Sepsis You Stole His Life But You Will NEVER Steal His Memory

March 17 2013

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 – A Perfect Day

It was a magical day.

Rory, up early, traveled to the city with his friend Cian to spend the morning at the Mayor’s breakfast at Gracie Mansion.

One glance at him as he walked out the door with his dad made me stop in my tracks.

It is now one of my dearest, fondest memories. Rory: tall, handsome and strong; smiling and full of life; enthusiastic and so proud, as always, to be Irish.

St Patrick’s Day offered a day away from the ridiculous and insane homework for his school’s 7th grade class.

We were all breathing easy, very easy.

Ciaran, Kathleen, Rory and I walked up Fifth Avenue as a family. Rory and Kathleen smiling and giggling in the sunshine, smiling with Cian.

I close my eyes now and Rory is there: tall, confident, head high, sun shining, hair blazing, smiling.

Later we drank green shamrock shakes in the park, talking and laughing with our friends, Cian, Oisin, and the O’Sheas. Rory brought Irish chocolate to our beautiful Italian sister, Cynthia.

Later still, at home, we all got cozy, real cozy. We were happy, carefree. It was truly a magical St. Patrick’s Day.

We were all unaware of the insanity and tragedy that lay just weeks ahead.


So strong, so wild and brave he was. I’ll mourn his loss too sore,

When thinking that I’ll hear the laugh or springing step no more.

Ah, cure the times and sad the loss, my heart to crucify,

O who will mourn my broken heart? I’ve lost my laughing boy.

– Brendan Behan