To Rory-Today You are 16 years of age

To Rory, at age 16


Today I won’t be celebrating with Mom and Dad and Kathleen

Today I won’t be 6 foot two, handsome, red head  and smart
Today I won’t be planning my flying lessons– at last
Today that girl who fancied me won’t be looking to sit with me
Today Dad and I won’t talk about politics–endlessly’
Today mom won’t chat on the couch and hug like she loved to 
Today Kathleen and I will not share the memories of funny birthdays past
Today I won’t be reading the David McCullough book on the Wright brothers and the first flight that Uncle Niall wanted to buy for me 
Today my cousin Alana won’t be sending me funny texts
Today I’m resting in a graveyard faraway
Taken too young by people who failed me and my family
Today I hope they remember what they did –not for revenge but so
no other family can go through what mine went through.
Today I know my folks will be crying because I’m not there
Today I want them to know my spirit lives on in everyone who knew me
and who remembers me
Let them know that today I turned 16 and saved more lives.
Let that be my birthday present
to the world.
-Uncle Niall