Third National Forum on Sepsis

Third National Forum On Sepsis, Rory Staunton Foundation for Sepsis Prevention

How hard it is to believe that the Rory Staunton Foundation’s Third National Forum on Sepsis is taking place on September 12th, 2016. Hard to believe because we are still fighting for sepsis to attain the stature it deserves among public and medical consciousness. It has been an uphill fight for us here at the Foundation, particularly dealing with some government agencies but we are happy to say that we have won many battles and saved many lives along the way.

Sepsis is killing over 250,000 Americans every year and many more who survive are dealing with horrendous medical conditions as a result of sepsis. Families are being torn apart because of sepsis and because of this we will never be silent. Our own lives and those of our fellow travelers at the National Family Council on Sepsis are changed forever, and it need not be this way, septic shock is preventable and we are not waiting for a cure-early diagnosis and treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics and iv fluids will and does save lives. But first we must think sepsis.

We are proud to be celebrating the work of New York State at this year’s Forum. New York State’s Department of Health instituted Rory’s Regulations in response to Rory’s death and in doing so we have saved thousands of lives. Hospitals throughout New York State have introduced sepsis protocols and our Homecare Agencies has begun educating their workers, teachers are educating about sepsis in schools. New York State is the template for other states to follow and just like Rory’s Regulations and the Parents Bill of Rights is saving thousands of lives here in New York it is also inspiring National Family Council Members to do similar work in their loved ones names in other states.

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