Sepsis Awareness Month 2016 – Our Most Successful Yet!

Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention, Rory Staunton, Sepsis Awareness Month 2016,

Thank you to all of you who supported us and raised awareness of sepsis throughout Sepsis Awareness Month! It proved to be our most successful yet!

Here’s some of what we at the Rory Staunton Foundation achieved in September:

  • We went Viral! Our Public Service Announcements featuring members of the National Family Council on Sepsis and co-produced with the Feinstein Institute went viral with more than a half a million views over the first few days – an unprecedented success!
  • Most Successful National Forum Ever! The Rory Staunton Foundation Third National Forum on Sepsis in New York City brought together leaders from healthcare, education, government, biotech and patient advocacy. New initiatives and partnership were presented and the energy generated will continue to spur significant progress in the field of sepsis in the year ahead.
  • CDC Moves: CDC announced their first ever sepsis campaign to raise awareness and improve the healthcare community’s approach to diagnosis and care. This was the culmination of The Rory Staunton Foundation’s four-year campaign to focus federal funds and resources to sepsis.
  • Ciaran Staunton on the Move: Ciaran Staunton of the Rory Staunton Foundation traveled the country from South Dakota to Pennsylvania, Boston to Indiana, delivering heartbreaking speeches at conferences and conventions with follow up media interviews on sepsis.
  • The Foundation participated in nationwide webinars to further the awareness of the signs of sepsis.
  • We produced and distributed thousands of new Sepsis information brochures to help educate Americans.

Although Sepsis Awareness Month is over, this silent and indiscriminate killer will continue to shatter families until we are educated about its dangers and understand its signs. Sepsis will kill more than 21,000 lives in the United States in October. Is this acceptable? No.

We will continue our fight into October and every month of the year… remember every month is Sepsis Awareness Month at the Rory Staunton Foundation.

We need your support; talk about sepsis, tell ten people about it and please give generously to support our work: Please follow this link to our Donate page.