Thank You to The Cleveland Cavaliers and to Kyrie Irving

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Sepsis sucks in more ways than one. For Kathleen, Rory’s sister, and all families that suffer because of sepsis deaths, their lives are changed forever.
Kyrie Irving’s mom died when he was four, Elizabeth Irving died from sepsis. Kyrie has always spoken about the love he carries for his mom and the strength of his family since her death. In interviews he becomes emotional speaking about her loss and she is ever present in his life.
The Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie, in response to a letter we wrote, invited us to be their VIP guests at a game in Cleveland. This weekend we flew to meet Kyrie, and other Cavalier players Matthew Dellavedova and Iman Shumpert.
It was a spectacular night with the Cleveland Cavaliers being very kind and generous hosts. Thank you to all the Cavaliers and in particular to Kyrie Irving for making this happen.
We hope that we can work together to spread more awareness of sepsis and will be publishing information about our imminent Ohio initiatives. We also want to let people know the terrible price that families pay for these “preventable” deaths. Preventable deaths are real people.