New Film Award To Be Named In Honor of Rory Staunton

ablevision logoAbleVision Ireland names new film award after Rory Staunton

AbleVision Ireland has launched the Rory Staunton Memorial award for the winning short film in its inaugural international film festival in Ireland on May 17.

The AbleVision Ireland 2013 Film Festival, which will take place in Drogheda, is a competition for short films and digital media made in partnership with people with intellectual challenges. The festival will feature movies made by – and about – people with intellectual challenges and it has received lots of interest from abroad.

AbleVision decided to honor Rory because of his campaign at school, under the auspices of the Special Olympics, to foster social responsibility and greater respect for people with intellectual disabilities.

He had a thing about the ‘R’ word, and worked hard to make his young friends and schoolmates understand how wrong it is to use the word “retard,” or “retarded,” in a derogatory sense.

Our picture shows some of the film-makers themselves at a reception for AbleVision.

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