See It, Stop It, Survive It – Big announcement coming out of Indiana

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Welcome Indiana… the Rory Staunton Foundation is honored to announce that Indiana will conduct a massive month-long Sepsis Awareness campaign partly inspired by Ciaran Staunton during his extensive speaking and media engagements in Indiana in June of this year.

“It (the campaign) would never have taken shape like this without your encouragement and your inspiration and your passion.”-says Jennifer Hurtubise of the Indiana Hospital Association.

Go Indiana…let’s save lives!


Join IHA in Sepsis Awareness Month

Download IHA’s sepsis member toolkit to get involved!

September is Sepsis Awareness Month and in Indiana we have almost 3,500 Hoosiers die from sepsis each year, according to the 2015 Indiana Hospital Association Inpatient Discharge Study.

With September right around the corner, the IHA is hosting a month-long sepsis awareness campaign with the theme, See It. Stop It. Survive It. Throughout the campaign, IHA will be pushing sepsis awareness on social media, hosting four webinars, creating digital media and billboard advertisements, launching on Sept. 1 and much more. However, in order to make a larger impact, we need the help of our member hospitals to continue to fight sepsis and generate greater awareness statewide.

We have created a Sepsis Awareness Toolkit and posted the information and artwork on Dropbox, and the files can be downloaded:

FAQ, fact sheet and patient materials – download
Social media guidelines and images – download
Printable poster files – download
Outdoor advertising/billboard designs and art files – download

This member campaign was created to aid in raising sepsis awareness in your hospitals and communities during the month of September but also throughout the year. Additionally, we hope that your hospital can utilize our billboard and poster signage by dedicating a portion of your paid media to the campaign in September. Donating media buys as part of the campaign will help to elevate our awareness efforts, ensuring the campaign is seen and heard statewide. IHA will work with you to provide graphics for your donated advertising opportunity according to the required specs.

On World Sepsis Day, Tuesday, Sept. 13, IHA and its partners will hold a Rally Against Sepsis in downtown Indianapolis to encourage Hoosiers to join in this fight. We will be in touch with additional details about the rally later this month.

If you have any questions regarding Sepsis Awareness Month, our See It. Stop It. Survive It. campaign or how to become more involved, please contact Annette Handy at or Cynthia Roush at

While progress has been made, we must continue to work to reduce the number of sepsis-related deaths across the state. We ask you to join us to spread the word to save Hoosier lives. Together we will See It. Stop It. Survive It.


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