Presenting ‘Sepsis Education: Knowledge for a Safer Future’

Alarmingly, more than 60% of adults in America have never heard the word ‘sepsis’. The Rory Staunton Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that families understand the threat of sepsis and have the knowledge they need to keep their loved ones. To educate a new generation to protect itself against sepsis, the Foundation has developed an education module for middle and high school students examining the science of infectious diseases with a focus on sepsis. The module was piloted in New York City classrooms in September 2015, and will be available to school districts, principals, and teachers in January. We are proud to present a new video about the module, entitled Sepsis Education: Knowledge for a Safer Future. We encourage you to share the video, engage your local schools district and urge them to include our sepsis education module in its curriculum. For more information or to introduce the sepsis module into your school, email us at