About the Council

The National Family Council on Sepsis is a coalition of families and friends impacted by sepsis and individuals who share the Foundation’s commitment to reducing deaths from sepsis. The mission of the Council is:

  • To become a national support network for families who have lost loved ones to sepsis and for those who have survived sepsis
  • To develop a national network of volunteers, led by Sepsis Champions in each state, who will:
    • Work towards lowering sepsis mortality rates in each state by ensuring the adoption of Rory’s Regulations,
      a set of protocols that facilitate swift and accurate diagnosis and treatment of sepsis in hospitals
    • Educate and raise awareness of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of sepsis
    • Identify partners and supporters in each state.


A note from the Staunton Family:

Through the Rory Staunton Foundation, we have connected with many other families devastated by the loss of a family member to sepsis. While our individual experiences are different, the pain we feel is the same, as is our determination to ensure that others have the knowledge they need to keep their loved ones safe from sepsis. For this reason, we have come together as a community to launch the first ever National Family Council on Sepsis. For us, those who have lost loved ones or survived sepsis, the lack of awareness around sepsis is both staggering and heartbreaking. The Council will dedicate itself to public education and to encouraging all fifty states to adopt improved protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis within medical institutions.

We aim to create a movement that could save a million lives over the next five years and ensure that families and communities are no longer shattered by deaths that are completely preventable. To do this, we need your help. Join us.

Please click here to join the National Family Council.