It’s difficult to explain in a small package what sepsis is…

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It’s difficult to explain in a small package what sepsis is, I can find a definition but it’s impossible to describe the devastation that comes with it. When someone you love dies from sepsis, it’s often with the speed of lightning and when someone survives, it’s with devastating effects including loss of limbs.

Four years ago when Rory died, like other sepsis victims, we thought it was something rare that attacked him. We looked for answers and couldn’t find them. The Federal Government, represented by the CDC had no information,there was nowhere to go for support.

Today, because of our Foundation we have made steady progress. The CDC has now declared sepsis “a national emergency”, and the National Family Council on Sepsis exists to advocate, support and educate. We stand strong with Ann Ceschin, mom of Katie, with Liz and Tony Galbo, parents of Gabby, with Chris Aiello, dad to Emily, Vanessa, daughter to Wes and with the other families whose loved ones have died; together we are determined to remember.

Yesterday I was reminded why we go on; two messages, one from a mom, who was on her way to pick up her 17 year old daughters’ autopsy results revealing the cause of death to be sepsis, and another, a message from a young girl whose mom, she described as her best friend, had died from sepsis. Neither family had heard of sepsis or knew the signs.

So, I know we have more work to do because families are still being wiped out. When I got the honor of Women of Worth I was hesitant, because sepsis is only a tiny little bit about me, I don’t believe I need an award for what I have done, I am devastated, in fact during the photo shoot for L’Oréal, after “smiling” for hours I broke down and sobbed.

But you know what, good has come from this campaign-the circle of support has grown. I can’t give sepsis a headline or a short description but I can give it a name… “killer”. We are sick of hearing and retelling messages of death, but it’s our life, this is our cause, we would love to have heard four words before Rory got sick: “Could this be sepsis?” We didn’t know and we want to change that for others.

Because we still have so much work to do to educate about sepsis, I am asking you to continue to support our campaign for sepsis awareness, please vote in the the L’Oréal Women of Worth Campaign, we are half way through the voting period!

Please go to: and vote today and everyday through October 28th. Thank you.