is proud to have you as parents. This is what I could not say at Mollys to you.

  485. I am truly very sorry for your loss.. As I was reading the story and clicked on the link that brought me to your page, my heart was just breaking for you.. I, myself am a mother of an 11 yr old son and it just brought me to tears to read Rory’s story and see all the pictures.. You are a true inspiration for speaking out and informing others of this illness.My thoughts are with you and all who knew Rory.

  486. I read this story and was so saddened by what happened to your son.He was such a beautiful boy, inside and out.I have two children and I often feel that I am overly cautious when they aren’t feeling well.Your story makes me realize that you can never be too cautious and when it comes to someone you love, you need to do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe and healthy. My heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing your story and bringing this awareness out to everyone. God Bless you and your family.

  487. I am so sorry to hear about losing your son. I looked at your pictures and he was a very handsome young man with a GREAT smile! I too have lost my son but in a car accident. He was 24.It has been 3 1/2 years now.& And there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of him. It is great that you are spreading awareness. You are using your tragedy to prevent others. That is a great way to keep your son’s memory alive.

  488. As I mother I can feel the pain this family feels and know that no amount of suffering can equal the pain of losing a child….May your loss never be in vain and the spirit of your son live on in all whom he touched…God bless you…I’m praying that healing will come to the family.

  489. My heart aches for you.We love our children and raise them the best we know how. You put his life in the hands of doctors that are supposed to be looking out for his best interest and instead they make so many mistakes that lead to his death. I hope you are compensated so you and your daughter never have to work another day in your life.I hope you continue you mission to educate. I have 7 year old twins and you have opened my eyes to something that could happen to anyone.Thank you so much for sharing your heart-breaking story. I am sure that many lives will be saved in Rory’s memory.May God bless you and your family. ♥

  490. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for the courage to share your story with others. The information you have provided can help save lives, and I appreciate you sharing. May God bless you and your family.

  491. I’m so very sorry about your son.

  492. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious son, Rory. What a beautiful boy Im sure both outside and in. Thank you for sharing your story… I’m sure he will be in the minds of everyone who reads it from that point forward. Be strong…you are not alone!!

  493. My most extreme condolences for the loss of your son. 12 years isfar to short of a life span. I know the dangers of Sepsis.I almost succumbed t oit myself, and I was also misdiagnosed, the Dr’s believing me to have a muscle strain. I was fortunate in that when I was finally properly diagnosed over a week later, I was able to survive,though barely. My initial staph infection started in my neck and 10 days later, on Thanksgiving 2010, I had to have emergency surgery. I was so ill that I have little memory ofthose 10 days. I do remember painfully waking up from surgery andbeing told that I had a large hole in the back of my neck and head,and that they nearly lost me. Months later the wound care physician that was caring for me told me that in essence my head had been removed by approximately 30%. Months of recovery was required, and the pain remains to this day, and will be with me for the rest of mylife. I ask a heavy burden of you in your time of pain. Make surethat your story is heard. Emergency rooms and physicians nationwide need better training to recognize sepsis earlier, and as tragic as your son’s loss may be, perhaps it can hasten the process. God Blessyou and your family, My prayers go out to you.

  494. I’m very sorry for the lost of your precious child. I’m the mother of three children, 15year old girl, 13 and 11 year old boys. Thank you for finding strength through your irreparable lost to inform us parents about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome. With active boys running and playing sports I will be more aware of any scrapes and cuts they may;sustained. Rory, I’ve never met you but you are an Angel in Heaven, touching the lives of so many.

  495. I am truly sorry to hear this and outraged that it happened.I certainly hope that the Emergency Dept. can develop a protocol that this must be ruled out before they discharge someone with “flu-like’ symptoms. Requiring that they ASK if there is a history of a recent open cut or wound to any one presenting with flu-like symptoms, body pains, high temp., fatigue.
    I am a nurse and never again will I ever not think to ask about an open wound and consider toxic shock. I will always think of Rory.
    They like to tell us that our health care is the best …but it’s not. Staff is tired, rushed and insurance company driven.

  496. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful boy your son is. Our sincere prayers to your family.Thank you for this site, for sharing Rory’s life here and for shedding light on toxic shock syndrome.  May you sense the love and support from others both near and far. May the Lord comfort you,as He promises to be near the brokenhearted.And may your grief be softened by the wonderful memories you will carry with you forever. Thank you for your courage.

  497. I saw your son’s face on the internet and I was just captured.I went on to read his story so saddened by your loss.What a beautiful boy.   You are wonderful people to have your tragedy possibly save 1000’s of lives.I hope God comforts you both and your beautiful daughter. I am sure Rory who seemed to be an angel on earth is very busy in Heaven! God’s blessing to you all.

  498. I am so touched, and deeply saddened by Rory’s story.I cried reading it. He was an amzing young man. I have a great deal of respect for you for sharing his story. As a mom of young children, I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through But I thank you for sharing, I learned a great deal from Rory’s website. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers

  499. I am so sorry to hear about your son Roy. I too wasseptic two years ago, and I thought it was stomach flu. My kids actually foundme in the bed with my eyes rolling in the back of the head. It’s by God’s gracethat I am still here. I am glad you are sharing your family’s story to educatethe world and save a life. My symptoms were nausea, diarrhea and lots of pain. May God comfort your hearts and bring healing and peace.

  500. This is a wake up call. Thanks for the information. Prayers for Staunton Family and for the repose of the soul of Rory.

  501. Thank you for sharing your story as hard as it is for you.By doing this more lives can be saved. I am a high school secretary and have been enlightened by this story and will have more awareness when we have injurys such as this. God Bless you in your healing.

  502. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Rory looked and sounded like such a wonderful child. You must be very proud.

  503. OMG Rory looks just like my son Jon!I am so sorry for your loss. But please know that Rory is in a special place and we are left to try and understand what happened.; He would remind us to love and take care of each other. All my love and prayers.

  504. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to your family. As a mom of 3, ages all close to your son, I worry for the children all the time. I am hoping the medical community recognizes the jaded responses to children’s illnesses and I hope they become more aware of the caution they need to take when treating in the ED. God bless you in this very trying time.

  505. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I have a son who is thirteen now. I was just speaking with my mom a couple of weeks ago, about being misdiagnosed of many things. There should be counter measures so that this will not happen again with all Doctors to see the warning signs and maybe there will be enough time to correct it and save a life. Again its sad to see this happen. May GOD bless you and peace be with you. Amen.

  506. I am so very sadden for your loss.He was a beautiful little boy, and now he is one of God’s little Angels. Thank you for sharing and I know that this will help save someone Else’s child some day. My question is: How did he get this just from a scratch from the floor? Did they test the floor for germs? Stuff like this is so common these days and I wonder where all these germs and diseases are coming from?  These hospitals are so quick to send someone back home to get them out of their ER Rooms? I think the hospitals need to start running more tests on their patients.& Maybe if he had been diagnosed quicker, they might have been able to save this beautiful child. I am just heartbroken over this story and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May God Bless You and Your Family.

  507. My deepest sympathies go out to your family. My son is 14 and we went through the exact same thing this past January. We went to the ER and we were sent home after several tests and told it was a virus. I took him to the doctor the next day and then again back to the hospital the day after that. Thankfully we have a children’s hospital in our area that was wonderful and they saved his life. Thank you for raising awareness to parents everywhere.

  508. I am saddened by your story and you have touched my heart. Your little boy seemed like an amazing child.He has helped the world.I work in an elementary school gym and I will be more aware if any child gets hurt in the gym.

  509. Rory seemed like an amazing kid.I’m so sorry for your loss. There are no words to take your pain away, but Rory can continue to live through the awareness that you & your family are creating about this terrible illness called, Sepsis. My Father is a survivor and I count my blessings every day that the hospital acted quickly to the symptoms and proper diagnosis. In fact, it was the ER that began his treatment and created a small isulated ICU within the ER in order to save his life. They had just recently been trained on the quick diagnosis of Sepsis, so perhaps it was just top of mind for them. Regardless, they saved his life and I’m forever grateful. I lived by his side and experienced the same fear trauma that you explain in Rory’s story.You did everything within your power and I pray that you find peace in knowing that what you did and are doing is amazing and will help so many other people. God Bless your family and know that Rory is with you every step of the way.

  510. I am so sorry to read about this terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to you, the family, for your tremendous loss.In this day, doctors & hospitals ought to make it standard practice to rule out infections. There are so many “new” infections that are showing up in mainstream society that you think that the medical group would already have this in place. My thoughts and prayers are with you; God bless!

  511. I do not know the family I live in Colorado but I have been following this story and just wanted to express my condolences for this family. I as a mother can not imagine the pain that this family is going through.Rory seemed like a wonderful child and had the world ahead of him.I am so sorry for your loss.

  512. My heart sank as I read the story of Rory on the internet today. I have four children. My now 13 year old Eddie had emergency surgery last year when a sprained ankle turned into cellulitis. He had a high fever, took him to the Dr. and told he had a virus. When the bright red skin showed above the cast I took him to the Dr. again…then instructed to go straight to the hospital. His WBC was also elevated. An infection had gone to the bone in his ankle. Still unexplainable as how he got it, he’s lucky to have his leg. I had never been so frightened and overwhelmed. I feel so badly for what your family has gone through and Thank You for sharing your story. Bonnie in Erie, MI

  513. So very sorry for your loss. I know words can’t explain the loss. I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for your family and hope that the wonderful memories you have of your son and brother always bring a smile to your face!

  514. I am so sorry for your terrible loss. You’re right, no parents should ever have to go through something like this. Parents losing a child just shouldn’t happen. What a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to you
    With sincere regards

  515. I am so sorry for your loss and deeply saddened something couldn’t have been done sooner. I often think that ER dr’s and some pediatricians all over ( I am from South Jersey) rush to judgement in a diagnosis, especially if the symptoms are similar to be able to say its a virus. I hope you find the answers your are looking for, it certainly deserve them. Best of luck and well wishes always..

  516. Thank you for educating me. I appriciate you sharing your story. I sit here at work with tears streaming down my face because I cannot even begin to imagine the feelings you have now that your son is gone.When we loose some one we love I believe we gain an angel we know.

  517. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.Rory was obviously an amazing boy. Thank you for spreading the word so that others may be diagnosed correctly or more quickly. I will pray for you all.

  518. My heart goes out to you and your family. May God hold your family close and give you strength. Your son looks so happy in all the pics.God Bless Your Family!

  519. Please accept our deepest sympathy in the loss of your son. He is such a beautiful son. We wish we could console you but know there are no words that can ease your pain and suffering. We have also lost a son on Oct.28th, 2004. Just know that you are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you through this tragic time…. He will always be with you and watching over you. All of our love and prayers are with you.

  520. We are so sorry about your dear son. I cried as I read this, he was a beautiful boy. We will keep you in our prayers always.

  521. My heart goes out to you and your family. You have done a wonderful job making other parents like myself aware of these kinds of situation. I am sure your son is smiling down at you all. Your story has truly touched me and I am going to make it my mission to spread the word to all of the people that I know. God Bless you and your family

  522. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. You are in my prayers.I have children and it stock me to the core.

  523. So very, very sorry for your loss and the indescribible pain you must feel. My mother died of septic shock in a hospital in Germany where she was vacationing. We never understood how or why it happened. I hope you can find some closure in the future. Thank you for sharing his story and warning others about this deadly and unexpected illness.

  524. Mr. & Mrs. Staunton:What a sad story! I cried when I read about such a young boy with so much depth and soul.He is basking in the arms of his heavenly father. My sincere condolences to you and all who mourn Rory Staunton.

  525. We extend our sympathy to you and your family at the loss of your wonderul son Rory.The loss of a child is like the sun never shinning again.

  526. My condolences to Rory’s family, especially his parents.Your heart is broken and you will never be able to fill the hole that your son’s loss created but you are doing a wonderful thing by helping to educate others about this terrible infection that is so fast-moving. Thank you. Your son would be so proud of how you are helping others. There does need to be better communication among our medical caregivers and I’m glad that you are holding both the pediatrician and the ER doctors accountable. Someone should have picked up the phone and called either you or your pediatrician about the lab results the night that they received them!They should have had you bring him back to the ER!There was no excuse for abnormal lab results to have never been reported to someone. Keep your son’s memory alive with this web site but fight for justice as well!

  527. I saw your story this morning on the Today show and it got me very emotional. I am so, so sorry for all that you have been put through and what Rory was put through. Shame on that hospital for not checking the lab results before they sent Rory home. I have a son who has CP and he has been in septic shock twice and lived through it. As a parent it is the scariest thing to witness your child go through that. That feeling stays with you always. Thank you for sharing Rory with us.

  528. Thank you for taking a horrible personal experience and choosing to help so many others.  My heart breaks for your family. God bless you.

  529. It takes extraordinary empathy and courage to seek to help other parents from the depths of your bereavement. Thank you for sharing Rory’s story, his brilliant life and his tragic death.

  530. I am so very sorry for your loss! You are a very kind family to help others become more aware of this through this sad tragedy. I pray you have God’s comfort during this time.

  531. I am deeply saddened and so sorry for the loss of your son.Thank you very much for sharing Rory’s life and story. I have three young children and the information you provided was something I didn’t know existed and from this point on I will remember and be aware of. Rory lived an amazing twelve years. May god bless your family and give you peace.

  532. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  533. Words can not express my deepest sympathy for your loss … I have (3) children of my own and also reside in NY. Just to know that this has even happened scares me.I hope in time you and your family can heal from this and I THANK YOU for putting the word out to other families and giving us a chance to see how truly special he was. His memory will forever be etched in my heart. I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers …stay blessed!

  534. To read about this broke my heart. Such a sweet spirit, just reminds us all that what we do every day whether we choose to make a difference or not could be our last attempt at life. Rory lived this, sounds like. So glad that he found such meaning in the short life he lived. Thank you for sharing your sons life with us as a solemn reminder to savor each day and strive to make choices that will make life more meaningful. God bless you and your endeavors.

  535. I am sorry for the loss of your precious son.Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. As a parent, I learned about the warning signs for strep.Because of your strength and courage, other lives will be saved. I pray that God may carry you through this difficult time and continue to give you His grace.

  536. I am deeply saddened by your loss and my prayers are extended to you and your family and I know that your site will prevent another family from having to lose a child.

  537. I am very sorry for your loss. Please know that your story inspired me to make sure I treasure my time with my own children a little more. Sending much love from our family to yours.

  538. My heart breaks for your family. I want to thank your for making us aware of TSS and the signs and symptoms. As a mother of 3 very young active children, I now know what to look for heaven forbid this happens to us. Rory did not die in vain. His death WILL help others. God Bless


  540. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I have tears streaming down my face reading about Rory, his accomplishments and how he wouldn’t want this to happen to another child (person). God bless you all and lets keep this in the publics eye – parents need to be aware of such.

  541. We send to you our most sincere sympathy. We lost our son, John when he was 19 years old from a car accident & it’s something that you never think you’ll have to do. It’s been almost 20 years now, but seems like only yesterday! We do know that we’ll be seeing him again in heaven & that is what gets us by… Rory sounds amazing!! We know you miss him so terribly much, but hold on with all you have to the memories & keep him in your heart… We send you our love, William & Carlis Atkins

  542. I just want to say that this breaks my heart.When we do all we can to protect our kids, take them to the right places for help, yet something this tragic can happen.I will never feel like I am over reacting again – so what if I am?! I am so sorry for your tremendous loss – your son looks like he was a beautiful child. Thank you for your love and thoughfulness for the rest of our children!

  543. I am so very sorry for your loss. As the mother of a 6 year old little girl (as would for any parent or non parent for that matter) my heart broke for Rory and all of your family. Because of the article I will be more aware of this and will let others know about the dangers of septic shock. Wishing you peace and strength. Crystal

  544. I am deeply sorry for your loss – I hope God gives you comfort you need during this difficult time – I do greatly appreciate the information you put on this page. As a mother of twin boys, I appreciate this information. My heart goes out to your entire family.

  545. I’m so sorry for your devastating loss. Rory was an outstanding young man and his legacy will live on forever. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  546. may god bless you and give u peace of mind and sorry for your loss…but after all thank you also being a very caring and nice person to spread the word to protect other children a father hands down for you

  547. My heartfelt condolences for your loss. I can only imagine the sadness you must feel but am glad you have such fond memories. Rory seemed like a remarkable young man, a model for others to follow. Thank you for being so public with your grief and activism. Good things will come of this though it is little consolation at this point.

  548. My Daughter had toxic syndrome when she was five because of a third degree burn. Thank God the doctors knew or at least they called in five other doctors. This was back 20 years ago.

  549. Dearest Rory, I know as you look down upon us, you’re able to see how your tragedy will help and encourage others to ask more questions. I know you are watching over your parents, and guide them each day. With your unsurpassed love, may they find the strength to understand, and may they find the courage to continue helping prevent this from happening to others. Although you’ve left this earth much too soon, you will certainly never be forgotten. I know you’re the Captain of your new your team in Heaven, and through your energy, the stars clearly shine much brighter.

  550. I am so saddened by your loss and my heartfelt prayers are with you and all who knew and loved your son. I am an Infection Control Nurse and I see the devastating effects of infections everyday because of failures in our healthcare system. Your story inspires me work harder so Healthcare professionals and the systems they work within can prevent this from happening to another patient. I will give whatever support to your cause that I can.

  551. When my son Idris came home from his first day of sixth grade at Garden School, I asked him if he made any friends. He said, “I met a boy named Rory who helped me to find my classes and who sat next to me at lunch. He made me laugh, mom.He made me feel welcome.At such a young age, Rory showed my son that excellence of character and generosity of spirit can be demonstrated with such grace and authenticity.I remember meeting Rory and was struck by his noble presence and a palpable sense of respect. He actually bowed after he shook my hand and gave me a smile that could light up the city. Rory, you shine in our hearts and we send you blessings as you make your company with the stars. Your family’s love can be felt in these pages and I humbly extend my respects to the entire Staunton family– God’s Grace will be with you Always.

  552. dear mr. and mrs. Staunton, my heart goes out to you in your devastating loss. I just know what you are going through.  My beloved son, Patrick, drowned in a stupid accident 3 years ago. It is almost like something reached in and tore out a chunk of one’s heart. Dont listen to the folks who tell you to get over it. Grieve,weep, roar with anger at the heavens, and go at your own pace. Your son sounds like he was a brilliant young person and i am so sorry for your loss. I am a cork-born woman living in Oregon. with sympathy, maureen williams

  553. I heard about your terrible loss this morning on Newstalk. No words can describe what happened to your family on the loss of your darling son Rory. You are very brave to be on the air so soon after such a devasting loss. My thoughts are with you all and I wish you success in your forthcoming legal case.

  554. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Staunton,
    I was both shocked and saddened to hear of your tragic loss….saddened by the death of such a young boy who obviously loved life and shocked by the treatment of lack thereof that was administered to him by the doctors.
    I cannot begin to understand your grief over losing him but I do send thoughts of deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your young daughter.
    In the pictures, I can see such a lovely, open, Irish face, and his beautiful, sparkling eyes and smile. In one photo in particular, I could see a dear Irish friend who is also no longer with us.
    From all I have read about Rory the world, along with his family, has lost a treasure.
    Yours sincerely,
    Marie Corbin Council.

  555. I read Maureen Dowd’s article about your sweet son this morning and it took my breath away.Such a kind, special boy, obviously wise beyond his years, taken away too soon.I have had a heavy heart all day and will continually reflect on your dear son.My deepest sympathy to you.

  556. I read about Rory in the NY Times, and I want to offer my condolences. What a wonderful young man!! I have two little boys, and my greatest aspiration in life is that they will become as confident and thoughtful and kind as he is.

  557. To Rory’s Family,
    Your son sounded like a very special kid. Even though I didn’t know him, I grieve for your loss.
    NYU was egregiously and grossly negligent , as well as the two physicians involved. To think that NO ONE thought to inform you of Rory’s abnormal lab results was shocking as well as incredibly sad.
    I salute you for your fight against Sepsis and for the miserable and inadequate care your son received.
    Please let me know if you need any help or funds to pass Rory’s Law .

  558. Rory’s life has shown us all the true meaning of any life – to love, to care, to make things better. Along with so many other I will pass his story along.He lives.

  559. I am not a religious man – but I pray for your son and your serenity.I pray for your daughter who clearly was loved greatly by Rory. In Rory’s memory I will hug my children tightly when I see them tonight. I am so sorry for your loss and sincerely appreciate your allowing us to get to know your son and experience his spirit.

  560. Read the NYTimes here in Colorado about Rory. Devastating. My heart goes out to all of you–Rory’s family and friends. No words can describe nor ameliorate this loss. He was clearly an exceptional person. I’m sending love and prayers your way. I hope your effort to change the laws and procedures ends up being instituted nationwide. His story will end up saving others’ lives.

  561. The cruel ill-fated twists and turns of dear Rory’s end are so painful, frustrating and hard to believe. To have this happen to such an incredible, passionate, good family, who were only interested in love, seeing life as witty, and achieving dreams, makes it all the more heart-breaking.  Why must someone as good as Rory, someone who so obviously LOVED life so very much, and LOVED the people in his life be taken from them? Please cherish your daughter as she too has the Staunton sparkle. Her brother was her protector! What a unique sibling relationship full of love and friendship.I know it does not seem thinkable, but one day she will be ok!   This tragedy will make her even more powerful and incredible, but she right now she must be cradled as I’m sure she is. And, perhaps, one day she will have a little boy just like her amazing big brother. Godspeed Ciaran and your family. Oh how I wish I could turn back time for you.Oh how much I wish for that!

  562. rest in peace, Rory. Deepest condolences to the staunton family.

  563. I’m so so terribly sorry for your loss. I have been reading so much about your son and what a joy, what a special person he was who clearly lived so vividly. My thoughts and prayers to you, your family and friends.

  564. Your loss of Rory is in many ways the world’s loss of a part of its conscience.I am so sorry; you have my deepest condolences.

  565. My heart is heavy with sadness to have read Maureen Dowd’s article of such a terrible and preventable loss of this promising young boy.I know that bad things happen to good people, but this is just too terrible to imagine.I offer my thoughts and prayers to his loved ones and may peace be with you.

  566. Dear Family of Rory Staunton, We all ask ourselves now like Goethe did so long ago [“In his presence could I not display, to its full extent, that mysterious feeling with which my heart embraces nature?”] because I am sure all who knew Rory were inspired by the presence of something special, emanating from the power of his good nature, and were fond of displaying that mysterious feeling that comes to all who are in the presence of good people.The tragedy of this good all-American boy reminded me of some other tragedies. This should not have happened.

    I am very sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolence, Alexander L. Shah

  567. I’m heartbroken.I pray that you’ll be able to find happiness and peace again. You’ve been in my thoughts ever since reading the Times article.God bless you all.

  568. I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the Staunton family on the loss of their remarkable son, may god continue to bless you.Conrad

  569. Dear Staunton family,Words cannot express how deeply saddened we are after hearing Rory’s story. We have been praying for your family everyday, as I know many others are also doing so throughout the world. We pray that God will bring you peace and healing during this difficult time. Rory’s legacy will forever live on, and we will continue to pray for you.

  570. Hello from Eagle, CO.
    I showed this to my wife. She has filed it her memory bank.
    Reading your story brings tears, I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Your Rory was a beautiful boy. The world misses him.
    You folks are courageous for telling this story, I have no doubt that lives will be saved as a result.
    If you’re ever in the mountains of CO near Vail or Aspen, I hope you’ll drop us a line. It’d be our pleasure to show your family the slopes, the rivers, streams, and the trails around here. We’ll look up at the stars, have a chat with Rory. You can stay with us if you like.
    God bless you and yours.

  571. I am so very sorry for you. To lose a child under any circumstances is incredibly sad, but to have it happen when it could have been prevented with decent medical care is tragic beyond compare. It is clear that Rory was a very special boy with a heart and an intellect that would have enabled him to be a very positive influence in a world that needs just that. Please be strong and know that many many people are thinking about your family and praying for you.

  572. Words fail me… this story touched me deeply. Rory’s legacy will be the lives saved as a result of his story. My heart grieves for a child I never knew. Strength and peace to those who were blessed to have known and loved him.

  573. I’m so sorry for your lost. I hope the best for the family!! :(Big hug from Belgium.

  574. I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your son Rory.

  575. Today I worked at my job at the Airport in Boston. A couple of my friends that work for Delta and I read about the heartbreaking death of Rory on We were all heart broken after reading the article. I didnt know Rory at all, but I read the “About Rory” section on this website and after reading I could tell that Rory was a great boy and that he had achieved so much in his life. I send my thoughts and prayers to Rory’s entire family and send my prayers to Rory himself who is now up there watching us. R.I.P. Rory

  576. What a beautiful boy, person, and inspiration. You were blessed to witness his life and accomplishments and were robbed of his future. I’m so sad for you and your family.  And I’m so angry at the dismissal of patients who are all too often sent home, misdiagnosed, and many resulting in death. Thank you for sharing your son with all of us, and thank you for having the strength to fight for making the healthcare system, and our awareness better.

  577. I am so sorry for your loss. Tragedy from this disease occurs so frequently, even when detected early. I have seen many children die from this disease, even when detected earLy and treated appropriately. My sincere sympathies.

  578. We feel deep with the family and pray for Rory in Heaven.

  579. I’m so sorry for your loss.. i wish the best for the parents and family from holland.

  580. unexpected or not. Losing a loved one, does anyone grief. In words, it is difficult to express Tears say maybe more. Any loss .. Incurably doing very much. Maybe numb old memories a piece of the pain. Thinking back to the time that he could be with you.

  581. I’m just a mother, a neighbor, an educator, a friend, who reads the paper here in San Francisco. I tried writing so many different things, but words just sound so small in comparison to the enormity of your loss.I’m sending love and compassion to your family in this difficult time.

  582. Touched by Ciaran’s interview on Irish Radio this morning. So sorry to hear of the loss of your truly inspiring and wonderful son Rory.May his life always be an inspiration for you and others. Mary

  583. I am sorry about your loss, I read it in the newspaper in Sweden (europe).

  584. I worked at my job at the office in Japan,yesterday.
    then I read about death of Rory on news site.
    I was stunned and shocked by cause of Rory’s of death.
    This sad news really make me sad.
    I have a child of the age same as Rory.
    Even if words are different,if countries to live in are different, it is no different from parents having a child.

    Though I had not met him, I think the boy that Rory was very lovely and cheerful and bright.
    I don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine how you feel.
    Our hearts are with you in sympathy for your loss.
    May Rory rest in peace.

  585. So sorry to hear that just a wonderful person was lost to this earth, we need more people like Rory. I hope that his story continues to touch so many, as he has certainly done for me.

  586. This tragedy clearly should never have happened.My heart goes out to you.Your son deserved to live a full life, and was owed professional care which he clearly did not receive.

  587. So sorry to hear of young Rory’s passing

    You must be devasted

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

  588. I am sooo sorry for your loss!!! I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. In April, my husband experienced a similar situation. We took him to the ER after he had very high fevers & body pain for 3 days. My best friend is a nurse and she told us she worried he may have an infection in his blood stream. When I told the ER doctor this and that she was worried he was septic, they basically laughed at me and said he was not. They did no blood tests or even checked for dehydration, just a flu swab which they said was positive. I argued that the flu swab was not an accurate test especially so late in the season and with such a mild flu season which i had read on the CDC website but the doctor told me I was wrong. Sent my husband home with 2 tylenol and told him to stay in bed for the next 3 days and he would begin to feel better. The next day my husband could barely move and could not stand or walk at all. The pain was excrutiating. I took him to another ER and they ran tests and found he had a strep infection in his blood stream that had settled in several joints and muscles and he was severly dehydrated. He ended up being in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and stayed on IV antibiotics for a month. To this day he still has recurring pains where the infection got in joints and muscles. Luckily his organs had not yet been infected but if we would have followed the first hospitals instructions, I have no doubt my husband would have died within days. Your story needs to get out so people and doctors know they need to check people carefully and not just do the bare minimum treatment and be held accountable! Again, I am so sorry for your loss am sending prayers for you all in this very difficult time!

  589. I wish you all the very best with your mission to honour Rory’s life. He was obviously a great kid and I hope that your wonderful memories of the 12 years you shared with him will provide some solace for the future.
    Your tragic loss will hopefully be the catalyst to spare many other parents and relative similar suffering.
    Keep the faith.

  590. I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son Rory.My thoughts and prayers are with your family. The picture of the three of you sitting on Aer Lingus back to Ireland brought a smile to my face. Again you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  591. My thoughts are prayers go out to the family and friends of Rory. Events such as this happens all the time and that is why it is so important to get this information out to the public.The family can’t replace their beloved son, but they can take honor in knowing that his story might help another child. God bless you.

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