Where Are The Children? In Schools

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Nurses are a front line defense against infection and in turn against sepsis. Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection which kills over 270,000 Americans every year. Children will visit a school nurse office if they are not feeling well. Oftentimes school nurses and school health room technicians are the people advising parents to seek medical care based on the symptoms the child has. School nurses can prevent the transference of infection (viral and bacterial). They are front line responders and leaders that have an impactful role in promoting and modeling best infection control practices and new disease threats that can require increased vigilance by everyone involved in caring for student in schools.

Prevent Infections:
With influenza and other illnesses, school nurses educate families and school communities about prevention strategies and warning signs. They play a clear role in educating faculty and staff about the importance of washing hands and support administrators in their actions to maintain a clean environment for our children through cleaning and sanitizing.

School nurse role in Sepsis Awareness:
School nurses have the potential to target students’ family and the school community about sepsis. They can communicate to the school community via blogs, newsletters or a school information session. Letting families know about the signs of sepsis, how to spot an infection and giving them the knowledge that sepsis kills and disables millions and that an infection can occur anywhere in the body-a cut to the skin, pneumonia, urinary tract infections etc. will help our community understand the risk of sepsis and save lives.

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