Liam’s Reading Day – March 7th

Six-year-old Liam Carcione from Cork loved reading and books. He especially liked Roald Dahl and The Goosebumps series. He lived in Cork with his younger sister Rosa, his mom Eibhlís and his dad Jay. His dad was from New York and grew up on Long Island and in Woodside, Queens. Jay and Eibhlís got married in America in 2003 and returned to Ireland where Liam was born in 2005. Rosa followed two years later in April 2007.

Liam died from sepsis on April 2, 2012, just 12 days before his seventh birthday.

Like us, tragedy struck their family in April 2012. Liam contracted chickenpox, a deadly invasive Group A Strep bacterliam_nia entered his body, and he died on April 2 as a result of sepsis.

Like our beloved Rory, Liam died suddenly. In a moment he was gone. Eibhlís describes it like being hit by a tsunami. Sadly, Liam is another young, tragic victim of sepsis. And the Carciones are another family left shattered by a condition they had no knowledge of – until it took their beautiful child.

Thursday, March 7 is World Book Day and in a loving tribute to Liam, his school will rename and celebrate the day as “Lá Liam Leitheoireachta,” or Liam’s Reading Day.

The children from Liam’s school will dress up as characters from a book, there will be a school party and each child will donate a book from home to a library being decorated in Liam’s memory. A library that will be known as “Leabharlann Liam,” or Liam’s Library.

Liam loved books, he came from a family steeped in words – his dad is a journalist and his mom is a writer, teacher and poet.

Liam kept a journal, and in it he wrote that he wanted to be a writer when he grew up and live “0 kilometers from home.”

Kathleen and Rosa have lost two wonderful big brothers. The world has lost two beautiful children.

We didn’t know the Carcione family until after Rory died, but we believe they and their school are an inspiration in remembering a young boy, Liam, who found love and joy in reading.

Join us on March 7 to honor Liam Carcione in “Lá Liam,” or Liam’s Day for World Book Day 2013.