Rory Staunton Foundation and Leading Global Sepsis Organizations Convene in Cork

Ciaran Staunton addresses Cork Sepsis Conference, Rory Staunton Foundation,, Sepsis, National Family Council on Sepsis

Last Wednesday, October 20th, Ciaran Staunton spoke at the Mercy Hospital International Sepsis Conference in Cork, Ireland. The conference brought together speakers from all over the world to discuss initiatives to reduce mortality from sepsis.

In the last month Ciaran has traveled to South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania among other places to spread the word on sepsis.

The Rory Staunton Foundation has taken part in discussions on several T.V. and radio shows, we have distributed thousand of brochures detailing the signs of sepsis, we have attended parent information days at public schools, lobbied government and state agencies daily and we are continuing our hard work on creating a new educational program for teens.

This is why we need an the maximum $35,000 prize from L’Oreal Women of Worth-our work is far from done, we respond daily to people who have buried loved ones from sepsis and did not know the signs and whose doctors did not check for sepsis.

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