Just in Time for Easter/Passover Break: Our New Infection Prevention Coloring Book!

Looking for something fun and educational for the kids to do over the Easter/Passover break? How about a coloring book that teaches kids about the importance of infection prevention and caring for cuts and scrapes with the help of some wacky characters? Teach your kids “the three ‘C’s” of effective wound careā€“Cut, Clean, Cover!

Download the coloring book here.

Please send us photos of your completed pages (or pictures of the coloring process!) to info@rorystautonfoundation.org. We’d love to see them (and will post to Facebook)!

This coloring book comes to us from Judy Brohm, a registered nurse and Sepsis Champion at Clark Memorial Hospital in Indiana. With the creative help of a colleague, Bill Greene, Judy created this coloring book for Child Safety Day after meeting Ciaran and hearing his story at a conference of the Indiana Hospital Association. We love the concept, which shows that we can ALL do our part to protect families from sepsis.