Sepsis Education in Schools

The Rory Staunton Foundation is the only sepsis organization to provide comprehensive K-12 sepsis education. Our lesson plans were developed in partnership with New York State Department of Education and the American Federation of Teachers. Starting in kindergarten, the lessons progressively educate young people about wound care and the signs and science of sepsis and infection and show students how to become public health advocates in their communities.

In November, 2017, Governor Cuomo signed Rory Staunton’s Law, requiring all New York schools to receive sepsis education resources, free of charge.

Our lesson plans and supplementary resources are available for download from this webpage. They can also be found on New York State’s Department of Education website and through the AFT’s Share My Lesson platform, used by over 1.2 million educators nationwide.

By educating the next generation of parents, teachers, and caregivers, we can drastically reduce the sepsis death toll. View a short video of our lesson plans in action, and then download our resources for your classroom.


In 2016 we filmed a video Sepsis Education in Schools: Knowledge for a Safer Future. In the video, we discuss our mission to bring sepsis education to schools as a way to start basic sepsis education for everyone-we believe that if we empower our children then we will begin to change patterns of behavior. We took our cameras to McClancy High School in Queens New York and filmed science teacher Ann Smith, the first teacher in New York State to create a sepsis curriculum, which she did following Rory’s death when she decided that the situation as it was at the time, that students were not learning anything about the science and signs of sepsis needed to end.  In this new sepsis curriculum, in addition to learning about the signs and science of sepsis the sepsis curriculum teaches our children how to advocate for themselves and their loved ones in a community setting.

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Ouch! I Got a Cut!

We were delighted when Ouch! I Got A Cut! was included in the curriculum. Ouch! I Got A Cut! was written by Orlaith and Kathleen Staunton mother and sister of Rory Staunton and is beautifully illustrated by the wonderful artist Cecilia Mandrile. A must for parents, caretakers, and educators. Ouch! I Got A Cut! is a read-along book for young children emphasizing the three “C’s” of wound care. When you get a cut: clean and cover! Follow Sebastian, Jilly and Nelson through a fun-filled day a the park when the inevitable happens: one of the children get a cut.

A read-along picture book for young children teaches a back to basics approach to wound care through the story of a fun day out with three best friends. It is available for purchase on Amazon.


Sepsis Lesson Plans:

Sepsis Education Plans (Grades Pre K-12) developed in partnership by the Rory Staunton Foundation with the New York State Department of Education and the American Federation of Teachers.