The Urgency of Now: Attacking the Sepsis Crisis

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We were honored to be asked to contribute an editorial commentary to the May issue of the prestigious Critical Care Medicine journal. You can read here our editorial, “The Urgency of Now: Attacking the Sepsis Crisis.”

The May issue coincides with the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s decision to focus efforts on what SCCM President, Dr. Jerry Zimmerman, refers to as an “audacious goal­–the goal of preventing sepsis altogether, by avoiding the transition from infection to organ dysfunction.”

Our editorial is in response to a featured report, “Sepsis Cases for Performance Measurement Versus Reimbursement in New York State” by Prescott et al, comparing sepsis codes contained in hospital discharge records (Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System database) with the reporting mandated under Rory’s Regulations to the Sepsis Clinical Database.

Thousands of lives have been saved with mandatory sepsis protocols in New York State but more needs to be done. We need national protocols, so we can identify sepsis patients when they present to the hospital and are not sent home at risk of organ failure and possible death, as was the case with our son Rory.

We look forward to partnering with SCCM and other organizations to achieve our shared mission: the eradication of sepsis from the world.


To read the original article in Critical Care Medicine Journal, please click here.