New Jersey Call to Action – here’s how you can help right now!

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After a three-year campaign by residents, including sepsis survivor Nicole Taylor and her family, and the Rory Staunton Foundation, New Jersey has agreed to Mandatory Sepsis Protocols in ALL New Jersey hospitals!
But we’re not there yet…
Public comment on the proposed rule change will be accepted through August 18th. Your voice matters!  Go to NJ Department of Health Web Site now to comment.
The rule citation must be referenced when you comment, as follows:
“I want mandatory, life-saving sepsis protocols in New Jersey hospitals!”  “Proposed New Rule: N.J.A.C. 8:43G-14.9/Hospital Licensing Standards – Infection Control: Sepsis Protocols
So, copy and paste the above and click HERE now to comment.
Yes, there are hospitals in NJ that have sepsis protocols in place, but not every hospital. what if you or your loved ones go to a hospital that doesn’t follow sepsis protocols?
We can NOT allow “choosing the right hospital” to determine life or death with regards to sepsis!
Let Commissioner Bennett know that you encourage her to implement these protocols immediately to start saving lives. ALL New Jersey residents deserve life-saving, sepsis protocols in ALL hospitals – NOW!
Join us in making New Jersey SAFE FROM SEPSIS!