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Rory and Kathleen Staunton

Rory and Kathleen Staunton

Why not write the logo the way I write his name? Kathleen asked.  Kathleen was 10 years old at the time. Whenever she wrote her brother’s name she wrote it with a heart.  She and Rory were steadfast friends and loving siblings. They sometimes squabbled, but as soon as one of us attempted to intervene they would unite and then battle us.

Kathleen and Rory went to the same school.  Every day we shared the same routine, car rides to the school and back, pick-ups full of stories of the day.

Katheen loves sports.  Basketball is her game.  Rory came to many games to cheer her on, giving her big bear hugs when the game was over. They both loved the beach, Rockaway Beach in Queens in particular, they spent days there with their friends in the summer.  They both loved Ireland and spent all their summers racing and hanging out with cousins. They grew up in a great neighborhood in Queens, New York where they were part of a group of kids who roamed safely from home to home considering each friend’s home their own.

Rory and Kathleen continuously plotted and conspired without us knowing what they were up to. The plots usually involved the next vacation plans or some new game they wanted. Together after much whispering we were once treated to an anniversary dinner at Evergreen Restaurant in Manhattan, Rory was 8 and Kathleen was 6 at the time, they raided their joint savings for the treat.

Rory loved airplanes and debating. Kathleen savored his passions often asking what country he was flying to on his flight simulator or arguing a debate topic with him.

The house is quieter now, most things have changed. One thing hasn’t changed,  Kathleen still writes Rory’s name with a heart.