Christmas traditions


We used to say that Rory lit up like a Christmas tree when Thanksgiving was done. Christmas was his time. The plotting and planning with Kathleen for Christmas was CIA-newsworthy. Never one to shy away from asking for the big present he just jumped right in knowing that somehow we as his parents would justify the purchase no matter what.

But that’s Christmas, the most magical time of the year. Your sister Kathleen had a good teacher in you and she too has learned to shoot for the stars. We remember you both on Christmas Eve taking turns to read “The Night Before Christmas,” as you made your way to bed. Traditions, Christmas is full of them.

It’s not fair.

It’s now two Christmases since we last saw your glowing face on Christmas morning. It’s now two Christmases that we have spent visiting your grave which is lovingly tended here in Ireland, It is now two Christmases we have spent trying to figure out how to make your grave “special” for you for Christmas.

Sadly we will never again be able to to fill your Christmas list. We will never again experience the joy of seeing your face light up on Christmas morning. We remember our boy with his special smile and laugh, our boy with his unique perspective on the world, our boy who gave us so many special moments and our boy with his special love for his family, especially Kathleen.

Today we will create some special moments, because that is what we have to do. Tonight we will remember, “The Night Before Christmas.”

Today, we will remember you. Today as every day our grief will be unbearable.

Yes, we will remember “The Night Before Christmas,” we will always remember our once loved traditions.

But it’s not fair.