Ouch! I Got A Cut!

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A must for parents, caretakers and educators, Ouch! I Got A Cut! is a read-along book for young children emphasizing the three “C’s” of wound care.  When you get a Cut: Clean and Cover! Follow Sebastian, Jilly and Nelson through a fun-filled day at the park when the inevitable happens: one of the children gets a cut, but doesn’t know exactly what to do. The simple, three pronged approach, ‘Cut, Clean and Cover’ prevents infection and saves lives.

The book was written by Orlaith & Kathleen Staunton, the mother and sister of Rory Staunton, who died at 12 years old from sepsis (the body’s life threatening response to an infection) because a scrape during a regular gym class at his school was noticed but not treated.

With education and prevention as its mission, Orlaith & Ciaran Staunton founded The Rory Staunton Foundation for the Prevention of Sepsis. Sepsis kills over 250,000 Americans every year, and is the biggest killer of children in the world.​

Brilliantly illustrated by fine artist Cecilia Mandrile, Ouch! I Got a Cut! is whimsical, welcoming and entertaining, and will forever cement the importance of wound care for young children.

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{All proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit sepsis education and awareness.}