National Family Council Takes Campaign for Rory’s Regulations to Pennsylvania

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John Harvey and Chris Aiello, both Pennsylvania residents and members of the National Family Council of Sepsis, joined with the Rory Staunton Foundation in Harrisburg last Thursday to urge the State Governor Tom Wolf to adopt life saving sepsis regulations in his state. Governor Wolf had met John Harvey and his son Conall during the papal visit and he urged John to make contact with his Secretary of Health Karen Murphy to speak about Rory’s Regulations, measures that have been in existence in New York since 2013 and are estimated to be saving up to 8,000 lives in New York each year.  John’s son Conall lost both legs and fingers of one hand to sepsis at just four years of age.

At the meeting Secretary Karen Murphy expressed interest in learning more about the regulations and listened to the families relate their experiences with sepsis. Mr Aiello’s daughter Emily died of sepsis in 2015 at the age of 14. Members of the National Family Council on Sepsis are a network of families that have been affected by sepsis and are working to spread awareness and are advocating for sepsis protocols to be implemented in all 50 states.

Sepsis is the number one cause of death in hospitals in the United States, killing more that 250.000 Americans annually and it is the most expensive reason for hospitalization, costing the government more than $23 billion annually.